Wrong mix of Medications, advice please!?

Wrong mix of Medications, advice please!? Topic: Wrong mix of Medications, advice please!?
October 15, 2019 / By Crispian
Question: My Grandfather is in is 80's, and he's had one stroke. Over the years his doctor has put him on tons of medications, now he is always dizzy (which is a side effect) When the family takes him in his doctor always says he need all the medication and won't take him off any. I was wondering if anyone in the medical profession could give me any advice of which medications shouldn't be mixed. Here is the meds he is taking: Clonidine Levothyroxine Atenalol Amlodipine Glucosamine Losartan Xarelto Potassium Famsulosi Lorszapam Ranitidine Rosvastatin Vitamin B with C and a Multi Vitamin I was wondering if someone that knew of these drugs off hand could tell me if any of them were doing the same thing and maybe the list could be narrowed down by several?? and also if any of them should not be taken with any of the others (if this makes since) because I don't think the doctor is doing his job. (yes I know my grandfather should go to another but he won't so please don't comment and tell me to switch doctors :D I just need advice on the Medication.) Any little information would be greatly appreciated !!!! Thank You!! And I just realized that I spelled some of the medication wrong :D
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Ashton Ashton | 1 day ago
Looks like he has hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, anxiety, enlarged prostate, acid reflux, poor nutrition, osteoarthritis (perhaps in the knees?) and possibly atrial fibrillation (?) and mild congestive heart failure (?). Not too many of those meds should be eliminated, except Glucosamine, which is for "joint health" and available over the counter. Certainly it's not doing any harm. Someone could check his blood pressure from time to time at home to see how these meds are managing the situation. It's possible his BP dips too low on all those blood pressure medications, and this might cause the dizziness. A pharmacist should also be given a list of these medications to check for any problems in giving them together. I do know the levothyroxine should be given early in the morning, an hour before breakfast. Also, there are other options besides Xarelto for anticoagulation (blood thinning)-- perhaps even baby aspirin. This is something you might mention to the doctor. Almost any of these meds could cause dizziness, which is a non-specific side effect of many different medications.
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Vega Vega
OK I like the comment about buying the petfood for your elderly parents who are on a fixed income LOL. I always cringe when I see someone buying crap food.. but I dont say anything. Most people are just so convinced that beneful and purina are great food. And like your situation, you use it as a treat to get pills down! I get weird comments when I buy dog clothes. Always something along the lines of how silly dogs look in clothes. I get even weirder looks when I tell people that he's hairless, so he NEEDS clothes. A year or so ago, my older brother went out of state for 6 months for a job.. my twin brother took over his apartment for that time, and took care of his cat too. My twin is not an animal person, so a coworker made a comment when they saw him buying a bag of cat-food. He said to the coworker "What? Im hungry.. I gotta eat" LOL
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Selina Selina
Talk to a pharmacist. They've got the most uptodate info. From a practical standpoint, a lot of his problems were created by the drugs he first started taking -- this is called iatrogenic (drug-induced) disease. The vitamins can't do any harm.
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