how sick does your child have to be.?

how sick does your child have to be.? Topic: how sick does your child have to be.?
October 15, 2019 / By Darrell
Question: how sick does your child have to be before you keep them out of school? i ask because it seems like my ten year old is sick all the time. i feel like she has missed too much school. she doesn't have a fever but she is pale and just looks sick. i kept her home today, and she is not any better but i hate for her to miss another day. but i hate to send her to school if she is sick. any suggestions?
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Baal-Zebub Baal-Zebub | 9 days ago
In our area the rule of thumb is a child has to be fever free for 24 hours before they can return to school. I would personally be visiting my doctor to have them look for reasons why the child gets sick so much. It could be a number of things from allergies/sinuses to vitamin deficiencies. Start a multivitamin, DHA (Omega 3 for kids) and Iron. It takes about 30 days to see benefits. These are natural substances that give over time can improve and benefit a persons immune system long term. As a parent I don't send my kid to school when they feel ill or even appearing drained of energy. It won't help them focus and it makes them more acceptable to contracting other more serious illness by being exposed to so many people. Some kids are just more vulnerable to illnesses. I know from personal experience. When I was younger it was normal for me to miss 30 days a year due to illness. As an adult I don't get sick very often but when I do it can sometimes take a couple of weeks for me to get over something. As a parent I also appreciate it when other parents don't send their children to expose mine. Don't worry about the school, just take care of your baby, that's all that matters.
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Baal-Zebub Originally Answered: Should I avoid my child from being around other sick children?
Whether you avoid other sick kids or not, your baby will get sick. That's how you build an immune system, it's challenged, system responds (with all the inherent runny noses, coughing, fever, worry, etc.) and unless it was something severe the immune system wins and you've added one more defense to it. That is the nature of the human body. I wouldn't seek out sick children, and I would make sure your baby is healthy otherwise (warm enough, good nutrition, regular check-ups), but sickness is common and necessary in children. They'll get over it. Make sure you get vaccines for the serious diseases and take care of the slew of sniffles and such as they come along.

Win Win
im 14 but i miss lots of school, but i get sick a lot. my mom doesnt mind as long as my grades are good, but yeah, ive stayed home quite a bit. id say up to 30 days for the whole year is fine, but most schools suggest no more than ten. ahah. if shes sick then theyll just send her home, then youll have to go and pick her up and itll take even longer for her to get better because she couldnt rest a bit. let her stay home, shell go the next day. good luck! :) ~Violet
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Sharona Sharona
i would say to ask her if any thing is bothering her first because she may be faking it .children are masterminds
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Paise Paise
fever, or cold other than that, they go to school i think your child is faking look at these sites to see if they are faking http://www.wikihow.com/Fake-Sick-to-Stay-Home-from-School http://www.wikihow.com/Fake-a-Fever http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Fake-Vomit http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Fake-Diarrheahttp://www.wikihow.com/Spot-Someone-Who-Is-Faking-an-Illness-to-Get-out-of-School
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Maralyn Maralyn
Well if she can still play games while she is sick she can go to school. And I was a pale child because I never went outside, how much time does she spend outside? And it's getting cold, when it gets cold, people get paler.
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Kinborough Kinborough
how many medical doctors/professionals have they taken her to??? I quite have a son which would be 4 in october.. he has had febrile seizures considering he replaced into 13 mths previous, those are actually not unfavourable seizures yet brought about by utilising fever spikes.. maximum those days nevertheless he had yet another undesirable febrile seizure in feb, and because that we've faith he's been havin petitmal seizures, he has long gone for somewhat some testing, to neurologists and maximum those days .. few weeks in the past, went for an EEG try.. he's considered many medical doctors, no longer in basic terms one, and our pediatrician has placed him on Val Proic Acid.. considering he has been in this .. for roughly 2 months now, he has no longer as quickly as had an occurance of seizure. we are nonetheless waiting on outcomes from EEG nevertheless.. his speach is very at the back of schedule, yet each and every incorrect way, bodily he's energetic, he knows what all of us are asserting and can respond. i ask your self .. have they have been given her on drugs? there are such quite a number of thoughts accessible, attempt taking her to different professionals.. i desire that little lady and her family individuals all the superb.
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Janette Janette
I am a SAHM mom, so it is easier for me than most, but I keep mine home if he is sick at all. I have always found if they have a bug of any type, and you send them to school, they get WAY sicker. Their immune systems are down with their bug, and they get exposed to all sorts of other things. So, a fever, chills, or appearence of illness (pale as you said...or just that 'mom knowledge) is a reason to stay home. A runny nose is not.
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Essence Essence
What is "looks sick". Is she getting 10 hours sleep? Good food (no pop and junk snacks)? exercise? No fever.....my kids go to school. They don't have an infection.
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Essence Originally Answered: My child has constipation please help?
this happened to my daughter when she was around 6 months old. it got so bad that in the end the doctor told us to use a cotton bud/q-tip layered with soap to try and gently ease it out. thankfully it worked and she was regular after that. as your baby is younger i would strongly advise to go see your gp before doing anything like that. hope this has helped

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