Why is the Super Bowl not played in the home of the team with home field advantage?

Why is the Super Bowl not played in the home of the team with home field advantage? Topic: Why is the Super Bowl not played in the home of the team with home field advantage?
October 23, 2019 / By Dominic
Question: @daniel: but if thats the case, why is the super bowl usually played in the warmer states or if it played in the colder ones it is in a dome...why not in a place that is frigidly cold like soldiers field in chicago
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Best Answers: Why is the Super Bowl not played in the home of the team with home field advantage?

Bradford Bradford | 9 days ago
Before the football season begins, the NFL chooses a stadium to host the Super Bowl. The stadium that hosts the Super Bowl for that year typically has a large seating area (the more fans that can go, the more money the NFL gets), is typically a stadium in a larger city (such as Miami, Dallas, Houston, etc), and is located either in the South (were it's warm) or in a dome. The reason for this is because of how big of a deal the Super Bowl is. The NFL chooses a stadium based on this criteria to give the fans the most comfortable viewing experience the NFL can provide. First, the NFL wants a stadium with a high capacity to draw in a larger crowd. Second, the NFL chooses a stadium in a larger city to ensure that it can withstand the rush of people (a city like Green Bay would be overwhelmed by the crowds of people booking hotels, dining, etc). Finally, they choose a stadium in a dome or in a Southern state because they do not want to shy away spectators because of snow, climate, and temperature. For example, the Super Bowl will never be held in Green Bay because it's cold, it snows, there's no dome, and Lambeau Field cannot hold that many people. I personally would go to the Super Bowl regardless of climate conditions, but for many people (especially the rich people who can afford to go to the Super Bowl) cold temperatures and snow would discourage them from buying a ticket. I hope this helps. GO PACK GO!!! SUPER BOWL XLV CHAMPIONS - GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!
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Bradford Originally Answered: Should the Super Bowl be only played indoors and in warm weather site stadiums only? More.?
geez toughen up those players. now a days their so damn pampered they have to have the best. these players have taken the the sport out of the game. let them play outside and if its too cold then get some players that are willing to play the sport. these players are just over grown sissy's football is suppose to be a national sport so why does it have to be play in one area come on people share the action just like the olympics they bid on where they will be held next . i think every state should have a chance to host the Superbowl come on people get with it

Aden Aden
Before they had the first Super Bowl in January 1967, the most important game in the NFL was the championship game and it was ALWAYS played in the home stadium of one of the teams involved. They played the championship game in ALL kinds of weather, too: sun, rain, snow. Football was meant to be played in all kinds of weather! What's wrong with playing a championship game in the snow? They're going to play the Super Bowl in New York (actually New Jersey) either next year or the year after. I hope it snows like hell. I know the reasons they give for playing the Super Bowl in a neutral, warm weather site, but I've often thought it makes the games less accessible to the true fans of the teams involved. The fans who support the team all year, can't see the Super Bowl game in person unless they pay top dollar for the tickets and can afford to travel to the game. I've often thought how ridiculous it would be, if it happened, to have the 2 teams from New York playing in the Super Bowl 3,000 miles away in San Diego. Or, the Niners and the Raiders playing the Super Bowl in Miami. I, for one, would love to see the Super Bowl played on the home field of the team with the best record of the 2 teams involved. And if this meant playing the game in a snowstorm, so much the better. At least this way, REAL football fans would be in attendance and it wouldn't be all the corporate fat cats who just go to ONE game every year and could care less which team wins. But, then we all know, the NFL is not interested in the common football fan, they're most interested in the people who can fork out the most money, Joe Sixpack be damned.
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Steffie Steffie
The NFL has a rule that says the Super Bowl can't be played in a city where the average temp. is below 57-58 degrees. This limits the game to being played in warm climate cities or domes. The NFL does this because they figure more people will go to a game when it is sunny and 75 out than they would to a game where it is snowing and 25. The NFL went against that rule earlier this year and gave the 2014 Super Bowl to New York City.
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Quanna Quanna
They want a neutral field. It is the most important game, and they really don't want anything (like fans) to affect it. They think it's fair to play on a warm field for the same reason, so the weather does not affect the game. I for one would love to see a superbowl in a place like Lambaeu. Imagine the Super Bowl on the Frozen Tundra. Goodell doesn't think it's fair though.
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Meade Meade
Due to the hotel reservations and other things of that nature, the NFL must reserve the hotels in advance for the teams and all the fans, they wouldn't be able to do that in less than 2 weeks
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Lauryn Lauryn
because if they did that then the superbowl would always be in the state of the good teams that are always in the superbowl.. this makes it so all the states can see it
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Jobeth Jobeth
i extremely doubt this would happen- but who would want a superbowl up in seattle wen its poorin down raining
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Gabriela Gabriela
well its never happened like that. if dallas would have made it then they would of had home field. but again that has never happened.
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