I really want to find out how to put on some weight.?

I really want to find out how to put on some weight.? Topic: I really want to find out how to put on some weight.?
October 15, 2019 / By Deforest
Question: Im 17, 1.85m tall and weight just about 63 kg... its very low for my height and age.... I work out loads, it be gym, basketball practice or martial arts... Is there any diet that could help me boost my weight or any physical exercises i should follow?
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Bartley Bartley | 3 days ago
Read this article on how to gain weight the healthy way.... it's.. what you want. edit: You guys telling him to eat junk food is awful advice, theres such a thing as "clean bulking" with healthy foods.. noobs.
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Bartley Originally Answered: Cant find a weight lifting program ?
a bench would be a fantastic investment, there is a decent adjustable one at walmart http://www.walmart.com/ip/Gold-s-Gym-Sta... . If you do buy a bench, it needs to be adjustable positioning. bodybuilding.com has some great advice and has pictures for every exercise imaginable, too. here's a routine i like that i made myself Workout: 6 exercises, 4 sets of 8-10 (8 when you bump up to a new weight, and once you can do it 11 times, bump up the weight). ALWAYS lift with a spotter. A workout buddy is not only a great way to hang out with a friend, it's very motivational. workout one body part a day. Here's my routine: Monday: chest- Bench Press, Crossovers, Dumbell Press, Weighted Pushups, Decline press, Incline dumbell flies. Tuesday: Back- Wide grip Lat Pulldowns, Dumbell Bent over Rows, Deadlifts, Close grip Lat Pulldowns, Seated Rows, Back Flies, Pullups. Wednesday: Legs- Squats, Leg Extensions, Calf Raises, Leg Curls, Leg press, Calf press. Thursday: Shoulders- Hang cleans, Military Press, Upright Rows, Dumbell Shoulder Press, Shoulder Shrugs, Front and Side Raises. Friday: Arms- Tricep Pulldowns, Preacher Curls, forearm curls, hammer Curls, Skull crushers, Concentration Curls. Some of these exercises do need extra equipment, so check bodybuilding.com for help, or email me. You want to train one, at most two muscle groups a day, that's it, in order to allow ample recovery time. The body needs about 72 hours to fully recover a muscle group. Get plenty of protein, email me if you need help. Happy lifting!

Zelia Zelia
Well you could eat a lot of things that are bad for you but you shouldn't. You are probably burning a lot of the calories from working out more than you need to, the weight lifting etc. Also when you weight lift you build muscle which makes you burn calories throughout the rest of the day. You could try protein shakes, or the slim fast shakes ALONG with your regular meals and you will gain weight instead of lose it. Basically you have to consume more calories than you burn.
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Shell Shell
I had the same problem. For some people, it's due to a very efficient metabolism. What's really worked for me was doing the P90X strength workouts and having a high-protein recovery drink afterwards. I ate a lot of pasta for carbs and meat for protein. It worked, in 3 weeks, I gained 5 pounds of muscle and looked a lot better.
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Payton Payton
I think u wanna put some weight dont want to be fat...so u can try lots of bananas....i noe it sounds funny but it really works....it helps u put sum wait at the same mantainin a balanced deit..... P.s. the Indian cricketers follow dis nd it works for dem...
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Marilena Marilena
You should see the doctor. Maybe your thyroid works fast and u could have some problems with your intestine.
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Marilena Originally Answered: help me find a good healthy way to lose weight?
Theres no need to sacrifices yourself in order to loose weight. Eating more dosn't mean gaining weight either. Eating 50g of sugar and 50g of vegetables are 2 completely diffrent things. First of all the most simple option: Exercise. No need to force yourself to go jogging everyday (though it would be good). You can just change your daily activites into exercise like instead of using the car get on your bicycle or walk. Or playing tag with your younger ones. The secound important thing is: Eating Healthy Now eating healthy dosn't mean limiting the amount of sugar you eat, just means balanacing out your diet. If you eat 5g of sugar a day, you'd need to eat 10gs of fruit and vegetable each. Just remember that you would need double the amount of vegetables and fruit compared to the amount of fats, sugar and salt you eat. Thrid and final thing: Avoid Fast Foods and don't eat if nessosary When you're out, try not to dine at fast food stalls since... their not healthy. Even their vegetables will make you fat! Avoid them at all costs, if you really want to eat at a fast food stall, try and limit it to once or twice a month. If that's not enough, try making your own hamburgers at home! :P Also remember not to eat when it's not breakfast lunch or dinner, small snakes are ok during the day... but if you find yourself nibbling on a chip packet for 2 hours before dinner...it's time to stop. The most improtant thing about weight loose is commitment, if you're commited to loosing your weight, then you can do it!

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