low gi diet?

low gi diet? Topic: low gi diet?
June 17, 2019 / By Delbert
Question: Who has been on the low gi diet and did u lose weight and is there a limit of how much gi u should have a day ?
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Basil Basil | 8 days ago
Low glycemic Index (GI) diets work by balancing the body's insulin response. Low GI foods do not raise the body's sugar levels. As a result, insulin is released slowly, so you avoid the spikes in appetite that doom so many dieters. Yes, these diets work, especially if you take care to add enough fiber (See links below for Glycemic Index article and for Fiber Rich Foods) There is no amount of "GI" you should have a day, since GI is an index of the amount that foods elevate your sugar level. The question is how much sugar you should have a day. The answer is none, zero. You get enough sugar in the form of carbohydrates. You don't need to add more (see article on Sugar-The Disease Connection in the link below).
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Basil Originally Answered: Would a Paleolithic diet (hunter-gatherer diet) be healthier than our farm based diet?
Would a Paleolithic diet (hunter-gatherer diet) be healthier than our farm based diet for me? I don't know. There is something that comes to mind; If you feed a store bought rabbit lettuce or carrots, it dies because it no longer has the genes to make the enzymes etc etc and just barfs itself to death. Dogs can't handle an all meat diet anymore either. There's some evidence that people aren't meant to eat meat at all and other work that says the exact opposite. At large, we kinda need alot of stuff. It's a fact that Europeans made the world we know now because they could store farmed wheat. Native Americans don't have the enzymes to break down alcohol. There is a huge population of the world that was segregated and we do see dietetic, biological evolution in humans right now. The likelihood that we have the same bodies in any way of our pre-agriculture ancestors is very low. In short, I'm fairly sure you'd die if you really did try to eat like a cave man, after a long time. We see the problems with malnutrition everyday, the African kids on TV with the swollen bellies have Kwashiorkor syndrome from a lack of protein. They do hunt and gather just like you think, and they are dying because of it. The question you really want to ask is "will I be healthier if I buy the foods from the store that are kinda healthy, no grains or junk?" Yes, you right now would be healthier if you eat less Moon Pies and drink less soda. If you want to be a caveman and kneel on the floor with your baby back ribs then have at it (which immediately makes paleo a cop out, cave man and your grandma to this day eats organ meats. Money and farming makes muscle meats available at all to people. If you only eat "meat" meaning muscle tissues, then you are eating like king of all the cavemen ever). The basis of the diet is "don't eat so much crap." I can sell books to tell you what qualifies as crap and why but it is healthier for you to not eat so much crap, paelo, the Susan Powder thing which was eactly the same 20 years ago, or even the standard American diet 20 years before that. We've pumped ourselves full of bread and soda and stood still in the most recent times. Organic meat or Walmart ground beef, doesn't really matter as long as you keep the Oreo's to a minimum.
Basil Originally Answered: Would a Paleolithic diet (hunter-gatherer diet) be healthier than our farm based diet?
there aren't studies since variables can't be controlled. There isn't much money anymore for frivolous studies of this nature. No one knows or follows what individuals eat over time. There is the China Study, with findings I can't remember. There's information on the Okinawa diet. There's Dr. Pritikin. Dr. Gabe Mirkin. Dr. Fuhrman. What someone chooses should be based on preferences based on ethnicity, availability, economy, lifestyle and health. There is no answer on the above that is considered definitive. Not everyone sees a doctor for blood tests every year. People are in a state of flux on diet choices.

Zibia Zibia
Through the GI index out the door. When you have a carb food with pro and fat. The number gets lowered. Not saying its ok to have candy with chicken, LOL. But not to worry about the GI number for healthy known foods. Joe fitfranco.com
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Sherah Sherah
So, enable's be honest, i don't be responsive to lots with regards to the GI eating recurring. yet I even have PCOS and became into inspired to resign all sugar besides as white flour, white rice, white pasta, potatoes... (fairly a lot any nutrition that tastes good.) I had no success with clomid or metformin. yet approximately 4-6 months after making the nutritional transformations, I have been given pregnant! :)
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Sherah Originally Answered: i am doing a fad diet .chicken soup diet . what is the averge weight loss from this diet in 7 days?
Fad diets almost always lead to regaining the weight down the road...eat right and execise and make that part of your permanent lifestyle...no 'diet' required or desired...do it once (lose the weight) and do it right...any loss faster than 3 lbs/wk is too fast and the chances of keeping it off for long, are slim...slower is better...

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