what is the deal with off brand food vs name brand food?

what is the deal with off brand food vs name brand food? Topic: what is the deal with off brand food vs name brand food?
June 27, 2019 / By Domenic
Question: I want know how how we got to the place we did with food and what it was like before all this craziness happened.
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Braden Braden | 8 days ago
Before World War II most people preserved and canned their own produce and cooked everything from scratch, so although they would buy some imported goods (like sugar, or cocoa powder) there wasn't much choice, and they were mostly named brands with maybe two different options. In the latter part of the 20th century, there was lots of competition - more and more people deciding to market 'convenience' foods, and canned products, mixes, and so on - some reasonably nutritious, others basically junk. It's a buyer's market, so evidently people bought this stuff as it continued to be produced. Then of course, since people wanted cheaper stuff, supermarkets did deals with branded companies to produce unbranded equivalents that they could offer less expensively. And STILL some people buy branded food. The best thing is to use as few processed foods as possible. Buy locally grown fruit and veg, etc (organic if possible) and do your own freezing/canning/jamming etc.
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There isn't any dog food that has enough Glucosamine in it to make a difference. If you wanted to purchase a Glucosamine/MSM supplement such as Glyco-Flex III, it may help. You can get that through almost any pet supply catalog. (We use to order it from KV Vet supply) Other than that, the Vet can write a script for Rimadyl or the likes, but blood testing will be required.

Addison Addison
I don't usually buy the best known brands, but I'm glad many people do. Name brands are necessary to set the standard. As long as generic and store brands have to to compete with name brands, they will maintain a certain standard. We got to this place when, after World War II, many people who had lived in rural areas moved to cities, women were unwilling to give up their paychecks so they continued to work outside the home and had no time for canning fruits and vegetables. Large farms formed companies and began to provide quality canned foods. Soon after that, they branched out to include frozen foods. It's up to us to buy what we want and can afford. No one is required to purchase name brand food.
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Stefanie Stefanie
It began when companies came up with a cheaper version of their own pruducts we called 'no frills' and omitted the expensive labelling. In other cases they are foods that are made cheaper (often offshore). In some cases if you check out the named brands and the 'others', they will taste the same or they will taste nowhere near as good. Dune
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Quanda Quanda
When a grocery or non-grocery item is popular in sales stores will offer their own less-expensive store brand. I like to think they are doing it to help those who can't afford the more expensive name brands but it is likely more about increasing profit margins. The average grocery store profit is about 1 - 2%.
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Mead Mead
Ever heard someone say "you're paying for the name, not the product"? That's basically it. Although there's some off brands that are 10x worse for you're body.
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