Does my story sound like Hunger Games?!?

Does my story sound like Hunger Games?!? Topic: Does my story sound like Hunger Games?!?
June 27, 2019 / By Dolph
Question: 3000 years have passed since the fall of all nations except 6 and those 6 nations made a new nation called Caracas. They evenly split the continents into their 6 countries and have control of everything USA is now in south America Canada is in all of north America Australia is where it always has been Afrrica is where it always has been China is all over Asia Russia is all over Europe Switzerland is the capital is in Greenland now -each country produces certain things -the government is 100% in control The laws are: No indivuality. All houses are the same, clothes are issued to you and are a certain color depending in your country -you are assigned your job -one family may have only 2 kids -girls must have hair to your shoulders - boys have hair buzzed or short(still haven't worked out length) - rations are delivered daily to your house - no pets - lights go out at certain time - at age 13 every child is registered and tattooed their number on their hand Etc) Every 2 years the Mortem Oylmpics are held in Japan. Each country sends 5 teens ages 13-19 To participate, teens are chosen due to either: - they have broken the law - volunteer to represent their country They are all given the weapon they excell in or a weapon they do not know how to use There are backpacks hidden throughout Japan that contain food, medicine, etc) (note: Japan has no buildings now, it's just trees, beaches, etc) One from each country must win and the prize is.....? 1. I need help with a good prize for the victors 2. How all nations can view the fighting 3. Any other input! I had helpful answers on my previous question about this, but I really had to ask again. Thanks!!! What could I possible change to make is sound less like the Hunger Games then?? And thanks so much everyone, you guys are so helpful, I really appreciate this! Battle Royale and Hunger Games are similar, so is Gone. Uglies as well^ Twilight is similar to many other vampire books. Pretty Little Liars is alot like The Clique. I'm trying to make this sound LESS like HG, BR, and G. So if your not happy with how its similar, I'd love you hear your input :D
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Brad Brad | 6 days ago
Admittedly it's not an identical plot line but the fact that you're asking this question speaks for itself: if you, the creator, have concerns about this, then hands-down the readers, who have no obligation to like or respect your story until you've earned it from them, will definitely be raising questions about it. The brutal, honest truth? Alter the story dramatically or scrap it altogether. Although you haven't technically plagiarized, I'd say it's too similar to make its own stand in the writing world.
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Brad Originally Answered: hunger Games Book Question?
This unfortunately must be to do with the cpoy you have downloaded. These mistakes do not appear in the actual books.

Adare Adare
The idea of a post-apocolyptic world with a totalitarian government that demands tribute has been done really well by too many people already. (You say so yourself.) If you like the idea of the Mortem Olympics too much to let it go, perhaps you could make it something that the government doesn't require, like a gameshow. You could make this about how the people of the world are so screwed up that they'd actually enjoy something like this. I also don't know about the political ramifications about the six countries being as they are and all that. I'm pretty sure the US and Canada would have scuffles, because, let's face it, you're a Texan whether you're in Austin or Paraguay.
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Starr Starr
It sounds like a mixture of the Hunger Games and The Giver. Because in the Giver everything is same. People can only have two kids and their jobs (assignments) are chosen for them. The government is in control of every single little thing.
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Purdie Purdie
You've already posted this question. Maybe the fighting should literally be the Olympics, just changed slightly. Also, unless Japan quickly demolishes everything in their country RIGHT NOW, I think there would be ruins of Japanese buildings.Also, what if they had to participate in challenges that are somewhat like modern sports, but evolved and more violent?
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Mckenna Mckenna
Well, it does sound like Hunger Games. But who cares? A lot of vampire books have the same ideas in them, but some are better than the other. So go ahead! Go for it!
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