Friend wants me to go to youth group.?

Friend wants me to go to youth group.? Topic: Friend wants me to go to youth group.?
June 27, 2019 / By Darin
Question: Hey guys, I'll start off from 'the beginning'. I met this guy a little over a month ago when school started, and I can now say he's one of, if not my very best friend -- I connect with him in so many ways (sorry if this sounds kinda 'gay' haha). Anyways, we've hung out quite a few times and everything's great... we talk about anything (girls and issues, whatever :P) and we only differ on one major thing -- he's a Christian and I'm Agnostic. Sure this wouldn't be a problem except for two things: a) I don't think he knows yet and b) He's invited me to go to his Youth Group, which is done through his Church. I'm somewhat worried that I'll be out of place there in that him and his friends will be praying/reading the Bible for some of it, and I feel as if it would be hypocritical to read and pretend to be something I'm not. I agree with many of the fundamental beliefs of Christianity, but not what the religion has BECOME. Anyways, that's not my real issue. I mainly would like some advice on what I should do (I've pretty much said I'll go -- after all, it sounds like it'll be fun!) when I'm there... should I just read the Bible and stay quiet; should I not get involved at all? I'd appreciate any opinions, though I'd prefer to not have any 'hate messages'. Thanks guys! He's definitely my friend, and I do want to go -- they do some really cool stuff. It's just how to deal with it once I'm there.
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Azriel Azriel | 6 days ago
Youth groups can be very fun. I am part of my youth group at my church and I have met some pretty cool people there. Tell your friend how you feel and that you are agnostic and ask for a few tips and what they do at their youth group. My youth group is really fun, we've listend to rock music, hung out, played games and just plain fooled around. When we're just hanging out we usually have at least some short devotional and then we do whatever. Don't be afraid to ask for help, especially on finding books in the Bible if they ask you to turn to a specific book. If you don't understand anything then just ask! That's what they are trying to do after all is teach people. :) And our church is really cool about everything but it really depends on the church but most youth groups are pretty cool. Definitely get involved and speak your mind, just be respectful and don't criticize other people's point of views. Our youth group loves to go on fun trips as well. We've gone bowling, ice skating, to the movies,been to concerts, hung out at Sonic many times and we even go to a theme park every year! It's ok to go to a youth group if you are not a Christian. I always believed in God and the Bible and everything but I was never saved and baptised until just recently. But I went with my youth group for a couple of years and had alot of fun and met alot of cool people. Basically, just be yourself and have fun. As I said, don't be afraid to ask for help or if you don't understand anything as the youth leader should be happy and willing to answer any questions you have. You can also ask your friend for any help on anything. Have fun! Hanging out with a youth group is alot of fun and a good way to meet new people! :) EDIT: Oh and also have your friend clarify whether it they are just going to be hanging out or if it is a Bible study as we usually have two different days for each every week. Bible study is just like it sounds but it can be fun too. And if you're just going to be hanging out then it's going to be focused more on fun than the Bible and prayer and such. If you don't enjoy it then please do not judge every youth group from one bad experience as every one is different. Some are strict and some are really cool about most things like ours. I hope you have fun and maybe even meet some new friends. Sorry for such a long answer.
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Willa Willa
well my opinion is that you shouldn't go at all. you should tell him the truth about your religion and just tell him it would be fun but i can't be somthing i'm not. but that's just my opinion. hope i helped!
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Sharmain Sharmain
tell him the truth! but go to the youth gorup. telll him that you would be interested in learning bout his religion. dont pretend, just be interested
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Page Page
I believe that it is fate that I found this question, because of the fact that this issue (of religion and what not) has come up many times in my day today. I am in the same position as you. I am agnostic, and before this I was actually just looking up the fundamentals of Atheism and Agnosticism to show a curious friend at school that has knowledge of neither. I, infact, have a friend that invites me to youth group on wednesday nights. Although every church is different, for the most part youth group is meant to make things fun, and they will probably teach "bible lessons" through fun games to make it interesting enough to keep even teens involved. I, as an agnostic person, do attend the youth group. To keep from being hypocritical, I just don't take part in prayer and religious rituals. I don't make a scene. I just subtly don't take part in it but not closing my eyes or bowing my head or what ever. I consider Church a learning experience. I do find it interesting, as I am sure you will, to learn about different religions and I think it better helps me establish my self in agnosticism knowing more about what I am sure I do not believe. Overall I think you should be honest with your friend and anyone at the church who asks. You don't have to broadcast it at the church, but after all if they found out it would be a fun little game for them to play, to try to convert you into christianity. And trust me: it will be fun for you to watch. Anyways, goodluck and I hope that I have helped you out. Everything I have told you is what I do, and it works. Let me know how it turns out :D
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Mamie Mamie
My son is 15 and we are not at all involved in the church. We dont pray or anything....but he goes to Youth Group at the Baptist Church. He has been to concerts, seen BMX demonstrations and camped out. He says that there is not alot of praying and bible studys going on....its more respect for your self and each other. He has a blast with all his mates and i know where he is on a friday night. So go, at least the once, and you never know you may just like it. Have fun and be a bit open. If you are realy against praying slip your ipod in and when they pray listen to music or excuse your self from the room. be polite and you shouldnt have a problem
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