What is the best puppy food for the least amount of poop?

What is the best puppy food for the least amount of poop? Topic: What is the best puppy food for the least amount of poop?
June 17, 2019 / By Coty
Question: My puppy poops like 4 times a day and my moms dog poops like once a day. so should i switch to that dogs brand? or is there another brand that is better for less poop? my puppy eats eukanuba, my moms eats nutro
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Asareel Asareel | 7 days ago
Usually better quality dog food will make your dog poop less. The cheap dog foods are full of fillers and the more expensive better food is nutrient rich - your dog will absorb more vitamins/nutrients and poop less! I am crazy about my dogs health and try to find the best food for them. I find that Canidae is very good. I have 4 little dogs and they have been eating this for a few years. Not much poop at all! Good for them and good for me!
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Asareel Originally Answered: what would happen to a puppy if instead of puppy food he eats adult dog food?
First a summary of life stages and food requirements. Puppy foods are blended with higher calcium and protein content as well as higher calories.This is to aid in the development of bones, muscle and energy needs of a growing dog. An 8 year old is ready to move from adult food to senior food. Both adult and senior have lower caloric content as well as lowered protein and energy needs. Senior food had significantly reduced protein content as the kidneys cannot process the high levels younger dogs can. Most also have additives to aid in joint health as by the age of 7 more than 50% of dogs are showing at least the earliest stages of arthritis. What this means? Puppies not getting puppy food will be lacking in some of the vitamins and minerals required to help them develop strong bones and healthy muscles. Of course, they also require the higher calories that puppies need. By not eating the proper food they are more likely to suffer from conditions like oseoitis (bone pain), myositis (muscle pain), poorly developed muscles, higher incidence of bone fractures (bones will be weaker), reduced energy and a weakened immune system due to the lack of proper development overall. The weakened immune system will in turn open him up to a host of other potential problems. I wouldn't expect there would be any digestive issues that would be obvious like constipation or diarrhoea. Senior that eat puppy food are also at risk. The high protein content is very hard on the kidneys and may lead to chronic renal disease and glomerulonephritis (more kidney issues). this impacts ALL other organs of the body as the kidneys are the filters for the body. The high calcium levels found in puppy food is not good for any dog not still growing and can lead to ionic imbalances which also affect every organ in the body. The higher fat content also makes your senior more susceptible to a life threatening illness called pancreatitis. Of course, they don't need all the calories found in puppy food either as they generally are not as active as they once were. Solutions are not easy from what you describe but don't fret. I understand their reluctance to eat their own food. If they refuse, do not give in...they are expecting you will. Basically dogs are like kids and if they figure out a way to make you do something they will keep doing it. Keep up the separating them while eating too. Give them 15 minutes then take away their dishes. Wait and hour and offer again.Once they miss a meal or two they will eat what is put in front of them. Some other tips: Add dried oregano on the meal..just a tiny pinch. Rub it in your fingers to release the odour. No one knows exactly why but it helps stimulate the appetite in even the worst eaters . Try putting their food in the microwave for 5-10 seconds. It won't make it hot but makes it smell better to the dogs. Try adding a small amount of low sodium chicken broth. You can also make your own, just boil those giblets you treat them to and save the water. On a final note...Please don't buy into all this nonsense about cereal grain overload. Dogs are not wolves, they are omnivores. I have had this discussion with so many. I am not someone who has just read a few blogs on the internet but some3one who studied animal nutrition in university. Here is a link to a peer reviewed scientific article published just last week. (in other words, credible) http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/20... Here is quote from this article, "More surprising were genes for digesting starch. Dogs had four to 30 copies of the gene for amylase, a protein that starts the breakdown of starch in the intestine. Wolves have only two copies, one on each chromosome." I hope all this helps.

Valentine Valentine
Puppies pee and poop more often than mature dogs, so that could be part of the reason for the difference. Also, all dogs are different, just like people. Their digestive systems work differently, and a food that suits one dog won't necessarily suit another. Having said that, the better the quality of the food you are using, the greater it's nutritional content. Obviously the more of the food your pup can digest, the less there is left to come out the other end! Cheap, store brand or poor quality foods contain a lot of additives, fillers and junk, most of which dogs can't digest - resulting in more, bigger and 'smellier' stools. There are a lot of excellent foods on the market. Check out the links below to learn which are considered the best, and how to rate any dog food according to it's ingredients. Best of luck with your pup.
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Seanna Seanna
As a puppy they will poop more just like a baby usually poops more than us as adults. As he or she gets older he will poop less. I got my puppy at 3 months and he was pooping 3 times a day. Now he is 10 months old and usually only poops once a day. Hang it there it will get better. But yes the food may also have something to do with it. but it is not always good to change the food too many times either puppies stomachs are sensitive so if you change the food remember to ease him into the new diet don't just sudden change
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Ocean Ocean
Think of how often you change a baby's diaper in one day, and then think about how often you go to the bathroom. Now translate that to adult dogs and humans. That being said, be sure that you are feeding your dog puppy food, and not adult dog food. Once your dog is an adult, you should keep in mind that feeding your dog quality foods such *** Wellness, Innova, Canidae etc. Will be best for your dog. Now you should never buy food based upon how much waste your dog produces...the focus should be on giving the dog the best food. I will tell you though that feeding your dog a quality food like the ones i listed above and several others have listed, will keep your dog from producing excess waste. Store brand foods like eukanuba, purina and science diet contain fillers, and grains. These fillers aren't natural for dogs to eat, and the high fiber won't be digested and will go right through them. Quality foods contain much higher levels of protein which are found in dog's diets naturally. Protein is much more easily broken down and absorbed in your dogs system creating less waste.
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Maddison Maddison
Well, puppies do poop more than adult dogs. Also, any food that contains fillers will result in more poop. Go to http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_... and look for at least a 4-star rated food.
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Kendra Kendra
Well, as everyone has stated above, puppies go more then adults, and it's just something you have to deal with. I have a 3 month old he probably goes about 4x a day as well, but he is growing and eats much more then my older dog who goes maybe 2x a day.. they eat diamond naturals, which has no corn, wheat, soy ect... but remember when you switch do it slowly or else you will have to clean up diarreha and vomit, which you may anyways as puppies systems are sensitive to changes.... if you are already feeding a high quality food like blue buffalo, wellness, or something then i would just continue on it... your puppy will go less as he gets bigger
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Kendra Originally Answered: What is your opinion of eagle pack puppy food for a large breed puppy?
Nutritionally controls the critical growth period from weaning to 18 months of age through proper balance of protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, and digestibility. Enhances the long term wellness of the adult dog. In 1990 Eagle Pack was presented with the statistical results of a national survey among owners of 3,000 large and giant breed dogs. The survey focused on three bone growth problems--HOD, OCD, and Pano--and was conducted by professor/breeder and canine consultant Linda Arndt of Blackwatch Kennels. Armed with this data, results of feeding trials, and the knowledge that a leading text Small Animal Clinical Nutrition III lists these three problems under nutritional issues, and not under generic diseases, Eagle Pack set out to develop the first formula specifically for large and giant breed puppies and adults. The key to the correct formulation in their researched opinion was to create a highly digestible diet, then balance digestibility and protein (amino acid) levels with metabolizable energy, calcium, and phosphorus levels. The challenge was to provide balanced growth of skeletal structure, cartilage, and muscle in the growing puppy and then to maintain the long term wellness of the adult. The diet was test fed extensively by large and giant dog breeders. Puppies were fed the diet from weaning to 18 months of age. There were no reported cases of the three bone problems. Armed with these results, Large & Giant Breed Formula was introduced. Now, over a decade later, their success in maintaining the long term wellness of these breeds has been outstanding. Since 1990, other companies have introduced their versions of large and giant breed diets. Some are higher in protein, some are higher or lower in calcium. None are as highly digestible. How then does the caring pet owner select from the many brands available? Pick the formula that involved leading breeders and the knowledge of a nutritional consultant specific to the breed. Know that a family owned company was the first to care and the first to respond. And finally, select the formula that has the longest track record of being fed to these breeds--Eagle Pack is not experimenting on your dog. That diet is Large & Giant Breed Puppy Formula. Enzymes enable the digestive system to absorb more nutrients from the food. The three most digestible animal proteins, from quality grade meats, are used in the formulas. Lamb meal originates from range-fed lamb. Our naturally preserved fish meal is harvested from pure ocean waters. Our chicken meal is hormone and antibiotic free. A natural omega 6 source. Finely ground, it provides 99% carbohydrate digestibility and leaves no stool residue. It is an excellent energy source. Rarely does it cause an allergic reaction or food intolerance. A review of more than 200 confirmed cases of food allergy in veterinary literature revealed only three were caused by corn (Small Animal Clinical Nutrition IV). Corn is not a filler. It is an ideal carbohydrate when used correctly in animal protein based diets, as the first listed ingredient. The corn is purchased annually during harvest from farmers known to Eagle Pet for more than 20 years. COSTUMER "I HAVE BEEN PURCHASING EAGLE LARGE & GIANT BREED PUPPY FORMULA FOR MY GREAT DANE SINCE SHE CAME TO US AT THE AGE OF 7 WEEKS. THIS IS MY 2ND GREAT DANE. MY FIRST ONE I OWNED OVER 25 YEARS AGO. I KNOW WE DID NOT HAVE THE NUTRITIONAL KNOWLEDGE FOR DOGS BACK THEN AND I STRUGGLED TO KEEP WEIGHT ON HIM. THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN WONDERFUL FOR MY CURRENT DANE. SHE HAS SIMPLY THRIVED ON THIS FOOD. HER COAT IS BEAUTIFUL, HER MUSCLES ARE TIGHT AND STRONG, AND SHE HAS STEADILY GAINED WEIGHT APPROPRIATELY. AT 11 MONTHS, SHE IS EXCEPTIONALLY LARGE AND VERY HEALTHY. WE ARE SO SATISFIED WITH THE DOG FOOD AND BECAUSE WE CANNOT BUY THIS PRODUCT WHERE WE LIVE, WE GLADLY ORDER IT FROM PETCO."

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