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June 17, 2019 / By Dannie
Question: my 2 month old has hard poo i feed him regular powder similac could this be the reason should i switch to liquid
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Aymery Aymery | 6 days ago
Get him the same brand formula with either low or no iron. Iron causes constipation in both adults and children. If you have no other problems with him and this formula continue givng him the same formula but change it to the particular brands low or no iron alternatives. Powder or liquid doesn't make a difference due to the fact that they are all formulated with the same exact ingredients. The iron content will still be the same. It will not make a difference and may actually upset his tummy with the different consistency and he may not like the taste so stick to powder if constipation is the only problem.You can also try a dropperful of prune juice in every 2 ounces of milk when the milk is nice and warm.
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Aymery Originally Answered: Another question about organic baby food.?
it's not an issue. do what you can. every little bit helps. Its definitely NOT an all or nothing thing. you'll find that your little one is only going to like certain foods and he may not like the variety's of organic that are offered. so don't let it stress you out. if its important to you, do what you can, when you can. thats what we do. and i don't feel bad when we have weeks where we just can't afford it, cuz that's life, were all just doing the best we can. :)

Vonnie Vonnie
My son was also on powdered Similac. It made him so constipated. We had to take him to the ER in the middle of the night once because he was screaming so bad. The doctor told us that it happens sometimes to kids on formula. When I had my daughter, we gave her Good Start and no problems!
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Shantae Shantae
Sounds like he is constipated... My son is the same age and is going through the same thing. It is possible that it could be the formula but don't change it without talking to the pediatrician. For constipation, my son's doctor told me that it would be ok to give him Karo syrup with his milk (warm it just a bit), also pear or apple juice (preferably Gerber says the dr.) And what has also helped for my son is I will put one of his blankets in the dryer for 5-10 mins and push it against his tummy and kind of massage it at the same time...then do it again when it cools off... Hard thing to go through but it will get better...but make sure to talk to the dr.
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Oriane Oriane
You may need to switch the formula. This is something that you want to mention to the doctor before doing so.
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Makenna Makenna
some kids are constipated my daughter was when she was that old you might wanna give your kid some jucie very watered down but it will help before switching formula talk with your babies doctor they say that doctors have to say its ok to switch formula cause it can mess with the baby so i have heard dunno if its true.
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Makenna Originally Answered: Getting ready to register for baby stuff.what items are typically put on registry? Also Formula question.?
OK. well. first off- on your registry you should put anything and everything you think that you will want or need. If you don't get everything, they usually give you a discount coupon for whatvever is left so you can use it towards that. i would put all the these on there---- Bottles Bottle accessories (brushes, warmer, replacement nipples, etc). burpclothes (use the cloth diapers, they are cheaper and absorb better!) diaper bag diapers (shoot for size one- NB you will fly through!) crib crib sheets (no need for a bassinet it's a giant waste of money- they will outgrow one it WEEKS) soother for the crib montior saftey items for the home bath soap, shampoo (lavender smells soooo good) bath toys baby bath tub hooded towls pack and play pack and play sheets thermometer nail clippers tylenol other health items baby ear swabs receiving blankets nice warm fuzzy blankets any cute toys you see from rattles to older baby toys play mat with the hanging things stroller carseat (unless you get a travel system) high chair of some sort baby carrier boppy pillow boppy cover teethers swing bouncer seat wipes baby-safe cleaners and disinfectant baby safe laundry detergent. Dreft is popular but expensive. look for anything dye and scent free and you will be fine. baby gates if you need them toy box any other furniture you need for the nursery nursery decorations hangers wipe warmer diaper cream lotion books only SOME clothes. make sure you request gift receipts. people tend to give small little clothes and not bigger cothes. you arent going to need a lot of NB or even 0-3 month stuff, only a handful of sleepers, onsies, little outfits, hats, socks, and spares. any older things you will eventually need like sippy cups or spoons or bowls if you want to try to pump breast pump ( i loved the double electric lansinoh. worked awesomely for me) storage containers strorage freezer bags breast pads as far formula goes, i suggest similac. we started with advance, but then went to sensitive. they give you coupons fir 5 bucks all the time. although i do admit when she got older we DID switch to Parents choice from walmart. same exact ingredients and i wish i did it sooner. because its half the price. edit- just a word of advice, if you plan on asking formula questions on this board you will be attacked by holier-than-thou breastfeeding advocates. I learned that one the hard way. You're right, just ignore them don't defend yourself or choice.

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