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June 19, 2019 / By Dermot
Question: I'm pretty sure I'm still a virgin but I haven't gotten my period in 34 days. Is this normal? I usually dont get it for about 30 days... should I be worried?
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Benjy Benjy | 7 days ago
Well 99% chance you are fine. Periods can be late for whatever reasons (stress, diet, medication, extreme weight loss, etc) however in very very VERY rare circumstances, yes you can become pregnant. If you were fooling around with a guy and he ejaculated very close to the vagina there is a possibility.
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Abell Abell
you would know if you weren't a virgin. it could be stress....stress delays your peroid somtimes.. i wouldn't worry to much about it unless you go months without it
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Shulamit Shulamit
I think its normal you probably just have an irregular period,but go get checked anyway,[also it might just be stress].... =] good luck*
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Phebe Phebe
you aren't sure if you're a virgin or not? I really hope that you are for god's sake. and no, if you "think" you might still be a virgin, then chances are you aren't pregnant. lol. I'm sorry for laughing, but I'm thinking, 'is there no sex education in Northa America?'
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Marlyn Marlyn
what do you mean pretty sure. have you done something? sometimes it is normal to be a little late. if you have had sex go get a pregnancy test or give yourself another week or two to start your cycle.
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Lacy Lacy
I am not a doctor, but I have a girl friend like that........all here life always had irregular periods, she have hard time get pregnant..........never take any pills in her life and she only have one child.
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