Low calorie foods?

Low calorie foods? Topic: Low calorie foods?
May 27, 2019 / By Devan
Question: I am trying to loose weight and I am cutting calories. But eating light throughout the day, like fruits and veggies and even yogurt, just isn't filling me up. I feel like I am still hungry. What are some good low calorie foods that will fill me up...Is it carbs that do it or what... What are some of your fav low calorie dishes or do you know a low calorie website with reciepes?
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Berkeley Berkeley | 7 days ago
Hi, how are you doing! If your concerned about losing weight try reading the following article! Eat What You Like and Lose Weight. Really! http://boeafitness.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=38&Itemid=27
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Berkeley Originally Answered: Extremely low calorie, low fat foods?
Single servings of Fresh Fruit (1/2 banana, small apple, small pear, orange, etc) Veggies with low calorie dip or plain Dry Cereal (you'll have to check the label for amount) Fruit Flavored Yogurt (the "Light" variety) 1 stick of String Cheese 1 slice of low fat cheese 1-2 ounces of white meat, skinless chicken (a deck of cards represents 3 ounces, so you would eat 1/3 to 2/3 the size of a deck of cards) Salad (with just veggies) and low fat dip Vegetarian deli slices (bologna, pepperoni, salami, canadian bacon--the "Yves" brand is tasty). 5 Triscuit Crackers v8 Juice

Abimael Abimael
You can join the weightwatchers , they use the low calorie diet . I myself do not believe in it though. OK you will loose weight then you will put it on again when you start eating normal food . Do youthink you can live on this LOW CALORIE food all your life ? SO WHERE IS A POINT ? Join the gym and do the weights, it builds your muscles and your muscles then burn a lot of energy even when you do not excercise. When you start get into shape you will enjoy being in control of your body .
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Sindy Sindy
Dear Lizzy, I was in the same situation, but now i am on the special K diet! try it, go to www.yahoo.com and in the search bar type in "Special K" and go to the website! it works, i have been on it... what you do is you have a bowl of any kind of special K that you like for breakfast and lunch, then you have whatever you want for dinner, for snack throughout the day, you just buy one of their special K products. It works i promise, i lost 5 pounds in one week! ALSO DONT FORGET TO EXCERSIZE! Hope this helps! ~you diet helper!
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Phoebe Phoebe
you need some carbs or protein. chose lean cuts of protein like fish or eat some oatmeal....www.sparkpeople.com it has recipes , calorie tracking, exercise tracking and its a free program
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Phoebe Originally Answered: What are some low calorie foods that will keep me full?
I've been having the same problem. I've been trying to turn foods I like into something low calorie rather than looking for new things. Like for breakfast, instead of doing omlettes, because cheese is really fattening, I will scramble eggs and mix it with salsa. It tastes great, and isn't as fattening as it would have been. I've just been going through foods and trying to find substitutes. I really love cheeseburgers, but they are bad when you eat them out. Instead of ordering it, I make it at home. I use to drench my burgers in ranch dressing, but since dressing is really bad, I tried adding other things instead. I use pepperjack cheese for flavor, and I put avocados on it to make it healthier. I put more tomatos because it makes it juicer, which I find helps me drink less soda. It seems to be working for me. I suggest doing something similar. Rather than taking out the foods you like, try and make them healthier. Dieting is harder because it makes you go without what you like, and everyone eventually caves. The trick is to eat less than normal, and to make what you're eating healthier. 10 lbs isn't too too hard, and I bet if you just started turning your meals a little healthier, drink the right amount of water every day, and cut down on soda, you'd lose it in no time. Added after reading other comments: Make sure you read labels of everything you buy or eat. Some things may claim to be healthy, but their calerie count is higher than expected. Take salad for example. I was buying these really yummy salads from the store. I thought I was eating healthy, but when I looked, I found it was extremely bad. The dressing was horrible. Same goes with juices and such. Just make sure you read the label. Don't trust what people say, or anything. You're best bet is to do research, learn what you should be eating, so you can judge for yourself. Also avoid bread.. it's very fattening, even wheat.

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