Help with healthy food and a toned body?

Help with healthy food and a toned body? Topic: Help with healthy food and a toned body?
June 17, 2019 / By Darcy
Question: Hello =] Im 14 and i'm trying to make a difference for myself and my family. Im not fat or overweight I weigh about 107 lbs. Can someone give me a shopping list of healthy but tasty food that I can buy and start consuming? And how do I get rid of my annoying pudge or baby fat at the bottom of my belly? And also how do I get rid of my small love handles? The rest of my body is fine. Can someone please help me with my healthy food shopping and ceating a flat tummy and no love handles. I'd appreciate it! Thanks =]
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Azareel Azareel | 10 days ago
i think thats all in your head...but heres a list of different foods -fruits -vegies -whole grain/wheat breads/pasta/brown rice/oatmeal -low fat dairy(2% milk, yogurt, low fat ice cream or frozen yogurt, low fat cheese) -lean protein/meats like chicken, turkey, egg whites) -nuts/seeds...peanut butter is VERY healthy if u eat 2 tablespoons and stay within that limit -beans SNACKS/lunch -baked lays chips -cheesesticks -100 calorie packs -breyers double churned(and no added sugar)chocolate fudge brownie ice cream -chocolate peanut butter ricecakes -frozen fruit with fat free cool whip -quaker chewy granola bars -fruit pops -lean pockets -fat free pudding -graham crackers -vegies and dip -pretzels and fat free cream cheese -applesauce -soup -hummus and pita chips -no sugar added nesquik and milk pretzels/soft pretzels -baked fries - sugar free jello rice crispies bars suprisingly -did u know they now make low fat ramen noodles HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS -oatmeal and a banana -cereal(watch sugar)...get whole grain cereals -granola and yogurt -english muffin and peanut butter -toast and jelly -an apple could go along with anything -scrambled egg whites and low fat or non fat shredded chedder cheese -whole grain mini bagel and fat free cream cheese for drinks: milk, chocolate milk, 100% juice(preferably orange) HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS -chili -beef stew -pasta -grilled chicken -fish -seafood -turkey - lean hamburgers or hotdogs -potatoes -corn -lean steak -baked fries -sandwich -soup -quesadillas
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Azareel Originally Answered: How do I get a more toned body?
To see your abs you need to be very lean with a body fat percentage lower than 10%. This could also be the problem with your chest. It is an common myth that you can tone muscles to make them look better. So do not waste your time doing countless reps and 'toning' exercises. You are best getting your body fat levels down and building more muscle mass. You seem to be making good progress as even seeing some of the abs is an acheivement. Keep up the good work.

Wendy Wendy
Stay away from Carbs. Eat lots of Yogurt, Fruits and steamed Veggies. Yogurt: 0% non-fat TOTAL YOGURT Fruits: Apples, Pears, Kiwi, Mango, Strawberries, Cherries, Blueberries, Bananas, etc. Veggies: Carrots, Lettuce, Broccoli, etc. If you make salad, just add a little olive oil and fresh lemon juice. NOTHING ELSE. Everything organic is better. Goodluck, hope that helped.
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Sharalyn Sharalyn
Just stick to food with low calories, low carbs and depending if you want to get some muscle eat foods with protein, if no muscle, then just stick with fruits, veggies, drink water mostly keep yourself hydrated, eat yogurt, whole wheat bread, a bowl of oatmeal, etc. and oh make sure to get plenty of rest, if you stay up late you have to try to get at least 6 - 8 hours of sleep.
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Orlenda Orlenda
oh your lucky :) im 15 and around 134 but im fairly tall, yeah i knw fatass :) i have the same problems as you babyfat belly but i have large love handles ;] and chubby thighs which i am fond of =]. too lazy to loose weight. good luck
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Orlenda Originally Answered: How long will it take to loss weight or a toned body with pilates?
If you want to lose weight The most important thing is...you would need a radical shift in diet. Your goal should be to integrate living foods into your diet. The regimen should be additive. The options are raw vegetables, raw nuts raw seeds and raw fruits. This is referred to as a raw food diet. No you do not eat raw meats or eggs. If you are trying to lose weigh ti would suggest beginning with at least 50% raw nutrition. Lets start with foods. For 5 dollars you can buy a jar of organic cocnut oil. In order to burn fat you need good fats. Make sure the coconut oil is raw. Cold filtered/pressed what have you.. it should be. Cocount oil speeds up metabolism, but be mindful, you should only integrate higher than moderate amounts of coconut oil if you have been integrating living plant based foods into your diet, because it is high in saturated fat. Not bad saturated fats, the good ones but still its content is high. Read this article. http://www.natural-green-guide.com/raw-f... it outlines the basics. If you were to spend your money on a product to rapidly drop pounds id say go for a colon cleanse. drink as much clean water as you can (NOT TAP WATER) distilled is good for detoxing. I can give you a few reccomendations for a colon cleanse, Let nature be your pharmacy. I began a raw food diet about 4 months ago, starting with a living food smoothie in the morning, though i used vega as an additive which is relatively expensive but way way worth the price. 1 banana, frozen berries and whatever fresh fruits available plus a scoop or so of vega. (its a full spectrum source of protein plus a whole food optimizer) Within 3 months i had lost 50 pounds. Call me a liar until you try it yourself. Mind you i had been a vegetarian for a few years prior but you can still be a vegetarian and completely unhealthy. The most important things is to stimulate your digestive system. Clean it out. Give your body the nutrients it needs. the easiest way to do it is to COMMIT to it. And it will not be a chore. If you switch to a plant based diet your pilates wont just be easier and give you more results, but you will actually build and retain muscle as well. I can dispell the protein myth if you like. Animal proteins especially cooked animal products deteriorate your bodies functioning over time I spoke to a woman who was about 10 years older than my mother who had recently switched to a raw vegan diet and everyone she knew was astounded upon learning she was eating live plant based foods thinking it was some sort of incredible sacrafice when really it becomes the best thing to have ever done. Feel good, reach your ideal body weight, and get in tune with your body at a cellular level. No one else will do it for you, and most people around you are clueless. If youre going to take charge of your health do it regaurdless of what others around you are doing. well i sure hope you like reading! I type things out and forget when enoughs enough. I hope I've been a help and hope to hear about your positive changes! I also do health and wellness coaching as well as raw food coaching and consulting, feel free to contact me further and visit the website! http://www.natural-green-guide.com If your going to Live...Live Well.

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