Why aren't babies born with the already developed immunities of their parents?

Why aren't babies born with the already developed immunities of their parents? Topic: Why aren't babies born with the already developed immunities of their parents?
October 19, 2019 / By Denver
Question: dont you think that makes sense, espically of the mother (immunities) because they share blood. so why is it that a baby must get shots that the mother has already had i dont mind gettin a complicated answer .
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Best Answers: Why aren't babies born with the already developed immunities of their parents?

Ben Ben | 9 days ago
I believe to fully understand the immune system you have to understand that its main goal is to differenciate between self and non-self. Since a baby is genetically different, a mothers immune system maybe detrimental and cause an autoimmune disease (lupus, diabetes I, Rh arthritis). Also, mother and baby do not share a full blood to blood connection and in fact its the opposite, the placenta is a large filter and prevents contact between maternal and fetal blood. Certain substances like oxygen, food, and many drugs do cross over there is no cross of blood cells. Certain antibodies are too large to cross whereas other antibodies cross. This is why a baby is effectively born with their mothers immunity. A baby is born with mothers immunity and this immunity comes from her antibodies. The antibodies are only proteins and not cells. As the proteins travel they break down and become inactive. This is why a baby only has immunity for 6 months and then becomes immunocompromised until the child's own antibodies can be generated. In the US, we vaccinate children early so their immune system to can be developing protection before the mothers antibodies disappear. Unfortunately, in very young child the immune system is so immature that the shot does not produce sufficient antibody response and this is why shot are often given mulitple times (or at least one of the reasons). I hope this helps, this is a good question.
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Ben Originally Answered: If you had a boy and a girl and had 2 autoimmune diseases that developed right after the second pregnancy?
I personally wouldn't. I have autoimmune hepatitis and that was nothing to do with pregnancy but if I knew that anything could make it any worse then I don't think that I'd try for another child. You already had two, right? What if it got a lot worse and you ended up unable to look after the two that you already have? By the way, I'm pregnant with my first child. :-) Good luck with whatever you choose.

Aaron Aaron
The prepare began in u.s. as a potential to discourage or ward off masturbation which became into concept to reason extremely some illnesses. additionally, different well being reward have been "stumbled on" collectively with hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and a few others i'm forgetting. even however all of those reasons have been finally disproved or nullified, the technique became into already huge-unfold adequate to grow to be a ingredient of the subculture and custom. at present, because of the achieveable problems and area outcomes from surgical operation there is not any explanation for it to be performed rapidly on little ones, even staring on the main slanted examine. For adults, it is going to become very practically extra of a cultural or conformity based determination. working example, some see the exterior and dry nature of a circed penis a demonstration of cleanliness, on a similar time as others could see it as broken, much less sensual, or unnatural. There are examine that teach circumcision reduces specific stds, yet there are additionally examine that teach extra advantageous an infection fees of alternative stds, or perhaps examine that counter or conflict making it doubtful if there is fairly any distinction. the foremost's till there is extra then misconceptions and conflicting documents, this could not be allowed, a minimum of, in a well being facility putting... aside from real scientific issues, that are fairly uncommon.
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Sheryl Sheryl
The reason ois simple.Even though they share blood,the babie becomes it's own person or whatever.They have their own blood.& they have 2 build up their own immune system.&,after there born,they now have their own blood.As soon as a child is born in2 the world,their body is exposed 2 all the things they weren't in the womb.The womb is a much safer place than the world.*
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Perdita Perdita
because simple put we are a biologically advanced species capable of learning quickly and efficiently. we are born with an inlane desire to do so. more primitive species are born with such genetic imprents. our species, more versitile and capable of adapting to new circumstances faster, does not have born knowledge. this is advantagious if circumstances change because if more of our knowledge was genetic we would be unable to alter and addapt ourselves to the new environment and we wouldsimply die.
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Perdita Originally Answered: Born with multiple disorders.?
It is very common for autoimmune disorder to go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for many years. The typical time for the onset of symptoms to correct diagnosis for most inflammatory disorders is 10 years.

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