Does the Body burn more fat when you are hungry?

Does the Body burn more fat when you are hungry? Topic: Does the Body burn more fat when you are hungry?
June 18, 2019 / By Dick
Question: Say that I am hungry and I don't eat, do I loose more fat by doing that. I have noticed that I loose weight much faster when I cut down on my eating. So how does it work?
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Bill Bill | 1 day ago
No, it doesn't. When you don't eat, your body automatically slows down burning fat, to conserve it. When you eat regularly, your body burns it up faster. This is your metabolism at work. The trick is to eat foods that are not fattening, and to do it very often. Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper. Six meals a day. If you make these six meals lean, such as a diet shake, a meal replacement bar, a salad or some rice crackers, and do some exercise like walking for half an hour non stop, you will lose a lot more weight. Your body senses lack of nourishment and tries to hold on to fat stores. It's the famine reflex. Good luck.
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Bill Originally Answered: if you go to bed hungry, do you burn fat in your sleep?
You've got some bad advice so far so here's the real deal. Your body doesn't do anything differently because you're sleeping. It has no clock and doesn't know what time of day it is. If you have food in your stomach or chyme in your upper GI tract, you will process it and it will feed you while you sleep. You'll only be burning fat if you are in a fat burning mode which is the result of consuming fewer calories than you burn over a significant period of time. So, if you're in a fat burning mode, you'll lose fat at your basal metabolic rate which might be something like 20-40 calories per hour depending on your weight, etc. If, however, you're not in a fat burning mode, you won't burn any fat while you sleep. There is a chance you could go into a fat burning mode while asleep but it would only be due to a coincidental confluence of events. Your hunger is meaningless. Depending in a host of variables you could be hungry and still be loaded with sugar. Or you could be hungry and in starvation mode (reduced metabolic rate), etc. Don't use hunger as an indicator of anything except as it relates to your normal and hopefully nutritious, balanced, and varied diet. The best advice is to keep detailed records of your diet which can be easily done here: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ Then experiment with your food intake to see what program works best for you over time. Diet is highly individualized. We are all different psychologically, physiologically, practically, etc. So, "listen" to your body, review your records from time to time, and adjust your program/diet accordingly. Good luck and good health!! Good luck and good health!!

Ace Ace
You already know never in order to skip breakfast, but it's also crucial that you eat within an hour of waking to further improve your metabolism.
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Sonora Sonora
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Portia Portia
You're losing muscle, not fat. If you starve yourself, muscle mass is what goes first. Don't be stupid and try to lose weight by not eating.
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Mauld Mauld
It's your metabolism that burns weight and protein builds muscle also. Hoodia is another great way to lose weight. Even with weight lifting or running or whatever you kinda hit that imaginary barrier and it's hard to break through to the next phase of your personal weight loss mission. The best way to lose weight is to control your appetite and the best way to do that that I know of is with hoodia. When I was dieting (and believe me I still watch my weight even though I have achieved my weight loss goals for the most part) I realized right off that the most important thing is to control your appetite. If your stomach's not always growling and your not always craving food it is sooo much easier to stick to your guns and stay on your diet. With hoodia I would literally go a whole day sometimes and simply forget to eat and I didn't get tired and run down like diets can sometimes make you feel. Once my appetite was under control and I wasn't always thinking about eating then and only then could the weight start coming off consistently and steadily because the hoodia kept my mind off of food and I would go longer on my diet and as I did that naturally I lost weight. You have to remember that consistency is very important when losing weight. If you cut back a little on your food consumption everyday your body will change (stomach will shrink and you won't be eating as much) and with that consistency over a few days, weeks and months you will lose weight just like I did. Hoodia was my saving grace for all of these factors.
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Mauld Originally Answered: What is the best way to burn body fat?
just fyi, training your stomach muscles won't help you lose weight any more than training any other muscle, your bodyfat is cumulative, you have to loose it all over at the same time. The best way to actually burn the fat is by sustained cardio stresses (running/swimming for at least 20 min) The harder you run and the longer you run the higher your average heart rate is for that period of time, the more fat and calories you burn. Don't run or swim without eating, all your doing is hurting yourself, it doesn't work like that. Basketball, football, soccer, or any physical sport where you can sustain a higher heartrate for a period of time is fine, it satisfies the same principle. You need to get your diet on track or you'll never get where you want to go.

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