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dog food question? Topic: dog food question?
October 15, 2019 / By Dewey
Question: my dog is now 9 i think. we adopted her 8 years ago and i am pretty sure she was one when we did it. so about 9 now. we feed her premium edge salmon dog food for adult dogs 1-7 years old. my sister works at a dog health food store so we get her really healthy food. but should we switch to a senior dog food now? because she is older? i just thought of this today because i saw that her food said for 1-7 but i cant ask my sister because she is out of town. so i am assuming we should switch to a senior dog food? for joint health and everything? i know this is a very obvious question but it never hurts to get a second opinion. oh and we give her a vitamin thing that has glucosamine and other joint health things so that may be why she is still on an adult food. thanks 8] she is a german shepherd/greyhound mix. she is fairly active, my dad runs 4 or 5 miles with her once or twice a week and she gets walks during the week. she has slight arthritis in one leg but it is not too bad, although she sometimes limps after too much activity. other than that, she doesnt act much different than she used too. she still enjoys laying around all day just as a good greyhound should. 8]
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Betuel Betuel | 4 days ago
Keep her on regular adult food. Senior foods lower nutritional ingredients such as fat and protein as it is assumed all older dogs are overweight. Research has shown that older dogs need more of the essential ingredients as their digestive system and liver becomes less efficient with age. Add the glucosamine to the adult food and talk with your vet about pain management if and when it is needed.
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Betuel Originally Answered: Dog food question help. Looking for a substitue food, and want to know if these are good brands.?
The best combination of quality, price and easy to find I have found is Diamond Naturals. The chicken and rice formula has 26% protein and cost $27 for 40 pounds at Tractor Supply Company. The Chicken Soup dog foods are another Diamond brand and are almost the same food in a prettier bag with a higher price tag. Another reasonably priced high quality food is National. It is popular with mushers and others who have many working dogs to feed. In some places it can be hard to find but it's worth checking out. National is my first choice of dog foods. Another food worth looking at is Blue Seal. Blue Seal is best known for livestock feeds and made some crappy dog foods for years. A few years ago they revamped their dog food line and made some big improvements. They still make the old crap, too so you have to read the label. I don't know if Blue Seal is distributed nationwide or only in the northeast US.

Abnar Abnar
I would change her over slowly onto the senior dog food. Puppies need certain nutrients when they are young and older dogs need certain things when they are considered "senior dogs. You should mix in the senior dog food with what she is currently eating for about a week, and the next week you would increase the senior dog food a little more with what she is currently eating. You do this so it does not upset her stomach. I am not a vet, so I would check with your vet and ask them if they feel it's time to switch her over. A lot of vets will answer this question over the phone so you don't have to pay an office visit.
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Skylar Skylar
Senior dog food is made for senior dogs, it sounds like your baby has hit that mark. They're made specifically to be easier on older dogs while still giving them the nutrition they need. If she does ok on the food she gets currently, then try to stay within the same brand if possible. Wait until there is a few weeks of food left and gradually change over to the new stuff. This will make the change smoother and she'll be less likely to reject the new food. Expect stool changes whenever you switch foods, but as always if anything seems too out of the ordinary check with your vet. Good luck!
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Pippa Pippa
Changing to a senior food often depends on the breed and the amount of energy the dog expends during the day.Senior food generally speaking have less protein but if you have a dog that is still very active I would not change until it begins to slow down and show it's age.
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Mathilda Mathilda
I would switch to senior. They have different requirements such as levels of protein as well as other things. When you switch, do it over the course of 10-14 days gradually using less of the food she's on now and more of the new food until she is on the new food alone.
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Mathilda Originally Answered: Dog food question, please help!?
A good thing for dogs with food allergies is for you to make their food yourself, buy some mince meat and mix in some vegies and add a sprinkle of essential vitamins and minerals for dogs and presto you have a cheap, hypoallergenic dog food :D

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