Alli - the new diet pill?

Alli - the new diet pill? Topic: Alli - the new diet pill?
October 15, 2019 / By Declan
Question: Has anyone tried the new diet pill Alli? Or knows anyone that has or is? Please let me know your thoughts.
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Bart Bart | 10 days ago
It's not new at all, really. It's just Xenical with a new name. Side effects: * A possible “change in bowel habits, which may include loose stools” * “Having an urgent need to use the bathroom” if you eat too much fat while taking the drug * A reduced absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K and beta-carotene, so much so that users are advised to take a multivitamin at bedtime to make up for this Xenical, after which alli is modeled, has been found to cause abnormal cell growth in the lining of the colon, an early cancer indicator, along with kidney stones.
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Bart Originally Answered: Alli diet pill?
Alli is complete junk and very dangerous. Just because the FDA has approved it doesn't make it good or safe. Look at all the recalls and drugs that the FDA has passed as safe in the past that have proven to cause many diseases, illnesses, and even death and deformities. The FDA is not your friend. It caters to the people that pay it's bills, the manufacturers. Here's a good statistic to think about. Last year 10,000 to 20,000 maximum people died of using illegal drugs that included Heroine, cocaine, ecstasy, etc. Last year over 106,000 people died in hospitals that were prescribed Legal, doctor prescribed, correctly diagnosed problems and the correct dosages of the drugs designed to address the specific problems the doctors gave to the patients. That is over 10 times the number of deaths due to legal, FDA approved drugs. Does that sound like our war on drugs is directed at the right people? Does that sound like a very safe system we have? Does that sound like the FDA is keeping us safe? The way Alli works is to bind to fat and cause it to pass out of the body. The heart gets its energy from saturated fats. The heart is surrounded by saturated fats. If you do not get enough fat in your body, the liver will not make good bile. Bad bile causes viscous bile to be made and is then sent to the gallbladder. This viscous bile then crystalizes and forms stones that are hard to pass down the bile duct. When you do not eat fat, take Alli, or eat low fat diets, the bile sits in the gallbaldder and thickens. Now you begin to have gallbladder problems. Your fats do not get digested properly. Just look at all the gallbladder operations being performed today. It's epidemic. Does this sound like a healthy regimen? When enough people have tested the Alli drug for the FDA in the public, and many gallbladders are taken out due to this garbage, watch how fast it is recalled. Look at what they tell you that you are supposed to do when you start taking this garbage. They tell you to wear a diaper or stay close to a toilet for the onslaught. It's a total joke and the manufacturers should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to the public. Profit over health is their motto. good luck to you
Bart Originally Answered: Alli diet pill?
Sky High, Alli is the one over-the-counter vitamin product that were authorised by means of the FDA. The just one. Alli works as a fats blocker and blocks 25% of the fats you have got eaten and removes it while you poop. It will also aid you lose 50% extra weight. Sounds like a miracle capsule now does not it? However, and there's a colossal nonetheless, you have got to make a organization dedication not to eat greater than 15 grams of fats according to meal. Why? Well do not forget that I stated it blocks 25% of the fats you have got eaten, good in the event you consume over 15 grams of fats according to meal you are going to extra-then-most probably have disagreeable facet results. The extra fats needs to be removed a few how and in the event you consume over the 15 grams you'll have an pressing ought to move to the toilet with runny stools or you'll have fuel with an oily recognizing. Alli is secure and potent BUT earlier than taking alli you have got to make a decision whether or not or no longer you'll be able to preserve to the volume of fats that's advocated. If you no longer, then you're no longer going to be too pleased together with your facet results. If you're inclined to make a exchange of fifty% extra weight reduction with alli however consume a decrease fats vitamin than alli might be for you. It's a determination that handiest you'll be able to make. Read extra approximately alli and be wholly sincere with your self.

Zandra Zandra
Hi, so far I have lost 8 lbs in 5 weeks, so I consider it worth it. You have to commit to the diet as well as remember to take the pills or it won't work. I would recommend using a pantyliner the first week to deal with the treatment effects. Also, check out the Alli website, I have found the nutrition tracker very helpful. http://www.myalli.com/default.aspx...
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Shelby Shelby
i got a pamplet from the store that was selling it and i was pretty shocked! u should find one. Basically, if u eat anything not healthy (or in the list of healthy) while taking it ur going to poop (so no cheeseburgers or fast food) it out in a quick and uncomfortable manner. It reminded me of shock therapy!!
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Shelby Originally Answered: How much will that new diet pill Alli be?
I'm sure it will be over priced. Alli OTC is just a Xenical Watered Down? It claims to be capable of helping people lose 1 pound per month, big deal right. You would be better off getting a prescription for Xenical from your doctor and having insurance pay for some of it, you'll probably end up paying the same amount. You could consider going the natural way, it is a more healthy approach. There two all natural diet pills that are safe and have no side effects. They are Cha de Bugre and Hoodia Gordonii. Cha de Bugre, is a new weight loss supplement that is growing in popularity and is similar to Ma Huang (Ephedrine) without any of the bad effects. Cha de Bugre is from Brazil and has been used there safely for centuries. Cha de Bugre provides energy, fat burning and appetite suppression that benefit weight loss. Cha de Bugre also has additional uses that are known in Brazil that include being used as a mild diuretic, a cellulite reducer, aides in reducing herpes simplex outbreaks and a heart tonic. You can find more about it at http://hoodiagordonii.totalink.com/cha_de_bugre.html Hoodia Gordonii is a natural appetite suppressant derived from a South African cactus that the bushmen have eaten there for thousands of years. You need to make sure you get a strong pure hoodia that is certified to be genuine. Check out Totalink's unbiased Hoodia comparison at http://hoodiagordonii.totalink.com/hoodia_comparison.html in the "Confidence" column it will indicate if the brand is "Certified". These Hoodia brands have the credentials to back up their product. Also in that column it will indicate if the brand is "Returnable". These Hoodia brands allow you to return opened bottles and get your money back. I think this indicates that a company has confidence in their product that it works. Keep in mind that Hoodia Gordonii alone provides appetite suppression but not fat burning. Cha de Bugre is a fat burner but not as good as hoodia with appetite suppression. There are also brands that mix Cha de Bugre with Hoodia Gordonii and other weight loss herbs like Green Tea that can increase both fat burning and appetite suppression. I have written a lot of articles on Hoodia. Just search Yahoo or Google under my name “Andrew Aitaken” to find them. Also some of the best tips on buying Hoodia I have found are in Totalink’s Hoodia Buyers Guide at http://hoodiagordonii.totalink.com/buy_hoodia.html Remember, you should always consult your physician before taking any diet pill or weight loss supplement.

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