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October 20, 2019 / By Don
Question: What are the best ways to loose stubborn belly fat? i had a baby about 7 months ago and it left me with extra skin and alot of fat on my stomach. I can't tell what's extra skin and what's fat so i just want to lose as much as i can.
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Brady Brady | 1 day ago
Belly fat is usually the first to be stored and the last to go. Despite some diet aid claims to work specifically on belly fat, I think that the best approach is diet and excercise. I know that's the same old drumbeat that you hear all the time, but it really DOES work the best and the fastest. Try this- Cut back on carbs (pasta and mash potatoes) replace them with good carbs (oatmeal and wheat bread) eat more protein (protein shakes, fish, chicken) Then do INTERVAL training. This is where you run as fast as you can for one minute, then walk for a few minutes untill you are somewhat rested, and repeat. This will suck the fat off your bones. Drink Green Tea for energy. Use Hoodia if you need for appetite control. Expect ONLY about one to two pounds per week. Be slow and steady. Dont give up. Finally remember. Breakast like a king. Lunch like a prince. Dinner like a pauper. Eat six small tiny meals instead of three normal ones, and if you MUST, then popcorn or salad for late night snacks. Hey! Pass the popcorn! Good Luck.
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Brady Originally Answered: how to burn belly fat? just (belly)?
There is no such thing as spot reduction... in other words doing stomach exercise does not target stomach fat. What it does is increases the amount of calories your body uses and therefore reduces the amount of fat everywhere. Keep going at it it will disappear ... if you drink beer take a sabbatical!

Adin Adin
Hey there, After my wife had our first child she went onto the coolest program. Thats what she reckons! But it really did work. Its a more scientific approach but its been getting rave reviews. She found it at www.hskp.org, some dude has done reviews and wrote articles on weight loss. He actually did a review on an Ab/core workout which I use, pretty awesome workout. Its for ladies as well, but the other one is better. Anyway good luck with the weight loss, mothers are the best thing in the world. I am sure you can achieve your goals.
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Steph Steph
First of all belly fat is a part of your total body fat. You cant reduce your belly fat without addresing it to the whole body fat. My exercises would be to make walking a habit. Don't rely on the elevator, Try to climb 5 floors at least during your casual activities. Another habit is to sit up straight when you are sitting. This way the muscle abs will be strained a little which should have its full effect if it's coupled with sit up exercises. Do sit up! This exercise is simple and can be done easily at your home. This sit up wont reduce your belly fat but I can hide it! Do cardio. Burn the calories! Watch what you eat. Typically food high in sodium should be in your NO NO list.
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Queena Queena
Diet and exercises are the best solution, however if you want to target the belly Crunches are the best option!!
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Meagan Meagan
I won't incourage you to do surgery but about a 100 sit ups a day faithfully will help you. Thats what I am doing now and its work fine.
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Meagan Originally Answered: What would I do to keep belly fat off?
the only way to keep insulin sensitivity high is to keep active. when insulin sensitivity is high the body will shuttle more nutrients into muscle cells and store less in fat cells... when insulin sensitivity is high body fat decreases, as insulin sensitivity decreases body fat increases.

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