foods to help my son gain weight?

foods to help my son gain weight? Topic: foods to help my son gain weight?
July 18, 2019 / By Daly
Question: My son is 7 almost 8 months old and needs to gain weight and his doctor right now has him drinking formula that is thicker ( 3 scoops for every 5 1/2 oz) and putting a tsp of butter into his solids and on toast and then I also feed him rice cereal at lunch time and rice cereal before bed ( for his acid reflux). What else can I do to help him gain weight? he is on Zantac and he is up to speed on his milestones. I keep telling the doctor that it's just his genetics because his dad is 5'7 and only 105 lbs and his grandfather and grandmother are the same way. He had an appointment yesterday and they said he only gained 6 oz in a month and that we need to come back again in 2 weeks to see if the change in formula would be good for him. And he eats 33 oz in a day and seems perfectly content with how much he eats. And for the guy who told me to go get him a big mac....get a life. I did breast feed him for 6 months but then dried up, that is why he is on formula now.
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Autumn Autumn | 9 days ago
I would definitely get a second opinion on the advice to add more powder to his formula. That can cause some serious health issues. But the other question is, why does your doctor feel that baby's weight is inadequate. Is baby losing weight? Has he gained nothing for quite some time? Is he behind in his milestones? Is he spitting up excessively from the reflux? (Have you tried medication to treat it?) Healthy babies come in all sizes and shapes, and a baby can be on the low end of the growth charts, or even be dropping in percentiles and be just fine. And babies don't tend to starve quietly and they know how many calories they need. If he's hungry, he'll want to eat more. If he's content with what he's getting, adding more calories will just likely make him take less food overall. But... to answer your question... Formula or breastmilk is still the basis of his diet and, even when prepared as instructed on the label, formula has more fat and more calories than most solid foods. So I'd be encouraging more bottles if he's acting hungry. For his solids (1-2 meals a day should be plenty), focus on fat-rich foods like avocado and meat, or you could, as the doctor suggests, add some butter to his veggies. EDIT: 6 ounces in a month is absolutely fine for a 7 month old. After 4-6 months weight gain slows a lot, and babies continue to have growth spurts. So he may simply have been in between growth spurts at his last weight-check, and will make up for it at his next one ... or the one after that. Also, the content of his belly and bladder and bowel at the time of weighing can make a difference of quite of a few ounces. Which is why it's not a good idea to weigh babies too often -- it can make moms (and doctors....) anxious if they don't gain steadily. If you're at all uncomfortable with your doctor's advice, DO get a second opinion. It sounds to me like your son is doing fine, and there's no reason to be thickening his formula or pushing more solids.
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Autumn Originally Answered: what foods will make me gain weight? ( Besides fast foods )?
Carbs! And lots of them. Pasta, bread, rice, etc. Anything that has a lot of carbs will help you gain weight. And it won't just give u a gut and fat legs like fast food. I've never said this before, but good luck trying to gain weight. Hope i helped :)

Virgee Virgee
How much does your son weigh? A doctor should not be telling you to practically force feed your child, babies eat when they are hungry. If you are worried about his weight gain try introducing more solid foods to his diet. Try some puree veggies and fruits instead of just cereal. Between my son's 4-6 month check up (he went at 6 1/2 months) he had only gained a little over a pound, his doctor was not worried at all. Healthy babies come in all shapes and sizes, your just happens to be a little peanut :)
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Shanice Shanice
Get another doctor. Seriously. If he seems completely normal in every other way then he is just fine. Babies just like adults are not all the same size. Your child is gaining weight and not losing it. So that is good. My second daughter has always been in the lower 25 percent for weight (and sometimes the lower 10 percent) and her doctor isn't worried at all. Both my husband and I are rather small (I am 5'4 and skinny and her dad 5'5 and rather slender) so it is likely just genetics. And not once have I been told to try to have her gain weight, even though she just turned 2 and in a size three diaper and weighs 22.5 pounds. So get a second opinion. I would hate for you to add things to his diet now (like butter-- goodness that just can't be good for him) just to make a doctor happy that might not really know what is best.
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Oprah Oprah
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Mahalah Mahalah
Nothing. A baby will eat when he is hungry, you cannot force feed him. How much does he weigh? Remember that many babies are small but not underweight. My 22 month old weighs 22lbs, she's in the 6th percentile for weight. But she is perfectly healthy. EDIT - 6oz in a month is totally normal and expected at his age. If he continued to gain weight at the rate he did as a newborn, or in the first couple of months, he'd be gigantic!
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Ketzia Ketzia
Cook a good healthy meal for all of you, and give your son a bottle of Ensure supplement (high protein version) to drink with his dinner to help him put on a little more, and make sure he is getting enough nutrients to grow on. It tastes like a milkshake, so he oughta like that.
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Jaiden Jaiden
when my daughter was that age i was giving her stage 1 baby foods, mostly veggies. she really seemed to like them. i do not agree with giving your baby butter. yes it is a fat and could help gain weight, but deffinetly not good weight like he should be gaining. how much does he weigh? also try teething biscuits and melba toast all found on baby food aisle. good luck.
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Emmie Emmie
1) Mothers milk is the best solution 2) Give food at regular intervals. But make sure in between you don't give him anything.Only then he will get the habit and start taking food properly. Then automatically he will gain required weight.
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Emmie Originally Answered: What foods can I eat to gain healthy weight to gain mass?
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