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Immune system? Topic: Immune system?
June 27, 2019 / By Darian
Question: Is it possible to be too healthy? Ok strange question I know,let me explain.I usually catch at least 2 colds a year usually three like normal,but for the last 5 years I have had nothing,no coughs,colds ect,i've avoided 2 bouts of flu when everyone else around me fell ill and even avoided a very nasty illness that was causing a lot of viral meningitis to occur.I'm not complaining about this no-one wants to be sick,but I can't help but wonder why my immune system has suddenly put up fortified defenses.I don't have the healthiest lifestyle (I could be worse though) and i've been surrounded on all sides by these viruses.Is there anything in paticular that could have caused this & is a negative effect likely to come from it (suddenly weakened immune system?) And if so is there anything I can do to stablise it?
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Azel Azel | 4 days ago
I understand where you are comming from here I am 59 and have never had a serious illness I do take vitimins and ginseng every day (but not to exess) and beleive this helps a great deal illness' seem to come and go and if anything I seem to get a less serious version of it even if you don't get the ailments everybody else is getting you are still exposed to the same bugs. and your body will react to them. and this (memory) will be stored by your imune system for the next time it meets something similar I guess, we should think ourselves lucky
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Azel Originally Answered: If you have immune system anything that will boost one immune system?
Get Dr. Fuhrman's book and take a look at that. I don't think you can do much better than getting the highest nutrition possible in everything you eat - and cutting out the garbage that we often think of as "food" in this country. The immune system is a delicate balancing act. If it's too weak it hurts your body - if it's too strong it hurts your body. So the goal isn't just to make it stronger but to give it the nutrients it needs to be "normal" or "balanced".

Wilda Wilda
The invading systems are any set of beliefs that cannot be questioned or tested - any religion or fixed ideology for instance. The immune system is also hydra-headed ---- the capacity to live with uncertainty, the curiosity to question, the awareness to observe, and the intelligence for critical skepticism. God had nothing to do with any of them. Perhaps if he had, we'd be better at it? But remember, he forbade Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Not a good start, and an even worse end.
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Sharleen Sharleen
As a healthcare provider I say this: Good Lord, I think you could ruin a sunny day by worrying about what you're going to do if it suddenly rained. Enjoy a good immune system. Try to have a healthy lifestyle to promote it. And if it makes you feel better to be sick.....keep on worrying.....stress over time is a real killler.
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Ossia Ossia
While I don't think that an immune system can be too healthy, watch out your immune system can get over active and start attacking yourself. You hear about auto-immune diseases, that's how they happen. MS for instance is when the immune system starts attacking the Nervous system, weird. Or how about Lupus, when the immune system starts attacking your soft tissues. So just try to stay healthy. don't stress it unless you start noticing weird things going on with your body. GO in for your annual check up and blood work.
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Mallory Mallory
I have never heard about an immune system that was too healthy. I woild like to hear from you at [email protected] I would like to know what you have done.
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Mallory Originally Answered: Bad immune system?
You know the anser to your question and probably most of your health problems stem from the fact you are over weight. As an ICU nurse most of the pt's that I treat that are not injured from Trauma, are overweight and under active. 90% of Americans health problems are a direct cause of poor diet, overweight and inactivity. Not to mention vices such as smoking and illicit drug and alcohol abuse. Lose the weight my friend and get healthy!

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