Best home-made rat food?

Best home-made rat food? Topic: Best home-made rat food?
October 23, 2019 / By Dob
Question: I've been thinking of making food for my ratties to replace the typical pet store rat food blend I've been buying. I assume a mix I put together for them will be healthier. Does anyone have any recipes for making your own rat food?
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Boniface Boniface | 4 days ago
Here's mine: - puffed corn - puffed rice - roasted nuts - pepitas - rolled oats - goji berries - dried unsweetened cranberries - a small amount of Peter's rat mix (the healthiest one I could find) - a handful of sunflower seeds - banana chips - dry pasta spirals - a health-food mix with soy beans, pine nuts and some other stuff If I could find other dried fruit that was unsweetened, I'd use that, but the gojis and cranberries were the only ones I came across. A little bit of sugar won't hurt, but I wanted to avoid it where possible. All of the nuts, seeds, rice etc that I used were totally unsalted and unsugared, including the puffed corn. All of this should be available in the health food aisle of a decent supermarket. Except that rat food. That was in the pet aisle. Home-made is definitely healthier, and for me it's cheaper than buying the good foods like Mazuri becuase I don't have to pay for shipping. The rats prefer it to lab blocks, especially since my local ones seem to be made for horses and have a stupdly high protein content. Although they do have a preference as to what order they eat the ingredients in, nothing is left over by the end of the day. Supplemented with their fresh fruit and veggies with the occasional Eukabana low-fat dog biscuit for treats, they are happy ratties. :) My vet has approved their diet. :) Good luck finding a mix that works for you. :)
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Boniface Originally Answered: Question re home made dog foods.?
I add appropriate amounts of bone meal for calcium, along with goat's milk or cottage cheese. One of my dogs is immunocompromised and can't be raw fed, or I would do that instead. Vegetables are not necessary, but can be given. Most vegetables can be offered, but must be cooked until mushy and pureed for the dog to get any significant nutritional value out of them, their digestion does not process them adequately otherwise. I do include shiitake mushrooms and red bell peppers for their cancer preventing benefits, as one of my dogs has had several malignant tumors removed (none since beginning to make her food three or four years ago, vs four in the prior six months). I will say that you do need to research and follow a recipe that is put together by someone with the knowledge to do it right to make sure your dog's needs are met. My degree is in animal nutrition, and I go to considerable effort to make sure they are getting proper amounts of protein, calcium, phosphorous, etc.

Adalia Adalia
:) hi there, I own 13 rats and have been making home made rat food for over a year now. I use: 1 cup oats. 1 cup pearl barley. A sprinkle of rice bubbles, not too many ;) A pinch of sun flower seeds. Cheerios are always a hit, but in moderation. Roasted, un-salted peanuts or chickpeas, :) I have gone back to brought seeds for the time being, just to spice things up. There are many other things you could add to the mix aswell, this is just a base mix of mine :P Good luck with it :D
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Star Star
i personally feed my rat home made food i mix dog food what ever brand my mom bought that month cat food crackers cerial dry rice and noodles bog treats cat treats and even bird food or rabbit food some times even goat food what ever i can find that i think she might like if i notice she is eating some thing else more than one other thing i just won't put it in the mix next time and as for two rats i have one rat and she is verry happy the vet said she is the happiest rat he has seen that lived with out another rat as company. i go to school all day too but as soon as i get home i get her out and carry her with me and paly with her and sit at the computer with her she is here right noww sniffing my cup of water
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Prue Prue
Here is what I feed my rats http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... Its in voting. Mine is the long one with the menu with veggies, fruits, oysters etc. Its loosely based off this http://www.fancy-rats.co.uk/information/... Some people chose to supplement (those who just feed the mix) and some chose to feed foods that have the nutrients rats need (like fresh foods). Its best to feed fresh foods but you can still supplement if you want. My rats are thriving and show no signs of deficiency so I see no need to (except for vitamin d). Here is another you can make but it has dog food which isn't homemade but its still much better than commercial foods http://www.ratsrule.com/diet.html I don't like the total cereal. It has BHT which is a carcinogen. You can use a childrens chewable multivitamin/mineral tablet instead. Here is another homemade diet but its more boring than a mix so I wouldn't feed it by itself. This is one of the fresh meals I feed. http://www.ratfanclub.org/diet.html If you feed it by itself you need to add supplements. If its going to be part of the diet you don't need to but can if you want.
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Mayra Mayra
We give our rats a mix of about 20-25% vegetarian dog kibble and an assortment of whole grains, including Kashi puffed cereal (not the sweetened kind), rolled grains, millet, hemp seed etc. We add soy beans occasionally, especially for our girls. For treats, we use sunflower seeds, peanut butter flavored dog biscuits & a bit of whatever we're eating unless it's something they shouldn't have. They get veggies almost every day, fruit a couple times weekly & an occasional whole nut inside its shell.
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Mayra Originally Answered: Is home-made juice good for health?
it is excellent. especially if one goes on a juice fast as then the energy going to digestion goes to healing instead and people have been cured of many diseases. we need enzymes as we just have a limited number and they are only found in raw foods. Since we do not eat raw meat and grains (unless sprouted), this leaves just eggs, and produce and raw nuts and seeds to get our enzymes from. Eat some produce or drink some prior to the meals and this saves on your lifetime supply. with juices, it is important to drink them within 15 minutes as after this the enzymes dissipate. Make it fresh and do not store in the refrigerator..you can but you lose one of the most vital part. These enzymes in raw produce (also found in green tea) also digest the protein coating surrounding each cancer cells and this allows the immune system to kill it. since most people have some cancer cells, (but the immune system usually kills them), these enzymes help keep cancers from taking roots. Miracles have come from it. Read Ann Frahms book the cancer battle plan..she was given a one in a million chance to survive..she did recently succumb but it was 10 years after her death sentence was supposed to take place. All five programs I have heard of where there is anecdotal evidence of healing of cancer that I studied, I noticed the one thing they all have in common is raw fruits and veggies (preferably organic as these contain 7-10 times the nutrients and pytochemicals that prevent and cure disease, so it can ward off killer diseases. Also be sure to "chew the juice"....eat the colors of the rainbow..try each day to have at least one of the following colors (as each has different nutrients and pytochemicals such as red has lycopene (tomatoes/watermelon)..eat yellow, orange, red, green, white/brown and blue/purple daily. Also remember that fruits are cleansers and veggies are builders. The best juicer is a press type as ones that spin such as the juiceman can inject air into the juice and I recently read this is not as good. also heard vitamixs are too fast and can heat up the juice, but it does juice the whole fruit and has no pulp I read a book]..it told of patients with a myriad of illnesses doing no diet chances except adding raw juices homemade..the first week they took one 8 oz glass, the following week two -8 oz glasses the 3rd week 3 -8 oz glasses etc all the way to 6 -8 oz glasses and when they reached this point, ALL of their diseases were gone. If money is tight, some of the fruits/veggies that produce more juice are apple, carrot, celery, cucumber and watermelon (juice the rind too) The best juice according to master healer of incurable diseases, dr richard schulze, is fruit -- 40% apple, 40% grapes and 20% berries/cherries veggies --40% carrot, 40% beets and 20% leafy greens (kale, beet tops, collards, turnip greens, spinach's, chard, etc) The formulas for various diseases was the one by norman walker and the juice lady books are good..she cured herself of chronic fatigue syndrome using juices and had an interesting story in the front of her books about her healing journey. Also keep in mind more color is better than less,,so choose black grapes (with seeds is best) over purple and purple over green grapes choose orange carrots over yellow or white and red onions over yellow over white. be proud of yourself..also try to use the pulp in recipes to get the whole food and the fiber..like applesauce out of apples..I also freeze the pulp of veggies and make soup with it or add a dressing and try it or get a cookbook on it if you are a diabetic avoid fruit juices or dilute with one half water and the same with sweet veggies like carrots. Also try having a green drink daily and add things like chlorella, barley grass, wheat grass, alphalfa, spirulina to a few of the juices. Also look into raw soups, dressings and sprouting..one of the best books for this with tasty recipes is the raw foods cookbook by rita romano http://www.rawfoodinfo.com/catalog/books...

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