eating healthy.?

eating healthy.? Topic: eating healthy.?
October 23, 2019 / By Darell
Question: what are some GOOD foods & snacks to buy if i wanted to start eating healthier?? its hard to find good healthy food.
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Azazel Azazel | 2 days ago
Fruit, that's always a good place to start. Wheat bread, light foods also are good. Only buy reduced fat for some products not all, you do need some GOOD fats in your diet. Also, buy chicken and lean meats, that helps. When you buy drinks like propel or gatorade look for no sugar added or very little sugar. Also check for calories. You can also buy whole grain pastas, and vegetables are good for that too! You can eat SOME bad stuff, just not a lot. Like desert only 3 times a week.
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Azazel Originally Answered: Whats better eating healthy and sitting on the couch, or eating fast food and being active?
My best guess is the person eating healthy is going to lose weight. Fast food has a LOT of calories and there is no way you are going to burn them all no matter how active you are. Of course, the way we are created is to eat healthy AND be active. Think of the hunter/gatherer days and what we ate and how active we were.

Wenonah Wenonah
You find some healthy food online, there are all kinds of healthy food with cheap price and taste delicious. Here is a review of top 4 healthy food stores, you can just take a look. http://review-pedia.com/index.php/Health-food/Online-Healthy-Food-Review.html
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Sharise Sharise
Thats hard. Eating Healthy is for the rich. Try sticking with fresh produce and eating only fish and little chicken. Nothing fried.
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Orna Orna
I eat Special K bars for Breakfast and snacks, only 90 calories! Whole Wheat Bread, fish, grilled chicken, turkey. and veggies and fruits! banana's have high sugar, limit one a day. only drink water! Good Luck! =]
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Malina Malina
Um u can get those 100 calorie packs. Those are good. Or the 100 cal packs of popcorn. Or get a bag of grapes a freeze them. They are excellent
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Malina Originally Answered: Why is eating healthy expensive compared to eating junk?
I understand what you are asking us. It is all about the money. Let us stop and think about the money.... If more people are buying junk food then the business people will know they will never go broke; however, those business people knew that people are not going to eat healthy food so they charge them more. And even they know some of healthy food don't last long like junk foods. So, now you know why they cost us too much.

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