Do you think it is stupid to buy organic food?

Do you think it is stupid to buy organic food? Topic: Do you think it is stupid to buy organic food?
October 23, 2019 / By Dawson
Question: I am thinking about buying organic food for myself and daughters and I just don't know if it is worth the money. Is there any research proving that it is better for your body?
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Best Answers: Do you think it is stupid to buy organic food?

Bar-Jesus Bar-Jesus | 3 days ago
It's extremely worthwhile, and it doesn't have to be expensive. There are ways to provide you're family with great, healthy organic foods at reasonable costs. Check into the Weston Price Foundation, you'll find them on-line and all their services are free. They have chapters all over the country and provide lists of local vendors, farms, co-ops and more. We shop at farm markets, food co-ops, farm co-ops, health food stores and some larger stores. You just have to learn to read labels when in 'traditional' stores buying organics. Nutritionally you will be getting more of what the food is suppose to offer. We went organic two years ago and are actually eating less because the food is fulfilling our bodies needs. We feel fuller faster, and stay satisfied longer. What you won't be getting is pesticides, herbicides, hormones, steroids, GMO's and a chemical stew that would make Dr. Frankenstein shake in his boots. I hope you go organic, you won't regret it!
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Bar-Jesus Originally Answered: Does anyone realize how stupid it is to say food is "Organically" grown?
That one is something that hasn't occurred to me, but I guess your dad is right. It is the same thing when someone describes food as being 'tasty'. Of course it is tasty, but is it a good taste or a terrible one.

Yannick Yannick
Absolutely not!! There are strict guidelines on farmers growing organic foods. There are minimal to no guidelines when allowing chemicals into the USA. For every one that is taken off the market, 1000 more are put on the shelves. Not only learn to eat organic as well as alternatives to cleaning. You will be healthier all the way around. If budget is a problem, then select organic dairy products over other items, which can be washed, while rubbing with your hands, will make a difference. Read the book 'The Makers Diet,' it is directed primarily to the Christian with scripture, but there is much knowledge about foods & why certian foods are bad. You can get it at the library. steadfast 1 <><
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Shea Shea
It's not stupid to buy organic food if you can afford it - but when finances are an issue (&when are they not?!) you can make better choices about which organics are important to you. I buy only organic milk and dairy products for my family. I don't like the idea of my little girl drinking a bunch of bovine growth hormones (hormones are very powerful chemicals) every time I give her some milk. When I find a sale on organic butter I buy a bunch and freeze it - works great! But I don't go crazy with the fruits and vegetables - particularly the ones I can peel - like oranges, bananas, apples, watermelon...I do try to get organic strawberries, blueberries, carrots (the organic carrots just taste better), and tomatoes, though. I also try to get meat that hasn't been treated with hormones also but it can be hard to find. Anytime you can avoid pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and added hormones in your food is a good thing - but it's really your choice in how far you want to go with it. Good luck!
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Patti Patti
Well, I'm a little spoiled because my sweetie's parents own a farm & have a huge garden as well as raising beef & pork for personal use. They have numerous chickens as well, but only use those for egg production. I haven't had to buy processed beef or pork in almost 3 years & yes, you can taste a difference. I also get all my eggs from the farm as well as veggies such as corn, cucumbers, tomatos, green beans, squash, bell peppers, blueberries, blackberries........After enjoying all the fresh items, I would never go back to buy commercial products again.......They only grain feed the animals & do not give them all those hormone injections........Once you try mostly organic, you'll never go back!
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Margot Margot
I don't think it's stupid at all to go organic. I buy organic food all the time, because I don't like genetically modified "food" or the chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones added to the regular "food".
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Margot Originally Answered: Environmentalists: what food do you eat: organic food, ordinary food, or genetically modified food?
I eat regular food. I feed my kids regular food. I will eat a big fat greasy American cheeseburger with extra cheese on it and fries next to it. I eat pizza. I'll eat whatever, I don't care how high my cholesterol goes. To hell with being an organic freak.

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