What should i do.?

What should i do.? Topic: What should i do.?
October 19, 2019 / By Derick
Question: Well i been overweight my entire life. I weight 180 pounds now but i use to weight 240. personally im suppose to be around 140 so you can clearly see i have alot of excess weight. at first it was all about working out and eating healthy. i lost weight very slow and could not deal with it anymore. after tht it went to eating 2-3 small meals a day and not having the energy to work out. but as time went on even these results werent good enough for me. recentlly i been to depressed to talk to anyone. i never been close to anyone in my family and my family has so many problems none really talks to eachother at all. while i knew 2-3 small meals a day wasnt healthy it was working. but as 2 weeks passed and i didnt loose any weight i sorta lost control of myself. today for the first time i ate then had the guts to go make myself throw up in the bathroom. im not gonna lie im a male and i cried when doing it. but i had no control over it at all. icould not stop myself and all i can think about 24 hours a day is my weight. im a very shy person and i would never go to a hospital or something. what can i do for myself ? today this happened and i dont want to find out whats next ive also took about 50 laxatives in the past 3 weeks..
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Benjie Benjie | 6 days ago
Things seem to be getting worse. If you could lose the weight in a healthy way once, you can do it again. Go to a Nutrition Clinic for help. My Cholesterol was getting too high and the Nutrition Clinic helped me lose twenty five pounds in one year. Now I don't have to take medication to lower my Cholesterol. Please choose the healthy rout to lose the weight.
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Abel Abel
firstly, you have to stop with the laxatives. they're not healthy and will only cause your body more stress which it doesnt need right now. please do not go down the road of making yourself sick - it again is not healthy for your body and if you keep it up then you will become bulimic, not good! i see your logic behind 2-3 small meals a day. but the fact is, is that you're a male who wants to work out to loose weight. males need to intake more energy, carbohydrates and protein to begin with and cutting these out of your diet altogether is not going to help you especially if you're exercising. i used to weigh 168 pounds and now weigh 134 pounds. dont get me wrong, loosing the weight was hard and it's important that you know it will take dedication and will-power. here's what i did and what you could try: - i started going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week for around an hour. there were 5 pieces of equipment at my local gym and therefore i used to aim to do 10 minutes on each piece of machinery. after a few weeks, i upped it to 15 minutes on each but never spending any longer than 2 hours a day at the gym. - gradually "trained" myself to eat more fruit and veg. i know some people hate the taste or think it's bland, but honestly, trying different things slowly will help you to liken your taste buds to them. i began with an apple a day and i still try to do it everyday just now: i have one when i'm on my break at school. - always have breakfast. some people think skipping breakfast helps loose weight - it doesnt. it just makes you hungrier and you will then binge when you get food. you dont have to have a lot for breakfast but enough so that you feel content - not full. a simple thing like a 30g bowl of "healthy" cereal (e.g. kellogg's special k, weetabix, oatabix, etc.) helps. i normally have chocolate (yeah, chocolate!) weetabix minis with raisins cause then i get fibre, sugar and one of my 5-a-day. i also have diluting juice which means i'm drinking more water towards my 2 litres a day. - have soup for lunch then a proper meal in the evening. soup is usually low-calorie but filling which will hopefully stop snacking on sugary foods and you can also have it with a roll or bread, even better if the bread or roll is wholegrain/brown/seeded/etc. i have fruit with my soup as well as 500ml of water, adding to the 2 litres i try to drink a day. your proper meal in the evening should be something healthy-ish but tasty. so you could have fish, chicken, beef, lamb, pork or any meats which will provide you with protein and energy for working out. i try to have more veg with my dinner - usually sweetcorn cause it actually has a flavour to it. dont be afraid to try to in-corporate fruit and veg into your meals. if you have something that has a strong sauce with it, chances are you wont even taste the vegetables in it - so that's a bonus. they also make it waaay more colourful. hope this actually makes sense and that i've not just written a whole load of rubbish. if this helps you in even the slightest, i shall be a happy bunny. (: good luck!
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Shonda Shonda
Well clearly you are showing patterns of disordered eating behaviour. I've had problems with disordered eating myself and I know how much of an obsession it can become. It might be helpful for you to talk to people in your position, then you might get the confidence to go to your doctor and ask for help. So search around for forums, chat rooms etc. but please beware of pro-ana/pro-mia websites, they will mess your head up! Those people (vast majority girls, I refer to them as wannarexics) think that it's fun to have an eating disorder because it's like some cool diet... There is nothing fun about being in tears whilst making yourself sick. So if you decide to search for people like yourself, please please please be careful, registering to such websites show that you are vulnerable and there are sick people out there who will take advantage of that. Remember, those sites are for information, sharing and support, NOT making friends. You will end up with a diet-buddy, and don't get me wrong diet-buddies can be great, but when you have two diet-buddies with eating disorders it never ends well. Also, lay off the lax, your gonna make yourself ill, maybe try a diuretic? They get rid of excess water, but don't take them in excess like you are doing with the lax. I wish you all the best :)
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