Reason for severe weight gain problem?

Reason for severe weight gain problem? Topic: Reason for severe weight gain problem?
June 17, 2019 / By Davy
Question: I gained weight rapidly  and basicaly lost all of my sex drive and I have always had a problem with irregular periods my period started at the age of 12. I didnt change the way I ate or exercised at all  I have tried eating less but nothing happens. I have tried everything from hydroxycut to isagenix to weight watchers,etc... Nothing shows any results. I gained my weight in my face and middle section.  I also feel like I can never get enough sleep... very fatigued all the time. Also, feeling depressed lately but thats probably because the weight has lowered my self esteem... I do have stretch marks on my stomach and thighs and breast they are a purple-ish color iv had them since I was 12 years old.  I have noticed a fatty tissue in-between my shoulder blades which lead me to beleve it may be cushions but I have not had thinning of my arms or legs. My arms and legs have stayed the same size maby have gotten a tad larger during weight gain but  seems to be almost the same size. It has also caused severe back pains I lay down and can't get up for hours sometimes because the back pain is so severe it feels like a pinched nerve. Im 5 feet 2 inches tall and now weight 400 pnds. I have a 4 year old daughter and feel like I can't be a mother because Im always out of breath and can't keep up. I would like to find out what I can do please help if you think you may know what can cause this or what I can do.
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Bambie Bambie | 1 day ago
The reason is you are eating a high calorie diet of high sugar, high salt, processed food. And you are not getting any exercise. A healthy diet of whole foods, not processed, and just 30 minutes of brisk walking each day would reverse almost all your conditions. The poor sleep leads to a worse diet and the bad diet and lack of exercise lead to poor sleep. You need to break the cycle. The answer does not lie in a box, bag, or pill. It lies within yourself. You will only succeed when you make the decision to change your lifestyle.
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Bambie Originally Answered: What do you think the reason is for my weight gain?
Your body requires a certain amount of energy (Calories) to sustain the weight you are at. If you give it more energy than this amount, you gain weight. If you give it less, you lose weight. It's really as simple as that. Maybe you have increased eating or maybe your metabolic rate has slowed. (Thyroid issue) If you understand in chemistry and physics, 'the law of conservation of energy', you will know that energy cannot be created nor destroyed.... only changed from one form to another. Therefore, if you do not give your body the energy it needs to survive, then it must use the energy (fat) it has stored to do so. This is because your body is always transforming energy into heat energy so it needs a source of energy to create that heat from.
Bambie Originally Answered: What do you think the reason is for my weight gain?
I would go to a doctor. Are you depressed or bored? Have you had a female or hormone issues? Started birth control or even a female surgery Thyroid has many tell tell signs. Tired, lack of sleep etc. Stress is one of the biggest. It takes 3500 extra calories to gain 1 pound of fat.If you are not eating out of boredom, stress, loneliness, Run to a doctor. You may have a metabolic issue. I gaines 38 pounds in 10 days after my total hysterectomy. It was terrible and my doctor told me my adrenals were shot. I spent 10 days in the hospital on clear diet waiting for all the pathology and it really played havoc with my metabolism and my Thyroid slowed down.They put me on hormones and meds, which did not work. It took 4 years to loose the weight. I never weighed over 125 before then. I now weigh 128 I'm 46

Xylina Xylina
Different scales will weigh you in a different way. Also, if you are feminine, water retention has a tendency to be larger across the menstrual cycle, so...that would have whatever to do with it, as good as for those who have been dressed in sneakers or heavy apparel on the time you have been weighed. As for water retention: a few measure of water retention is common. A complete lot of water retention and swelling, undoubtedly, isn't common, however it is going to differ from each day. That's one cause your pants are compatible in a different way sooner or later to one more, no longer simply that the dryer shrinks or unshrinks them whenever you flip round. Besides that, there is a such factor as consuming kind of. In a yr's time, most of these little bits of additional energy right here and there, as few as 50 unburned energy an afternoon, can purpose moderate weight reap, customarily, the extra energy you devour however do not burn, the extra weight you'll reap. It's that realistic. Also, if you're gaining muscle/turning fats into muscle, you are going to reap weight there too, for the reason that muscle weighs greater than fats.
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Shaylyn Shaylyn
You could have a problem with your thyroid gland, it causes a lot of weight gain. Or if you are very hungry all the time, you could have a growth on your hypothalamus because that is the part of your brain that controls eating and knowing when you are hungry and full etc.
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Shaylyn Originally Answered: Could my newborns rapid weight gain be the reason for his constant crying?
are you sure on your numbers... cause 100 oz should last you a couple days and you are feeding him 12 to 16 times that amount in a 24 hour period... that is WAY to much...my 19month old dosnt even drink that amount of liquid in a day. i dont even. that like 47 liters of formula... i dont know anyone especially a 5 week old that could drink that babys double there weight by 6 months of age, not 6 weeks. EDIT: oh ML is better... that would be about 54 oz a day and equal about 4-5 oz every 2 hours...or less...which seems about normal... 7 pounds is rabid weight gain, and your doctor should be looking at that and what the reasoning behind it is.

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