Which is easier to lose: soft or hard body fat?

Which is easier to lose: soft or hard body fat? Topic: Which is easier to lose: soft or hard body fat?
June 17, 2019 / By Darien
Question: Me and my friend were talking about how we want to lose some weight. We both showed each other the areas we want to lose. All of my "fatty" areas were super soft to touch, while hers were all pretty hard (not muscle-hard though). For example, the sides of my torso, I could stretch my skin out to show where the fat was, whereas she couldn't stretch her fat, although it was definitely there. Which fat is easier to lose and how did they develop to be soft or hard? Is it genetic or what?
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Azrael Azrael | 5 days ago
There really is no such thing as soft or hard body fat. There are two different types of fat (as far as where it is stored). Gynoid fat and android fat. Gynoid fat is more difficult to lose than android fat. Gynoid fat is located in the hips and thighs. Android fat is mainly in the abdominal area. The reason it may appear hard is more than likely due to the amount of fat and muscle mass under/within the fat. The less fat and more muscle mass, the more difficult it is to pinch or stretch. The more fat and less muscle mass, means it is easier to stretch or pinch. The amount of muscle mass or types of muscle fibers (motor units) are genetic. This is why some people can build muscle more easily than others. Also, some people store more subcutaneous fat than others. Example, two girls have the same height and weight; however, one appears more chubby than the other. That is an example of someone who has more fat instead of muscle. That is also genetic. Everyone is different. Best of luck and good health! FYI: Boys have more muscle mass than girls. Boys can lose weight more easily. Girls have more fat than boys, because girls can get pregnant. The extra fat storage is for energy reserves during pregnancy.
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My #1 secret- Go to Bath and Bodyworks and pick up their lotion handsoap, it runs for $5 a bottle. I use it in the shower to shave my legs and cleanse all over my body and it gives me the silkiest, smoothest skin imaginable. Not to mention, it smells wonderful and lasts all day. Take this from a girl who used to constantly spend $60 on fancy body lotion from department stores. As for your occasional breakouts, try biore facial cleansing cloths. You want to be careful buying acne washes because most are so strong they end up overdrying your face, forcing it to produce more oil, causing MORE breakouts.

Wilfreda Wilfreda
There is only one type human body fat and that's triacylglycerol, the stuff that fills your adipocytes (fat cells). It's soft and squishy everywhere. What you and your friend are feeling is skin, connective tissue, muscle, and fat comingled. What you're calling "hard fat" is probably muscle and fat or intramuscular fat. Muscles contain veins of fat similar to the marbling in steak and that makes a hard muscle less firm, more soft and squeezy. Subcutaneous fat (under the skin) is the softest to the touch because there is only skin between the hand that touches and the underling connective tissues or muscles. You just have more subcutaneous fat the she does. No fat is easy to lose but generally it is the abdominal fat that goes last when dieting. It's the first to appear and the last to leave because it where most people have a high concentration of fat cells and it's closest to the big arteries that carry nutrients that result in stored fat throughout the body. Good luck and good health!! ♠
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Sharlene Sharlene
Going low carb is proven to encourage weight loss. Limit the carbs (especially enhanced carbs like muffins and bagels) and can include a little fat.
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Owena Owena
Run everyday for 30 minutes with the tredmill on level 10. And replace sweets with apples and oranges.
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Regular sodas are full of sugar. All soda is fat free, but the sugar will make you fat. Choose calorie-free sodas, not fat free.

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