What is the best weight gaining supplement?

What is the best weight gaining supplement? Topic: What is the best weight gaining supplement?
October 19, 2019 / By Daren
Question: Im a senior in high school, 5'6 and weigh 110 pounds. Im trying to gain weight. What is the best supplement for gaining weight? And dont tell me big macs or stuff like that because i do eat alot of junk but i have a high metabolism.
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Best Answers: What is the best weight gaining supplement?

Azaziah Azaziah | 3 days ago
Food. Food is better than any of those weight gaining powders ( most of which contain alot of sugars, which just make u fat). And no not junk foods, just eat alot of good healthy protein rich foods. all natural peanut butter alota chicken oatmeal brown rice raw nuts steak and potaoes eggs and of course whey protein shakes ur better off spending ur money on good food than weight gaining powders
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Azaziah Originally Answered: Need Help Gaining Weight, Please!?
If you want to gain weight, eat healthy so you can be a healthy weight. Stop eating so much fast food even if it does help you gain weight you're still not healthy. Eat a lot of protein, start lifting weights, granola bars (that arn't meant to help you lose weight) are good, and for more suggestions, just see your doctor.

Whitney Whitney
weight training use these supplement(true mass. no xplod. creatine monohydrate EAS animal flex) remember all weight gainer lasts about 18 days or less so you use the huge spoon inside it as recommended sleep well eat well do sexuall activities once or twice a week not more how to use these supplement 1.creatine for the first 5 days (loading dose)use 4 spoons morning before the exer and after and befor bed time after the 5 days use it once daily postworkout 2.in the(loading dose )dont use no xplod but after use 1 spoon half an hour preworkout 3 . and use the other as writen on them
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Sharla Sharla
Weight gainer. weight gainer works great, the more calories the better. You can get it at supplement stores, just make sure you eat at least the same amount of normal food or more.
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Ornat Ornat
eat like a whole plate of food right before you go to bed and u wil gain weight first week! I GURANTEE FIRST OR SECOND WEEK. eat full plate of food and glass of milk.
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Ornat Originally Answered: Why am I gaining weight?
You said that you've been working with intensity. Theres your answer. The more intense the workout the more muscle you gain and muscle weighs more then fat. Your weight keeps fluctuating between 142 and 145 because after you do a workout you lose water weight then gain practically all of it back once you eat. I'm 14, weigh 216 pounds, but I'm tall and got muscle and I wrestle for my highschool (I used to weigh 175 pounds two months ago) and I'm a dude. So I always do those high-intensity workouts which increase my muscle and decrease the fat. After the conditioning we do, I lose up to almost 5 pounds of water (6 pounds was my highest ever) per day. Then I go home take a shower then get a little snack. I check my weight and you can guess what happened. I gained some of that weight back. If you want to lose the weight but stay away from the muscle then just run more and do muscle exercises less. Oh yeah and that part where you said you stayed in-active for two weeks, theres another reason why. If you don't do a little exercise at least three times a week then you're going to just keep on gaining weight, or may be thats just with me, lol. Anyway I hope this helped.

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