Healthy & yummy food ideas to feed four children?

Healthy & yummy food ideas to feed four children? Topic: Healthy & yummy food ideas to feed four children?
October 23, 2019 / By Deandre
Question: I am babysitting my sister's four children for the weekend while her and her husband are on a little vacation. Any good food ideas that the children ages nine, seven, four, & two will all enjoy? Or seperate ideas for younger/older ones! Anything will help!(:
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Barry Barry | 9 days ago
Well for the 9, 7, and maybe even the 4 year old, everyone likes granola bars. They are healthy and easy, you just have to open the box! Um, you could make them peanut butter sandwiches, even the 2 year old could eat the peanut butter, I mean, it's sorta healthy. You could also make a little bite sized veggie tray with ranch. (Carrot sticks, cucumber slices, broccoli, ect.) They could have pretzels and the best part is, they could all eat that. Go to your local market and buy a few different fruits. All the kids can eat them and fruit is naturally sweetened so the kids will like them. (grapes, cherries, mangos, pineapples, apples, watermelon, ect) You could also give them applesauce, fruit cups, or if you don't want to spend the money buying fresh fruits, you can give them canned fruit which too, is healthy. This is something they could all eat. Raisins. All of them could eat those, and a lot of kids like them plus they're simple. Also I even like Fruit Chillers which look like this :http://babybanana.files.wordpress.com/20... The actual "Popsicle" looks like this, http://www.blisstree.com/playlibrary/fil... And you can also get them in cups if you prefer those they come in grape and strawberry I think. You could also help the kids in making their own fruit smoothies! They can all eat that, they're fun, and healthy. Ants on a log. (Celery with peanut butter spread on the top with raisins.) all ages Dry cereal that's good and healthy, it's also easy and for all ages. (Friuit Loops seem to be really good with kids.) Yogurts or Go-Gurts which are for all ages as well Mixed nuts All ages, maybe not the 2 year old you'll have to decide. Trail Mix Same as above^ Hope that I helped you out!!
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Barry Originally Answered: fun/healthy and yummy food ideas for vegans?
chopped spinach and seasalt, then some grapes- my dear, you will end up the worst advertisement for a vegan lifestyle when you become dull and listless and look like a corpse. No offense I understand this is part of your question. So, vegan recipes require a little more than spinach. Tofu - buy it fresh, NOT that oldplastic white tun tofu- in water. Go find a good asian store- Chinese, Korean, Thai- a supermarket, it is worth every penny of your time- they sell FRESH tofu, pressed, baked, seaweeds- Nori ( that lvely stuff in sheets outside a sushi roll), wakam, hijiki. They seel fesh nuts, dried veg, rice flour, rice wrappers, vegan wontons, almond flour, walnut flour, rice milk, bean milk, almond milk- a good Asia store sells everything you can every want- including miso paste and about fifty types of seaweed noodles, buckwheat and rice noodles- it's worth making that trip as soon as possible and coming home with a long list of great vegan friendly foods. They should also make the fish shaped pancakes stuffed with red bean paste they look like this- http://newyorkstreetfood.com/tag/seoul-s... Japan and China have their own versions- called different things. It's just an idea of waht you can eat, get used to all the legumes nuts and seeds and eating them in as many ways as you can- walnut flour, brazil nuts in a lentil pie, pecans in granola, sesame seed oil in stir fry, sunflower seed butter etc. Eat these nuts and seeds, and the chickpeas, pinto beans, and lentils with ALL you can- salads, sandwiches, soups. Special K is not vegan- it uses whey. YOu will have to be careful with ALL crappy junky processed foods, because in the US of A ( I don't know if you lve there but I'm assuming it's so) they put milk and milk powder and cheese powder in anything they can- including bread, cereals, soup, rice mixes, hamburger helper and pretty much anything processed from frozen or a box or a packet. There are SOME junky and processed foods without animal products and in fact the list is very long, so this chart will help[ ( I hate to link a Peta site, but whatev) http://www.peta.org/living/vegetarian-li...

Yvonne Yvonne
Ask your sister what they like and what they will not eat. Spaghetti usually works, but not everyone likes sauce on it or mixed it. Though since 2 of them are younger generally things that can be eaten with fingers work well. Veggie pizza or fruit pizza. Below is a great link for kid friendly foods.
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Shelagh Shelagh
Easy meal ideas for babysitting: Try pizza, macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets, spaghetti, blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs, grilled cheese and tomato soup, ham and instant mashed potatoes or french fries with peas or corn, chicken noodle soup and a sandwich, PBJ and whole wheat crackers, tacos. Easy Snacks: applesauce, graham crackers, cut fruit (cut small for the little ones), bagels or crackers and flavored cream cheese, yogurt, string-cheese, fruit cups (cut smaller for little ones). Easy desserts: pudding, fruit made popsicles, ice-cream
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Pauletta Pauletta
I'll give you some ideas that may work for you. I'm assuming you will need menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast with jam/PB, banana Pancakes (use cookie cutter for different shapes), instead of syrup use a strawberry puree (which is super yummy) Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwiches with baked sweet potato fries and sliced peaches Bagel Bites (homemade) - mini bagels, pizza sauce and topping of choice, bake until cheese is melted, strawberries dipped in whipped cream Dinner: Cheese quesadillas- whole wheat tortillas, cheddar cheese, cubed chicken (if you like). Make guacamole to dip them in (a great way to get veggies in!!!) Homemade chicken nuggets with roasted green beans (coat frozen beans lightly with olive oil and bake until wilted slightly) Recipe for two chicken breasts - 2 pieces whole wheat bread, parmesan cheese, 1 heaping tbsp spoon italian seasoning, 1/4 tsp garlic or onion powder, salt & pepper to taste. cut chicken in nugget size, coat with egg, dip in bread mixture, bake until done Snacks: Banana spread with PB Apple slices dipped in caramel sauce (mainly for older children) Fruit smoothie made with yogurt, banana and any frozen fruit thawed Ice cream with strawberry puree and whipped cream as a special treat Make rice krispie treats or no bake cookies together Air popped popcorn
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Marie Marie
My daughter ( any myself and hubby lol) LOVE triscuit pizzas. Get a box of triscuit- low salt, a jar of pizza sauce or pasta sauce and cheese. They now even have mini pepperonis. Lay the triscuit on a plate, place the sauce on, then the meat if you want that or veggies, then cheese microwave till its melted its a great lunch or snack.
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Marie Originally Answered: i need healthy yet yummy lunch ideas?
If you can try and go for natural/organic foods. For sandwiches, have them on whole grain bread (multigrain, ezekiel, rye, flax, whole wheat pita, whole grain tortilla, whole grain bagel, etc.) Sandwich filling ideas: - Basil pesto, tomato, baby spinach & mozzarella melt - Falafel & hummus in wheat pita - Almond or Peanut butter & jam - nut butter with no added sugar - Egg & cheese - Egg whites & spinach in a whole grain tortilla spread with a light layer of cream cheese - Chickpea wrap (with things like grated carrot, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, salad greens, salad dressing, etc.) - Black bean wrap with salsa & some cheese; or a quesadilla on a whole grain tortilla - Veggie burger - Hummus, lettuce, grated carrot, sliced cherry tomatoes in a whole wheat pita half Other healthy lunch ideas: ~ Salad: mixed baby greens, baby romaine, Italian salad mix, romaine lettuce, etc. with things like cherry tomatoes/tomato, cucumber, low-fat salad dressing or olive oil/vinegar, red onion, dried cranberries, goat or feta crumbles, walnut crumbles or almond slithers, grated carrot, etc. * For more protein to the salad you can add things like: - Chickpeas or any mixed beans - Grilled cubes of tofu - Strips of tempeh - Salmon or Tuna - Sliced hard boiled eggs ~ Whole grain or brown rice pasta with basil pesto, olive oil or tomato sauce + baby spinach or kale or any veggies you want, goat cheese/cheese, with salad/veggies. - Or a pasta salad with things like chickpeas or tofu, mozzarella or goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, spinach, etc ~ Whole wheat pita pizza or multigrain thin crust pizza, with tomato or pesto; baby spinach, a little mozzarella, grilled vegetables, goat cheese crumbles, etc.+ salad or veggies. ~ Salmon or a veggie burger + wild/brown rice or sweet potato/potato or quinoa + veggies/salad. ~ Lentil vegetable soup, a whole wheat pita + a side salad or fruit Some healthy snack ideas: ~ Veggies & hummus ~ Greek yogurt or regular yogurt ~ Berries/Fruit ~ Fruit/berries + greek or regular yogurt or milk or non-dairy milk ~ Apple slices dipped in a tbsp of nut butter ~ Trail mix: nuts, seeds, dried fruit, dark chocolate bits/chips ~ Whole grain crackers + cheese or hummus ~ Nuts (1/4 cup), seeds ~ Fat free all natural popcorn, natural sweet potato chips, pita chips & hummus, etc. ~ Healthy cereal ~ Healthy cereal + skim milk or non-dairy milk or yogurt, you can also add in berries/fruit ~ Small whole grain tortilla with a tbsp of almond or peanut butter & a tbsp of jam or sliced banana ~ Small whole wheat pita with hummus, veggies ~ Plain greek yogurt with berries/fruit ~ Kashi granola bar, Kind fruit & nut bar, Lara bar - healthy snack bars ~ Whole grain waffle with toppings like light cream cheese, natural jam, nut butter, honey, agave nectar, berries/fruit, etc ~ Cottage cheese + fruit/berries ~ Fruit salad ~ Apple, dried apricots I hope this helps :) ♥

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