Question about food being served at daughters 1st bday, kind of a sticky sit.?

Question about food being served at daughters 1st bday, kind of a sticky sit.? Topic: Question about food being served at daughters 1st bday, kind of a sticky sit.?
October 20, 2019 / By Dishan
Question: We are getting more into the organic things, and are trying to stay away from any animals raised with horomones and all that crap. Also all those fake oils and sugars. Well my daughters b-day is in 2 weeks and we arent sure if people will be offended if we only have all-white meat turkey dogs and turkey burgers. They really do taste EXACTLY they same as a regular one after you dress them all up and suff. Is it OK to just have the turkey stuff? Or should we also get regular. They look a bit different so people will notice, and my uncle is a smart azz and will deffinatly have somthing to say. Its just that i know people like to give little kids bits of food. And if people are giving my daughter bites I want it to be stuff I am OK with her having. And I am not OK with her having beef burgers and dogs. What do you think?
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Bobbi Bobbi | 2 days ago
As someone who is into Organic foods as well, I feel that you should serve what YOU want to serve. Personally I think you should serve the organic foods, you may open some people up to a change. My mom is anti-organic for some strange reason, but she always likes my food when I make something. I don't see how being health conscience is being offensive to people. Organic food taste much better than the fake stuff anyway. Also when you go to other peoples cook outs they don't think to serve vegetarian or organic foods just for you, so I don't think you should have to buy the 'regular' stuff for them.
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Bobbi Originally Answered: should food be served to guest @ baby shower?
Hiya unknown123! Yes you serve food. Any finger food will do just fine, and what I see you are going to serve will be just fine. As far as the chicken wings go, order the plain mild ones and have a couple bottles of hot sauces with different heat values so if anyone wants heat, the can add it. Not all like spicy chicken wings. If you lay it out buffet style, then people can take what they want, and usually when everyone is watching, people [women more then men] tend not to load their plate. I would also suggest that the pizza be order in various types starting with cheese and on. I would say about 6 large pizzas should do, and if you can get them to cut them into squares and not slices, they'll go a lot farther in serving. On a veggie tray, be sure to have olives, black and green; pickles, dill and sweet, and mild pickled peppers, these have been found to curb a person appetite. Bread sticks, both hard and soft, which are inexpensive, are a appetite killer too. I have had a bit of experience in making a little budget go long and big when it comes to parties. Of course you'll have the standard chips and dips before the food is served; also appetite killers. Let them fill up on inexpensive junk, then give the entree and you'll not to have to feed them as much expensive stuff. Am I cheap, no! Just rational and practical when it comes to feeding the masses on a budget! Good luck on your endeavor, hope all turn out great.

Acklie Acklie
I had a meat and cheese tray with all the sandwich condiments and different kind of rolls for sandwiches. I had dips, fruit, and a few finger foods. Of course I had a cake and a smash cake. I loved the smash cake idea. It is a smaller cake you have special for the baby to tear into while everyone else eats from another cake. I'd never heard of it until my mil brought it along with the cake. Originally we were going to do a much nicer birthday, but my brother-in-law was killed and we had to cancel my daughter's birthday for his funeral. Having to travel out of town for a week and pay for a hotel took our big birthday budget. Well, that and no one in our family felt like celebrating anything so we kind of just had to say lets have the birthday today before it got too late. We didn't want pictures of a 19 month old acting like it was her 1st birthday. Whatever you do just have fun with it. Life is too short to worry about some things.
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Stacie Stacie
For my son's birthday party last year I did the whole hot dog's and chips thing because I didn't think he needed a catered party.....It's a kid party so I don't think 2 yr old kids would know the difference between turkey and beef so that should be fine for them....However if you are planning on feeding the adults I suggest you have something on the side for them, some people will know the difference. There's nothing wrong with the fact that you want your daughter to eat healthy but everyones doesn't think like you and some people might be a little offended but it's all about the kids so just try to have fun.gdluck
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Pru Pru
Good for you. Definitely have the turkey dogs and burgers. Don't say anything only if they ask and I'll bet they all prefer the ones you will serve. If your smart azz uncle says anything then have some pasta salad or something like that for him to eat. Happy Birthday to the little one! You are getting her off to a good start nutritionally.
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Maybelline Maybelline
Hardly anyone can even tell the difference between vegetarian mock-meat sausages, burgers etc when it's crumbed, battered, deep fried or in pastry and has sauce on it. You just don't say anything. I've fooled my family and friends plenty of times. It's your party. Do what you want. If anyone complains they should just have better manners, eat the crackers and dip and get something else to eat on the way home if they are so fussy. Happy birthday to your little one - she is lucky to have such a good influence on her eating habits so early in life. I have always been so grateful to my mother for instilling the same sensibilities in me.
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Maybelline Originally Answered: 1st bday party food menu?
So your baby is turning 1, congrats! Will your party be for adults only or will there be other little kids there? Personally, I am not a fan of parties where adults have to eat "baby food" i.e. I wouldnt be thrilled if I went to a party and I was offered things like apple sauce etc. So my opinion is that your menu should have foods that fit both crowds. So definitely put out bowls of animal crackers and fruit salad and maybe mini peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut out with fun cookie cutters but have some elegant but easy dishes for your adult friends as well. Whenever I'm entertaining and no matter the size of the group I want to be able to enjoy myself and not feel like I spent the entire party over a hot stove. I am sure you want to be there for all the 1st birthday party photos too! So my plan of attack would include some simple yet delish foods that could be made ahead. I also like to take advantage of whatever is in season. So considering the birthday is in the fall I would use some of fall's in season ingredients. Here are some ideas: - Mixed greens salad with fresh pears, dried cranberries, candied pecans and crumbled Gorgonzola - Open faced roast beef sandwiches (sliced and lightly toasted baguette, light spread of horseradish sauce, boston bib lettuce and topped with thinly sliced roast beef from your deli) - Butternut squash ravioli (with sage, and dried cranberries. served warm with a cream sauce or room temp with a sauce of garlic and olive oil) - Winter Fruit Salad (pears, pomegranate, dried apricots, kiwi's and tangerine or orange) - Pumpkin Cupcakes -Apple cider I would hold the party on a saturday that way you have all of sunday to recuperate ;) Also, I tend to think that having a bunch of finger goods takes just as much effort and clean up then a few thoughtfully selected dishes; I think you probably have to come up with more finger foods then you would real foods to impress your guests. All these things can be made well in advance and set out right before your guests arrive. I would just leave the platters out and allow your guests to pick throughout the party or have a light dinner. Plus this menu features some typical fall ingredients without being "halloweeny or thanksgivingy" i.e. pears, dried cranberries, butternut squash, pumpkin, pomegranate, kiwi, citrus and the apple cider. Definitely do what works for you and enjoy the day!

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