Help! My male Beagle is way too fat, 9 yrs.old. How can I get to loose wait? Eats 1 and 1/2 C diet food.?

Help! My male Beagle is way too fat, 9 yrs.old. How can I get to loose wait? Eats 1 and 1/2 C diet food.? Topic: Help! My male Beagle is way too fat, 9 yrs.old. How can I get to loose wait? Eats 1 and 1/2 C diet food.?
October 20, 2019 / By Delaiah
Question: My 9 yr.old male Beagle is very overweight, He eats 1 &1/2 c. of Diet-Science Diet Dog Food. Is walked at least 4 blocks a day. But still not loosing weight.
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Best Answers: Help! My male Beagle is way too fat, 9 yrs.old. How can I get to loose wait? Eats 1 and 1/2 C diet food.?

Barzillai Barzillai | 6 days ago
Maybe you should switch part of his diet to dry food - although it is higer calories - it takes longer to eat and can be given in other methods: There are special toys that you can get which release treats or food when the dog rolls it around with its nose, the dog is also getting a little exercise obviously when he is rolling it around. You could give him some of his food in one of these, so he is getting exercise, though obviously not all of it! Also if you perhaps split his meals up a little more, [ i presume he is getting one large meal a day?] it is slightly better for the dog. Though the key thing is exercise obviously! You need to gradually increase his exercise and the type of exercise you are giving him. Walks on a lead at a slow plod or trot around the block are not allowing a dog to stretch his legs properly and burn off any extra calories. If you can get to another place where [ even on a longer lead if his recall isn't that great] you can let him have more of a run around - gradually - or go to a place where the ground is more demanding for him than flat pavements, a slight hill will be more demanding and burn off more excess weight. Obviously if you live in a city area this is slightly harder, but even a trip at the odd weekend to a more countryside, hilly area with different levels of terrain will do him good physically and mentally. Mental exercise is important to because your dog could be bored with the same route around the block. If you have a garden spend time with him out there to, doing gentle activities at first such as teaching him to fetch a ball a short distance away makes all the difference! Those are some ideas, though hopefully lots of people will give you ideas so you can help your beagle!
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Barzillai Originally Answered: how do you loose wait without going on a freaky diet?
I've posted the link of the canadian food guide. (it is cnadian but it's applicable pretty much anywhere in the world) The link gives you tips on how to eat healthy and it tells you how much to eat from each food group. (ex. 5-12 portions of grain per day). Before you continue to read what I wrote, please take a look at the link's content. It will make evrything I wrote make alot more sense. If you choose the smaller number for each category (in the grain category, it would be 5), you will lose weight. If you chose the middle, you will stay at the same weight and if you chose the bigger number (....grain category, it's 12), you will gain weight. Suggestion: If you don't do any excercise, I suggest you pick the smaller side of the scale. The more intensive your work-out, the higher on the scale you should go. Be carefull...choosing too small of a number on that scale while doing intensive work-outs will push your body to go into ''survival mode''. This is when it stores as much fat as possible. So make sure the amount of food you eat is appropriate for your size(height etc.) and level of activity. ''Diets'' usually don't work because they RESTRICT you from eating what you want. Instead of restricting you, this guide tells you how much you should eat from each group. That way, it will become more of a life-style than a diet. http://www.wholegrainsbureau.ca/pdf/Cana...

Zeruiah Zeruiah
Science Diet is fine, but overpriced. If you're feeding a food over 15% protein and under 5% fat, you're on a good note. The higher the protein/lower the fat the better. Canned dog food is not good, it's almost no nutrient and almost all fat. But you DO need to increase his exercise. Dropping off his food would help, but exercise is the best thing.
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Shena Shena
I would have his Thyroid levels checked. An underactive Thyroid gland will cause weight gain... I cut my Lab down to 1 cup once a day and 4-9 mile hikes multiple times a week. couldn't figure it our. Brainstorming one day, I thought I should call the vet, they advised the bloodwork, and we got him regulated on a twice a day medication. We are feeding about 5 cups a day (2 feedings) and reg walks around the neighborhood (nothing excessive), and he is back to a good 90 lbs (he was 130lbs). Sure it may cost money to have bloodwork done every 6 months to ensure the proper dose, (but the medication is pretty inexpensive considering how much it helpes ) but its worth having the answers, and I am no longer starving my dog.
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Pearle Pearle
Change his diet to something better. We like Orijen. Expensive, but really good. Wellness, Innova, and Taste of the Wild are also some very good brands. Science Diet is over priced and low-ish quality. The company, Wells I believe, funds vets, which is why vets push it so hard. Walk him more too! Four blocks? Is not very far. I can walk 4 blocks in 5-10 minutes alone.
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Marilyn Marilyn
Four blocks scarcely qualifies as walk'n the dog. Try 45 minutes twice a day. Cut back the food, try 1 can split over two meals. In dogs, just as in humans, obesity is extremely unhealthy, he's nine years old already getting that weight off will extend his life and improve his health and comfort.
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Marilyn Originally Answered: Will this help me loose wait?
I am a high school english and speech teacher and one way to burn a few calories is to write "weight" (not wait) and "lose" (not Loose) 100 times each. ..wink. Example: If you want to lose weight, exercise and just wait for your clothes to become loose. Truthfully you are still young and your body is in that stage in which it is trying to figure out if you are still a kid or an adult. Over the enxt 1-2 years you will notice some major changes in your body. Cutting back on the junk food will be a major help. That doesnt mean you can't have a treat once a week----just make yourself stick to your exercise routine and you will be amazed! It really does seem like you are already doing some very good things to help you reach your goal. Good Luck!

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