Betta Constipation?

Betta Constipation? Topic: Betta Constipation?
June 27, 2019 / By Cowal
Question: Ive been treating my betta very well, although he has a bulging lump under his head. I feed him once a day, i sometimes skip A DAY to keep a clean stomach. So is there any cure for betta constipation? Please?
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Ashley Ashley | 9 days ago
Fast him for 4-6 days, and you will see that the bulge will go back to nothing Once you start feeding him again, be careful not to feed him to much Also exchange his diet a bit with bloodworms, pellets and flakes Still always fast him one day outa the week Hope that helps Good luck EB
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Ashley Originally Answered: What is the best betta food? ?
if you're using freeze dried foods for your betta make sure it has been soaked for about 10 minutes. Dried food when fed straight into a tank without soaking can cause constipation, which will cause refusal to eat. Another good brand which many people feed their bettas is Hikari betta bio-gold pellets, they need to be soaked in retrieved aquarium water too, so they don't expand it the betta's stomach. http://images.smarter.com/300x300x15/44/80/185380.jpg Also you might want to try feeding your betta off of your finger, that way you know he's getting something to eat and that way no other fish around him are stealing it.
Ashley Originally Answered: What is the best betta food? ?
I suggest you try buying full grown neons, so they're too big for him. Try feeding your betta frozen bloodworms. If he doesn't eat that, then that's too bad for him. Don't feed him for about a week, and then he'll eat whatever you give him. Get a breeding trap for the neons until you get him to eat regular food.

Valorie Valorie
A Lump under his head? I remember my betta ate his bubble nest and got a huge belly and kept floating to the top of the tank. Wedging himself between a toy I put in later solved the problem. I remeber the next day he looked bigger. the store said it did it to expand its body so it could grow more....O.o was I lied to!?
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Selah Selah
Definitely try a product called "Beta Fix" Read the directions on the bottle i tried that and it worked wonders. It is available at any pet store. If you've changed his food recently that is probably why. All you have to do is put it in the drops in the water. Yes, you can save him. Also put some salt in his water. Just a pinch. It will help him go to the bathroom faster.
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Selah Originally Answered: How do you pick a healthy betta?
THose Betta's in that store are suffering from a fungal infection it seems. THey are definitely not healthy and their immune systems have been compromised. I would not buy them or any really from that store. If they live in such horrid conditions they will do the same to new arrivals as well. But if you must buy from this store I would go on wednesday, before they've had a chance to be there long and look then. Picking a healthy Betta isn't always easy but these tips should help: 1. Pick one with bright eyes 2. Pick one with fins that are intact (Betta's that are not cellophane coloring should not have clear tips on their fins. Those that do are recovering from fighting or fin rot. Avoid these.) 3. Pick one that is active. If it is laying on the bottom or floating near the top even when you pick it up or put your finger near the cup then it is most likely sick. If it is laying on side this could be a swim bladder condition and this is hard to treat avoid these. 4. Ones that are extremely fat are bloated and may develop other conditions avoid these. 5. Horizontal stripes indicate stress these are not too terrible if they're overall healthy. Being in a small cup is stressfull for some. 6. Look for one with bright colors and not dull colors. Light colors are fine but not dull or pale colors. These fish may be too far gone to save. 7. THe fish should flare when put close to another male. Look for flaring and inspect the fins at this time. Also the fish food you have shown is not what is generally recommended. If you can find it Hikari Bio-gold pellets are better. These are made specifically for Betta's and are generally better for them. Flake foods are okay but should not be a staple. Also for optimal health frozen blood worms can be supplemented once a week for increased coloration and health. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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