Do natural detox products really work?

Do natural detox products really work? Topic: Do natural detox products really work?
June 17, 2019 / By Danni
Question: I know that the FDA does not endorse/ban these so-called "100" % natural product that claim to work wonders for people with health problems. What has been your experience with these "cleansing systems"?
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Aylward Aylward | 5 days ago
dear ete1106 Your question is very interesting and very relevent to modern day food fads et al. First of all, we must know that every individual is unique with its unique genome and genetics, geography, environment and other factors. There are people who are obese, always on the junk food, drink alcohal daily and still never fall sick and live over 80 years. And there is no dearth of such humans also who despite all their precautions, detoxification processes and what not, remain sick whole of their lives. It is due to several factors as stated just at the start of this reply, especially genetics. Keep it in mind that each Body has its own detoxification system and mechanism which is the best system of its own. There is no proven facts of natural or chemical detoxification material which detoxifies the body. Nevertheless, it is true that when certain Naturopaths make such claims they are also right. You know why? Because they attach to many strings along with the natural detoxification products. (Here I am not talking about the herbal detoxification agents / alternative medicines available in the market). I am talking about the detoxification products in their raw forms, especially fruit etc. if we could take 5 servings of fruits every day (as per most of the detoxification instructions or nutritionists) PLUS more than 2 litters of water daily MINUS tea, coffee and alcohals PLUS regular exercise or yoga MINUS junk foods etc. etc., RESULTS are bound to come because such results usually base upon the entire process of detoxification. Naturally when we eat lots of fibres, minerals, proteins, water, are disciplined, exercise regularly, what else this body needs then? But at the same time, I know that the expensive detox products flooded in the market are themselves needed to be detoxified because they are processed and contain many unwanted chemicals to enhance their shelf lives. So never go near such prodcuts. But I will certainly advocate the consumption of fresh food, fruit, water and regular exercise, fresh air, sun etc. which means we are closer to nature, which was the original system thousands of years ago and WE WILL REMAIN HEALTHY always. Our immune system will improve, body will remain detoxified and we would be able to keep good health. Dr. A. Kumar
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Alba botanica, Yes to carrot is a great orgainc skin care brands you find at Target and CVS , Ulta.

Vonda Vonda
I use a product that is called Oxy-Powder. The product is an oxygen based colon cleansers. The basic premise behind the product is that it will oxidize all the compaction in your entire intestinal system. The only side effects that you might experience are normal detoxification effects. Which are headaches, flu-like symptoms, nausea and vomiting, joint pain. You could experience some of these symptoms, none of them or all of them. The severity of the symptoms that you might experience will vary and depend on how toxic a person body is, how much you exercise, how much water you drink. The normal recommendation is to take your body weight divide it by 2. The result is the number of ounces you should be consuming on daily basis.
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Shannon Shannon
i guess i dont really have any studies to site that have strong evidence they do or do not work though, but i think "toxins" are generally a bunch of BS and so no i dont think they really do anything. most of the people that really push these and say you need to get rid of "toxins" dont even know what "toxins" are. the people that make the colon cleansing products are probably laughing their asses off right now that people will buy their kits for $50 and make themselves sick when the ingredients would only a cost a couple bucks at the local pharmacy, and probably have little or no benefit
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Oriana Oriana
not sure if it cleansed me or not. it was weeks and weeks. never had a significant result for me. cabbage is a natural detox, the smell isn't the cabbage its the elimination of toxins caused by the cabbage.
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Burts Bees has numerous products made out of natural things. And if you go to the Body Shop, they have many products with tea tree oil and rose petals and all sorts of stuff that are easy on the environment Vitamin E stuff helps your hair skin and nails the most. Take vitamin e pills, very good for beauty purposes and the heart

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