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**GiRLs only**? Topic: **GiRLs only**?
June 27, 2019 / By Cy
Question: Tonight, I went bowling with some friends. As we were waiting for a lane to open, me and this one girl were talking quite a bit. She was smiling A LOT when we were talking, and I was making her laugh a lot also. I was joking with her about how I like older women and how I think Hillary Clinton is hot (and YES, I was joking about the Clinton thing.), and then she quickly says"You like girls with blonde hair? Ughh..." (in a playful manner.) "You should date someone hotter like me!" And then I asked her how old she was, and she said 20. I told her I am 20 also. Then she told me she has a picture of a girl that I should date (atleast I think that is what she said...) So, she gets out her phone, and shows me a funny picture of a girl. I thought it was her, so I said "Oh wow, she is hot! Who is that!?" She of course told me it was her, and I said "haha, I knew it was you." Was she playing with me, or does she secretly have a crush on me? Oh, and while we bowled, we talked a lot And while we were bowling, my friend Tina kept texting me. The girl that I like asked me who I was texting. I told her "Hmm, that's my girlfriend who is texting me," because I wanted to see her reaction. She says, "Oh, you have a girlfriend?" I told her "No, not really. I just like her as a friend. Haha!" Then she said to me, "Woah, now hold n, we don't joke around about having boyfriends and girlfriends here!" (in a joking manner, but not really.) Does she like me? Should I ask her out?
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Aubrey Aubrey | 9 days ago
Go for it babe, who is it going to hurt, she seems really nice for you hun. Good luck! I hope everything turns out well for you guys. But make sure that she doesn't have a bf. That would ruin everything if you just asked her out randomly, and she had a bf. Haha, just think what would happen if you really did do that, you would seem like a big embarrassment. You guys seem like a really good couple, plus you love to talk and laugh a lot. And she seems like she likes you a lot. So hun I would say that you should go for it. But don't ask her out now, cause didn't you just meet her like tonight, so get to know her better and hang out a lot and see what happens. Then make your move. Good luck babe!
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Vi Vi
Yeah go for it, it sounds like she was really into you and when she said you should date someone hotter like herself, that was basically another way to say "you should date me". good luck.
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Serina Serina
well in my opinion i think she was flirting and if u like her just take a chance and ask her out.....the worst that can happen is she says no but thats 50-50 so go 4 it!
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