is fasting bad for you or good?

is fasting bad for you or good? Topic: is fasting bad for you or good?
June 19, 2019 / By Dickie
Question: is fasting for one day bad for you? if it is not what could i benefit from it?and also is 1 day enough? its just lately i have been feeling all down and groggy . i get all my hours of sleep. i just dont have any energy. so i hear a fast is a good way to cleanse the body to rid of all the toxins.
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Billy Billy | 2 days ago
No, it's very healthy to cleanse your body. It does slower your metabolism. So, if you're worried about putting weight on it's not a good idea. Also, depending on how long you do it, you can become constipated because your bowel shuts down as your stomach stops digesting food (you still need to eliminate toxins though). It really has some amazing health and spiritual benefits. Don't let anyone tell you anything like that. It's your choice.
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Billy Originally Answered: Fasting and Starvation?
During Starvation mode the body will only first burn off your fat reserves after it exhausting the contents of the digestive tract (what you just ate), and then your glycogen reserves stored in your muscles and liver cells. Once those are gone, then it will actually start to burn your actual muscle tissue, the body would have used up its reserve of glycogen after about 6 hours. The Starvation Mode usually activates in people who fast on a regular basis, including those who are sticking to a calorie restrictive diet..The brain requires about 120g of glucose per day to stay alive. Now, if you are in starvation mode, after about the 3 rd day you will start to use what are know as ketone bodies in replacement of glucose. However, it needs about 30g of glucose per day even with the ketone bodies. Now, it will get about a two - thirds of this by the liver from glycerol. And then the remaining third from the bodies own proteins, your muscles. You would think that in starvation mode that your body would actually use the fat reserves you have, it will, for the first few days, then your metabolism will become more efficient, and want the lean proteins from your body. So, you will stay fat, but start to lose muscle in the process. And guess what? Muscles are the key to your metabolism, the more muscle mass you actually have, the higher your metabolism is. Now, there is away to prevent this starvation mode from happening. Most people eat only 3 meals a day, and maybe a snack in between. What you should actually do, is of course eat breakfast, and then 3 hours later, eat a nice healthy snack, like some fruit, or a protein bar. Then 3 hours later eat lunch, then again, 3 hours later a snack, then, again, 3 hours later dinner. So, lets say you eat breakfast at 7am, then you would have a snack at 10am. Then lunch at 1pm , then another snack at 4pm, then lastly dinner at 7pm. What this will do is prevent your body from entering starvation mode, using up its reserves, and then slowing down your metabolism in the process, which is what happens, because your weight loss drops off, and plateaus. Now, sure, the full fledge starvation mode will not happen for about 2 3 days, however, if you do not in properly, then it will happen. Meaning, you need to have a proper intake of calories, and the right foods at the right time, so that at the same time as staying out of starvation mode, you are keeping your metabolism up to speed, thus in return, you will either maintain your weight, if that is your goal, or lose it, if that is your goal. Now, one last bit of advice about your bodies starvation mode, eating a low carbohydrate diet will actually trigger this in your body. Because, carbohydrates are your bodies main source of fuel, after that, its protein which means, your muscles. Yes, you could eat a high protein diet, however, the protein we take in, can not all be used by our body to refuel itself, it is usually used to maintain the body, by processing the proteins, and putting them where they are needed to build the body, like your muscles. It is best to eat a well balanced diet, all depending on your goals, if you want to lose fat, maintain your weight, or, even to gain. It should be a well balanced with the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Jeff L. has struggled with fat loss his whole life, but has never let that get him down. He has discovered many ways to lose fat, some work some don't, you can check out what he has discovered thus far at http://www.losethatfatnow.info

Acer Acer
Fasting is an excellent way to rid the body of toxins and to increase your energy levels. I had a friend who fasted religiously two days a week, every week and trust me, he is in a much better health state than anyone I know. Also, speaking from a pharmacist's experience, what types of foods are you eating? Fatty foods can actually cause some sluggishness and can lead to this "down" state that you're feeling, believe it or not. Try eating healthier foods, like fish, for example. Fish is an excellent source of omega-3, which has been studied and linked to increasing levels of blood flow, your immune system and moods. You can also buy fish oil supplement pills, if you don't like fish too much. Most importantly, be sure to get in a little exercise everyday. This regimen in conjunction with fasting is bound to improve your health.
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Sophie Sophie
Fasting is great for a cleanse. Recently my sister had to go into the emergency room because she had too many toxins in her body. She's doing a cleanse ware she only drinks organic apple juice (and water). I'm no expert, but you should probably do the fast for 2 days in a row. And maybe repeat the process in a few weeks.
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Posey Posey
I fast for 19 consecutive days a year. Yes, Muslims fast, but so do we Baha'is. The fast lasts from sunrise to sunset, when we eat and drink nothing. Before sunrise and after sunset, we can eat and drink. Unless one is sick, or younger than 15, or older than 70, or pregnant, or menstruating, then the fast is fine. If for any reason the fast makes one sick, then they shouldn't fast. If you're heatlhy, a sunrise-to-sunset fast will not harm you. However, if you're lethargic, I don't think a fast will rev up your metabolism. Have you seen a Dr? You say you get enough sleep, but do you eat enough? I would see a Dr for your fatigue. Usually, people who are always tired are not getting enough rest. However, if you're getting good sleep, there must be another reason for the fatigue.
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Maura Maura
I used to fast one day a week. It was a personal thing as I used to devote more time to prayer (I'm a Christian). I didn't have any problems with it only I had to remember to drink more water (the flavoured, sugar free variety is pleasant). I stopped fasting as my stomach used to rumble very loudly which was rather embarrassing! I think it's good to go without food occasionally and drink plenty of water. It flushes out your system. Perhaps you could also look at what you eat. You may have developed a sensitivity to a particular food. Wheat is a problem for a lot of people including me. We do tend to eat a lot of wheat in western countries, bread, pasta etc plus wheat derivatives listed in food ingredients. I tend to eat wheat free bread and corn cakes. Wheat can make my stomach bloated and cause me to feel tired and sluggish. I feel much better without it and making sure I drink enough water. After a month of going without a certain food you can then reintroduce it in plenty and see how you feel, whether you have a reaction over several days.
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Maura Originally Answered: I'm going to try water fasting?
As long as you drink lots of water (to flush your system) you can expect to halve your total excess fat in 1-2 weeks. Past that, I'm not sure, but it should continue to decrease steadily. Lots of people talk about this sort of thing being unhealthy, but its actually the most natural way to cleanse your body of fats. Two things to remember- try regular cardio workouts to keep the fat burning steadily, and don't give in even if you get really hungry or weak. Eating in the middle of the diet won't just negate it's effects, it could make you sick (your stomach shrinks significantly when you diet). Just keep going, the hunger will fade.

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