after split liver op they also removed my gallbladder i,ve had nothing but pain and constipation?

after split liver op they also removed my gallbladder i,ve had nothing but pain and constipation? Topic: after split liver op they also removed my gallbladder i,ve had nothing but pain and constipation?
June 27, 2019 / By Digory
Question: i had a split liver transplant 5years ago and the surgion also removed my gallbladder.but i have been realy constipated and in constant pain.now i am told i might need to have a sternam bag for me to pass my poo into for the rest of my life or i will only live aout another four years. i,m 24 years old
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Best Answers: after split liver op they also removed my gallbladder i,ve had nothing but pain and constipation?

Blake Blake | 6 days ago
It is difficult to know whether your constipation has something to do with your liver. Try to take constipation reliefs such as Miralax. Also try to wait three days and see how it progress. If you also having nausea/vomiting, Jaundice and abdominal pain then you need to visit your doctor for complete evaluation. Since you had the surgery 5 years ago, it might not be complication from the operations as it seems you lived healthy for all those years. although still need an evaluation from doctor.
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Blake Originally Answered: is a master cleanse good for someone who has had gallbladder removed?
Gallbladder removals have become very common place because of two reasons: 1) using more sophisticated medical tools have allowed easy removal that takes a surgeon about 1/2 hour to do the entire operation; 2) Doctors are either lazy or have figured out it's more profitable to take the organ out than to treat the root cause and it creates a patient for life. 99% of all gallbladder operations are unnecessary. Since you have yours out, you can now know that your fat digestion is in trouble. Your liver should be producing about 1-1/2 quarts of bile each day, but most likely is producing about 1/3 of that. By removing the gallbladder, you did not fix the root cause that created the gallbladder issue in the first place and that has not gone away. Instead, you have traded one problem for another. A colon cleanse can be good or bad, but should have nothing to do with not having a gallbladder, except that you are getting a constant flow of bile into your small intestine that was not designed to happen. Bile is a sanitizer and is dumped into the intestines on a regular basis to provide some sanitation. Because you are NOT digesting your fats very well now, you have some toxic build up of those fats. By the way, you have probably noticed by now that you are getting more wrinkles than other people your age due to the gallbladder removal. The liver produces the most bile between about 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, so this is the best time for you to eat foods with fat in them. In order for fats to be broken down by the body the Lipase enzyme is produced in the Pancreas to do this. However the Lipase enzyme is a WATER SOLUBLE enzyme and bile needs to emulsify the fats into a watery substance before the Lipase enzyme can break them down into fatty acids and glycerol in the small intestines. Since you have a small steady drip of bile into this area, many of the fats will not get digested as a result. There are two fats, however that do not require bile to break them down and those are Coconut Oil and Butter. These are medium chain fatty acids that digest just fine without bile. You can eat lots of that anytime and not have problems digesting them. There is a product called Lemonine that if you put a few drops of that on your food will help you break down the fats like bile does, but will not have the same sanitation properties of bile. I ALWAYS advise people to do liver/gallbladder flushes to remove stones and clean those organs long before any discussions of surgery is even suggested. This process is far less complicated, less dangerous, and works to create a healthy gallbladder and liver rather than the "MAKE BELIEVE HEALTH" you get with surgery and drugs. EDIT: Gallbladder & liver cleanses can be used on people without gallbladders because the duct is still there and will be having the same problems as the gallbladder did unless you fixed the gallbladder problem root cause. Removing the gallbladder does not fix the original problem, only make it so you don't feel pain while deteriorating. good luck to you
Blake Originally Answered: is a master cleanse good for someone who has had gallbladder removed?
I believe all the ones "cleanses" are a number of bull. Go on your health care professional and ask to have liver role exams performed (it's realistic bloodwork). If your liver enzymes are expanded that could let you know that your liver is broken or fatty. If they're usual then that's no longer why you're having crisis wasting weight. Come to believe of it, although you do have a fatty liver I do not believe that are supposed to sluggish down your weight reduction. Also, there's no cleanse that could be equipped to healing a fatty liver. You could have got to regulate your nutrition. By the way in which, you could as good have your ldl cholesterol established you probably have the liver exams performed for the reason that in the event you do have a fatty liver your ldl cholesterol is also top too.

Acke Acke
I don't believe it is related to your liver transplant or gallbladder. They have to remove the gallbladder when they do a transplant. People with liver transplants often have the opposite problem which is diarrhea due to the drugs they must take after a transplant. I had a transplant and the anti rejection drugs deletes magnesium so I have to take a lot of that which causes diarrhea as an example. There are so many things that could be going on with your colon. You don't say why you needed a liver transplant so young so there is little to go by regarding your medical condition. You need to talk to the doctor who is talking about this bad and him/her these questions. No one on here is going to be able to help you since they don't know your history, have not seen any tests, cannot examine you and most of all aren't doctors. A doctor couldn't even help you here. The first question out of my mouth to this doctor would be, "What terminal condition do I have that would kill me in 4 years and why do I need a bag?" I know doctors can be intimidating to some people, but you have got to start asking some hard questions and get answers you can understand. Don't leave your doctors visit until you do get some answers. Write your questions down ahead of time so you don't forget anything. If you need to, take notes if needed on the answers. I have never heard of a "sternman" bag. We all have a sternum which is a breastbone having nothing to do with the colon, so I really don't know what you are talking about. You might also want to talk to your transplant coordinator about it. Mine is always very good at helping me.
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Spring Spring
don't eat red meat, rice or cheese. get some STRONG optiflora probiotics from the health food store. also get some miralax and some prunes. take them all together in the morning.
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Spring Originally Answered: Liver Gallbladder Cleansing Hemmroids cannot cure. how to?
Mine went away decades ago when I began eating a whole foods diet high in natural foods with soluble (apples/oatmeal) and insoluble fiber (whole grains). This link should have a lot of help for you He mentions foods that leech calcium from the system and a big one that does this is cheese so I would get your calcium form green leafy veggies etc. Too much protein also does this When using any of the herbs he recommends be sure they are organic or wildcrafted (tinctures are superior to capsules) http://www.herballegacy.com/Hemorrhoids.... specific info For further info on formula proportions see his book the school of natural healing http://www.herballegacy.com/search.php?z... general info http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?u... book also some info here http://www.google.com/custom?hl=en&client=pub-6092225994159274&cof=FORID:1%3BGL:1%3BLBGC:336699%3BVLC:%23663399%3BALC:%230000ff%3BGFNT:%230000ff%3BGIMP:%230000ff%3BDIV:%23336699%3B&domains=holisticonline.com%3B1stholistic.com%3B+ecomhelp.com&sitesearch=holisticonline.com&oe=ISO-8859-1&sa=X&ei=w6OZTbm4GJDfgQfe8uC7CA&ved=0CAQQBSgA&q=hemorrhoids&spell=1 for itching apple cider vinegar may help. Use cautiously at first Witch hazel as well and this is good or hemorrhoids and being astringent it can tighten the hemorrhoid some http://www.holisticonline.com/herbal-med/_Herbs/h310.htm if you are looking to make the colon stronger and cleaner, I recommend instead a colon cleanse. The Anthraquinones in the herbs increases peristalsis (rhythmic movement of the colon) Dr Schulze talks of med students putting the laxative herbs on the colon of a dead person and the peristaltic movement of the colon happened. And this exercises the colon. It will also clean. The one I recommend is Dr Richard Schulze's intestinal cleanse #1 and #2 formulas taken as directed. This formula makes the bowel movements softer and easier to eliminate thus reducing straining which can cause/exacerbate hemorrhoids. May even get rid of them These are sold at herbdoc.com https://web2.herbdoc.com/index.php?option=com_oscommerce&osMod=category_info&cid=5&Itemid=42 Similar products using the same formulas are also sold at http://www.healmarketplace.com/cartstuff/foundational.html (here called lower bowel formula #1 and #2 http://healthfree.com/cleanse_detox.html Hope this helps oh and one of the herbs mentioned at the hemorrhoid page at herballegacy mentions plantain which grows everywhere in certain areas of us. It is often right outside your door in the lawn..grows in lawns and parks. If you get this you can get it free. (try to pick away from traffic areas) http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=A0oG7l9Tp5lNLHwAk_VXNyoA?ei=UTF-8&p=plantain&fr2=tab-web&fr=moz2-ytff- the green weed not the banana The book healthy healing has a number of suggestions as well (sometimes health food stores keep this as a customer reference book)

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