anyone eveer stop eating to lose weight ?

anyone eveer stop eating to lose weight ? Topic: anyone eveer stop eating to lose weight ?
October 20, 2019 / By Davey
Question: and if you did .. did it work ? did you losee weight all over ? .. inches and everything ? i wanna try a liquid fast .. not for long though . i need to lose weight by the summer .. so only like a month . please dont lecture . thanks :] i plan on exercising and taking vitamins too .. i already do that stuff .. so would my skin still sag if im exercising ?
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Best Answers: anyone eveer stop eating to lose weight ?

Ballinderry Ballinderry | 7 days ago
Stopping eating to lose weight does not work. If you want to try a revised healthier version of a liquid fast, just drink at least 3 or 4 cups of water at each little meal and instead of snacking, have a cup of juice
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Ballinderry Originally Answered: How can I stop over-eating and lose weight?
You'll never lose weight until you learn to control your anger about eating healthy. You'll never lose weight until you learn to exercise consistently. You could workout at home. Do a dance DVD or Slim in 6!. No one sees you that way. I love carbs, so I learned to add that stuff into my salad. We are creatures of habit and you are addicted to bad food. You can break this cycle. The first 2 weeks suck, and yes you will get angry.. BUT, slowly it gets better. You just have to want it bad enough. I bought the special K crisps. They are so good, and help me feel like I've eaten "real" food (you can only eat so many veggies.. soon youll just want to stomp on them). I've also trained myself to view fruit and a 'sweet treat'!.

Wynonna Wynonna
That's borderline anorexia. I had the same issue when I was about 15. I battled bulemia and anorexia. I drank liquids only at one point. I lacked energy and lost about 40 pounds in less than a month. Everyone said I looked horrible but the pressure in school felt so needy looking at all the other girls. I made my parents depressed b/c nothing they said could change my perception of what I wanted to look like. One day at school we took a trip to the movies and we walked there and I fainted. I finally realized how bad I had gotten especially when my teacher asked me when was the last time I ate and directed the blame towards my parents! Something just clicked and I got my senses back. Now that I look at pictures back then I see how bad I really was. I think you should just reduce your portions and drink plenty of water 80 oz a day and eat every 2-3 hours. Approach it the right way. PLEASE! Just speaking from personal experience, no lecturing :)
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Shawnee Shawnee
You can't just stop eating, sure you'll lose weight for a couple of days but when you start eating again you'll gain it all back and then some. Get on a sensible diet and exercise routine to lose weight.
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Paris Paris
i've done it like 30 times, seriously it doesn't work. i'd say the only instance where it actually helped me is the night before i started my "new lifestyle", i binged. the next day i didnt anything at all to spot my tummy, and after that , for the past three months, i've been eating 3-5 tiny meals a day. an example of what i eat in a day is( all seperate ) grapefruit celery sticks yogurt light salad chicken breast its all about serving size, just eliminate the bad not natural stuff you eat! you'll see how much you lose its amazing
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Margaret Margaret
If you starve or eat less then ur body will store whatever fat you DO comsume rather than burn it. The answer is either eating lighter foods or eating your normal foods in smaller amounts. And eat as slow as you possible can while drinking more fluids in between, you will get full faster.
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Kirsty Kirsty
not eating actually works against you. Your body goes into survival mode and hangs on to the fat more. If the liquid diet consists of the same amount of vitamins and minerals you would get from eating a daily balanced diet and you get enough exercise that would help.
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Kirsty Originally Answered: how can I lose 20 lbs and stop eating junk food! its hard!?
Step 1: Find out what your basal metabolic rate is. Go to: http://www.nowloss.com/how-to-lose-weigh... Ignore the advertisements there. This is the amount of calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight. Step 2: Do you exercise? Do you exercise right? Exercising right means that you monitor your heart rate and make sure that you reach your target heart rate and maintain it for the longest period of time while exercising. You have two targets a fat burn zone and an cardiovascular zone. The fat burn is usually 60% of your maximum and is easier to achieve and maintain and if your goal is weight loss this is where you want to be. Just walking/excising is a good start but if you want to get the most out of your work out find out what your target range is. If you don't belong to a gym then I recommend the Polar Fitness F11 Heart Monitor Watch. Step 3: You need to decrease your caloric intake or increase the amount of calories your body uses in a day by 500 calories a day for a week to lose 1 pound. So you can decrease that basal number you got in step 1 by 500 calories and exercise very little(yes you still need to exercise). Or you can decrease it by 250 and exercise off 250 calories or any other combination. Remember that your basal number is the amount of calories you body needs to live. If your number were 2400 then your body burn 100 calories per hour. So if you walk for half an hour and burn 300, 50 of that is your basal. Step 4: Count your calories, it's not hard and you'll find out that you eat a lot of the same things on a daily basis so you won't have to research everything over and over again. Balance what you eat (equal parts carbs and protien whenever possible) . One of the best websites out there is one from the FDA. http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/se... This database has almost every food on the planet counted and weighed. (Hint: they do a lot of their weights based on 100grams. If you put 0.28 in the serving size this equals 1 ounce). Get a reliable food scale, preferably digital. Weigh everything that you put in your mouth that is not prepackaged. You need to know what you’re eating and how much you’re eating. The number one mistake is "eating healthy". Everyone thinks because it's "healthy" the portion isn't that important. A handful of peanuts is "healthy" and has nearly 250 calories! Eat enough calories and it won’t matter how "healthy" it is your going to gain weight. Great ideas for people on the go are: South Beach Cinnamon Raisin Cereal Bar(awesome snack, 150 calories, 10g of protein! 3g fiber you can not do better, also comes in Peanut Butter and Chocolate), Snickers Marathon Multi-Grain Crunch(Wal-Mart diet aid aisle), Snickers Marathon Protein Caramel Nut Rush(Wal-Mart diet aid aisle). Step 5: Balance! In what you eat. Make sure that you are eating Protein, Carbs, and Fiber in every meal. A great way to make sure you get the protein and fiber is Kelloggs Protein Water. It has only 30 calories but gives you 5g protein and 5g fiber for 20z. Go to Wal-mart they sell a 10 pack of the powder for ~$5.50. That way when you are eating a high carb food for a snack or meal you can still get the balance. Step 6: Smaller but more. Each smaller snacks more often instead of big meals. This really does work and will definately increase your metabolism. I eat a South Beach Cereal Bar every 2 hours all day then a good dinner. They keep me full and they taste pretty good. Caffiene is your friend. It is a natural appetite suppressant so have that cup of coffee! Step 7: Adjustments and Variety. If you are doing your best and losing weight but your starving, increase the amount of calories your giving yourself by 100-200 calories a day. Losing weight and starving are not good bedfellows. If you starve eventually you will crack and lose the battle. The more types of exercises you do the more weight you will lose. You will work more muscles and keep your body guessing. Step 8(optional): If you belong to a gym or have some free weights at home. Use them! Muscle takes up less space in your body than fat (pound for pound). A pound of fat sits around and does nothing all day, while a pound of muscle, even at rest burns calories(increasing your basal metabolic rate). Step 9: Sleep, Never underestimate the power of a goodnight sleep. Will power can crumble in a second if your going through your day tired. You end up with a diminished sense of self control and tend to “give in” to temptation. Step 10: Find a distraction. Read a book, Ride a bike, Play a game. Whatever takes your mind off of food, do it. You will need something that you can turn to in a moment of weakness. Something that will distract you for a half an hour so that your will can reassert itself and help you to make a rational decision.

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