baby constipated and spitting up a lot more then usual?

baby constipated and spitting up a lot more then usual? Topic: baby constipated and spitting up a lot more then usual?
October 23, 2019 / By Dezi
Question: my 6 month old has been on solids now for probably about a month and she has been constipated for past couple of days but I also noticed she is spitting up a lot more then usual and each time it's a lot enough to have to change her clothes, yesterday I had to change her clothes 4 times. Any ideas, I don't think I am overfeeding her and also I dont' know what to do about the constipation thing its hard to get her to take juice she doens't like it it much I have tried pear, apple and prune, yesterday I had to spoon feed her the prune juice she really doesn't like it much, is there anything else i can try. She did go to the bathroom today but I think her stools were way to hard any ideas.
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Bevis Bevis | 7 days ago
a warm bath......mix a little stewed prunes into everything you feed her and if she is getting the beginner cereals (rice, barley etc.)...switch to wheat for extra fiber. you may want to slightly cut back the solids and give her a little more breast milk or formula to help her along. forget the juice, she doesn't really need it and if she doens't like it, why struggle? as far as spitting up.....spit happens! i wouldn't worry about it. if she is projectile vomiting or is vomiting everything she eats with a fever for more than a day, push the fluids and get the doc to check her out.
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Bevis Originally Answered: My Baby seems constipated what can i Do?
My dude sometimes misses a day. His doc said it's totally normal as long as he didn't seem like he was in pain. To help her out, try a warm bath, maybe give her an ounce of warm water. Constipation is due to dehydration. No extreme, but you get what I mean right? If she does seem like she's in pain, call your doc. Everyone is going to give you different ideas on what to do, but your doc would know best, and you should follow their advice before anyone else's.

Abnur Abnur
There may be a milk allergy..esp. if you're saying his BM are not good...I'm not familiar with the formulas you mentioned, but are they all milk based? you may have to switch to soy. If you already did that and nothings changed, you may have to go see a pediatric Gastrointerologist. They deal with those things. My son had a milk allergy and acid reflux, so we saw a ped. GI and I must have gone through every type of bottle at Babies R US (literally) until she finally told me that the type of bottle didn't matter, it's the nipple size that matters, the slower the better. So if you already swtiched to the Avent 2, switch back to 1 (it takes a lot longer, but it will help with the spit up). Good luck!!! GI/Tummy issues are awful, hang in there...He will get better!
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Sloane Sloane
constipation is prob due to the knew food she is havin. boil the kettle then put a bit of water in a bottle then put the bottle in a bowl of cold water till luke warm and then give the water to your baby that should help the constpation. if your baby does not like juices give your baby water just like i said with constpation cuz there still getting a drink and its alot better for the baby anyway i hope i have helped good luck x x
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Pollie Pollie
Just be careful what solids you give her, If i give my daughter bannana and cereal on the same day, she will be bound up for a while. Just get used to what she needs. And dont get worried if the juice dosent work immediatly, sometimes it takes a while.
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Matty Matty
Give her a warm bath, that will help. It works every time for my twins. then just give her a little bit of applesauce. Let me know if that helps!!!
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Matty Originally Answered: Why does my baby keep getting constipated?
Brunette is right. It could just be the formula that needs changing. And lifting their legs up and down really does help. Just keep a lookout for his face, when he grunts and frowns like he is pushing for a poo give him a hand by lifting and lowering his feet. But if changing formula does not resolve your problem, you should take him to a doctor. The stomach pain associatedwith constipation really hurts them and he will keep you up at night with his crying.

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