What are some fun facilities around Westwood, Los Angeles?

What are some fun facilities around Westwood, Los Angeles? Topic: What are some fun facilities around Westwood, Los Angeles?
June 18, 2019 / By Deon
Question: Next year I am moving from Colorado to LA for College. Is their any fun facilities around the UCLA Westwood area like Gaming Arcades, Shopping, Cinemas, Bowling, Paint Balling etc. Any fun places or facilities within a 20 minute walk from UCLA? Like where young people like 2 hang
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Benedict Benedict | 1 day ago
bah hahahah!!! are there things to do!!!! that's a good one!!! there's basically anything you can possibly imagine within 20 minutes of westwood village. i have lived IN westwood my ENTIRE LIFE, so i can basically answer any questions you have :) what do you like to do inparticular? and how old are you? ok, but let's get more specific: gaming arcades - there was one IN westwood village for YEARS, it went out of business a few years ago bowling - i've wanted to put a bowling alley in westwood forever, they do not yet have one (but obviously, there are bowling alleys in LA, closest one's in santa monica, 20 minute DRIVE, not walk) cinemas - are you effing kidding me!!! Westwood is the MOVE PREMIER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD I KID YOU NOT!!!!! there are 6 movie theaters in westwood village alone... and any random night of the week you could be driving around, and happen to see brad pitt, johnny depp, the entire harry potter or twilight cast walking down the red carpet (i am 100% serious)... shopping - westwood's getting a little better w/ shopping options (urban outfitters, bebe, american apparel, victoria secret, and a number of independent clothing stores), but beverly hills is a 20 minute walk (ha - i've never actually walked to beverly hills), or a 2 minute drive away. and century city (outdoor shopping center w/ more movie theaters- now "westfield", but everyone still calls it "century city") is a 15 minute walk, 1 minute drive away... also the Westside Pavillion (indoor shopping center/more movie theaters there, as well) is a 10 minute walk away - located at the end of Westwood Blvd. paint balling - yea, you're going to have to head out to santa clarita for that :P BUT... other than that... you have access to basically all of UCLA... they have a track, tennis courts, basketball courts, and if you join their gym, there's do indoor rockclimbing, and a bunch of other stuff (there's a membership fee for the gym - not sure of the amount)... and yes, there is westwood recreation center, w/ courts, etc as well... i also highly recommend you get a bike, as it's an easier way to get around westwood the area than walking, if you don't have a car... go to helen's cycles in the village :P anyway... if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask! i like answering about WW, if you can't tell... heh...
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Benedict Originally Answered: Cool Places in Los Angeles?
Hey man, This is one of my favorite Museums - Museum of Television & Radio http://www.seeing-stars.com/Museums/Muse... (They have a library where you can watch any TV show ever - EVER! Awesome, huh???) The NuArt Theater http://www.landmarktheatres.com/Market/L... (Home to the Rocky Horror Picture Show Friday midnight screenings) Griffith Observatory http://www.griffithobservatory.org/ Grammy Museum http://www.grammymuseum.org/ (I havent been here yet but it sounds kinda cool) The PINNACLE of Music Stores - Amoeba Records @ 6400 Sunset in Hollywood. You will flip out. It is the best. http://www.amoeba.com/ Also...... MoMA Los Angeles & The Getty - two awesome art museums. You should try and see a concert at either Hollywood Bowl or The Greek Theater (in Griffith Park). These are two absolutely stunning outdoor concert venues. If you just wanna hang out & chill, maybe do a little shopping... Santa Monica Venice Beach Melrose Ave. Silver Lake / Echo Park Have a great time & Welcome to Los Angeles!!!
Benedict Originally Answered: Cool Places in Los Angeles?
I don't know any places that aren't touristie for movies but u could try to get on in viewing for tv shows/talkshows or do Universal Studios tour. I always take out-of-towners to Venice and Laguna Beaches (different than the norm) or maybe Huntington (surf city!). Old town Pasadena can be cool (walking thru shops and unique restaurants). Hollywood blvd I hear is kind of cleaned up of hookers now, could be interesting to see Hollywood, Sunset and Vine. They've done a lot of movies featuring rodeo drive just outside of beverly hills ...If u like clubbing I think hollywood has a lot , sorry, not a lot of visitors lately for moi ...

Ab Ab
westwood is loaded with stuff to do, and within 20 minutes you also have westwood recreation center which has tennis courts, basketball courts and even indoor public pool for the public
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Shevaun Shevaun
There's plenty you'll do that is all withing going for walks distance. But it is relatively age-stylish. Much of it caters to the school scholars coming there from UCLA subsequent door. If you are school-age, you'll be able to have a laugh. :D
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Shevaun Originally Answered: What are things that every person visiting Los Angeles must see?
There are literally hundreds of things to do here in LA. Here is my list of “must sees”. Visit as many as you have time for: Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth. Half a billion visitors can’t be wrong. #1 Destination. Universal Studios: A theme park that grew out of a studio tour. #2 Destination. Even if you don’t visit Disneyland or Universal Studios Tour, Downtown Disney District and Universal City Walk are very fun places to visit for shopping and eating. And they’re free to visit. If you’re adventurous, try the indoor skydiving (www.iflyhollywood.com). It’s a blast! Hollywood: Enjoy the Walk of Fame, Entertainment Museum, Chinese Theatre and more. The Hollywood & Highland complex has lots of shops and restaurants, and the Kodak Theater. The El Capitan theater, right across the street, is where Disney shows their movies. And the Hollywood Bowl is a GREAT place to listen to concerts outdoors. Other theme parks include Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags Magic Mountain, which are both more geared towards the fast-ride teen crowd. Olvera Street/Union Station: Olvera Street is the birthplace of LA, and it emphasizes our Mexican heritage. In addition to the Avila Adobe (oldest building in LA), you can eat at some pretty good Mexican Restaurants, do a little shopping, and taste a churro. If you don’t want to go to Tijuana, this is as close as it gets without going there Rodeo Drive, 90210: Packed with exclusive shops, full of gawkers. They all came to enjoy the excess. Free, unless you intend to buy something. Venice Beach: Here you'll find Muscle Beach, street performers and tacky shops galore. Fun, VERY interesting, but I avoid it after dark, when it gets a little TOO interesting for my taste. Santa Monica: Beach and Pier: Great beach scene and a classic seaside amusement park, complete with antique carousel that has been in a lot of TV and movies. After visiting the pier, you can ride a bike south a couple miles to Venice Beach. Sunset Boulevard began as a route between the stars' posh neighborhoods and the Hollywood studios. It runs from downtown to the ocean, passing through the "Sunset Strip" on its way. Farmers Market and The Grove - A new shopping complex right next to a Los Angeles landmark, It is right next to CBS, so walk across the lot to see if they are taping "The Price is Right". Griffith Park - Home of the Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Park Observatory, Travel Town, the Greek Theatre, and Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage. Getty Museum - The Getty's architecture is so beautiful that it keeps me fascinated. No matter whether you like their art, architecture, or view better, the Getty is sure to please. Free. Attend a TV taping - You can get free tickets at audiencesunlimited.com, tvtix.com, or see the booth at Universal City walk. It's very interesting to see a show being taped. The most popular, by far, is the Tonight show. Places to eat: In-N-Out Burger: Multiple locations, best burger in LA, ask anyone. Pink’s Hot Dogs: 709 N. La Brea, just north of Melrose. You might even see a celebrity. Maybe. Tommy’s Chili Burgers: Look for the shack, an LA tradition. The original location is at Beverly & Rampart, a couple miles west of downtown. Canter’s Deli: 419 N. Fairfax, between Beverly & Melrose. Near CBS, you might spot a celebrity. Phillippe’s: 1001 N. Alameda. Great roast beef sandwiches. Near Union Station and Olvera Street. Tito’s Taco’s: Voted best tacos in LA, even though it’s in Culver City. King Taco is a good alternate if you can deal with East LA. The Pantry: Corner of Figueroa and 9th, downtown. Huge portions, they never close, GREAT steak and eggs. Medieval Times and/or Pirate’s Dinner Adventure: Dinner and an adventure show, both are on Beach Blvd in Buena Park, you get to eat with your hands. Places to Stay: Since LA is so spread out, there is no single place that is close to EVERYTHING. Most people who come here tend to stay in Hollywood, Santa Monica, or Anaheim. In Hollywood, I recommend the Orchid Suites, Hollywood Celebrity Hotel, or Hollywood Heights (formerly Holiday Inn Walk of Fame), all near Hollywood and Highland. In Santa Monica, the Holiday Inn Santa Monica is close to the pier and reasonably priced. In Anaheim, I recommend the Howard Johnson (HoJo) Anaheim, and the Candy Cane Inn. There is also a nice place in Burbank called the Best Western Media Center, very close to Warner, NBC, and Universal Studios. Places to Shop: Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica The Grove, Los Angeles Americana @ Brand, Glendale Beverly Center, Los Angeles Citadel Outlets, Commerce Brea Mall, Brea The Block at Orange, Orange South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa Fashion Island, Newport Beach Santee Alley, Los Angeles

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