follow up question, body fat %?

follow up question, body fat %? Topic: follow up question, body fat %?
July 19, 2019 / By Devereux
Question: i was just wondering whats the most successful way to decrease body fat? running? etc? thanks i play tennis which is starting up soon, i also play soccer once a week.
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Bernie Bernie | 9 days ago
limit carbs to less than none and have smaller than palm size protein and vegies/fruit in small meals over the day. AND exercise. drink over two litres of water.
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Bernie Originally Answered: I need a easy diet to follow to lower my body fat 2%?
You don't really need to lose body fat, but as far as your lunch and dinner go... Be sure to include protein like chicken breast, cheese, eggs, other lean meats, baked beans, skim or 1% milk. Because you exercize so much, you need to replenish the glycogen in your muscles. That means you need complex carbohydrates like whole grain breads, whole grain pastas (or try the Barilla PLUS products), oatmeal or other cereal, whole grain rice. Avoid overdoing foods like corn, potatoes and other starches. Also remember that eating only 3 meals a day isn't the way to go. Eat some healthy snacks including those complex carbs,after you've exercized, when your body is most receptive to restocking.
Bernie Originally Answered: I need a easy diet to follow to lower my body fat 2%?
well you can have some salad with lots of veggies and lean meat (boiled, grilled) you can have some tuna (or lean meat) with veggies in a whole wheat wrap or just wrap it in lettuce leaves. steamed veggies with lean meat. cottage cheese with fruit just try to combine protein with veggies in any way you can imagine

Abiram Abiram
Eat a healthy diet and skip junkfood and fastfood. Running is a good way to lose some fat... exercise as much as possible... play a sport. Do something you enjoy, or you won't be motivated!
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Sissy Sissy
doing any cardio for long time enough. running is good weightlifting will not decrease your body fat
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Sissy Originally Answered: Question about cutting body fat %?
Cardio is great to do when cutting. So if you lift 3 days a week, on 2 off days do some cardio 15-20 min. Take a protien shake 30 min before and another one right after so you dont burn any muscle off, i usually mix 2 teaspoons of glutamine with each shake too.

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