Some nature baby names?

Some nature baby names? Topic: Some nature baby names?
June 17, 2019 / By Cortney
Question: It doesn't matter if it seems more masculine or feminine, please just name lots of nature names. (don't put 'skylar'... Put Sky. I don't like names like Skyler/Skylar. Please just nature names, no spellings changed) thanks!
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Asaf Asaf | 5 days ago
Primrose Rose Magnolia Daisy Amaryllis Lily Cherry Aster Calla Rain Violet Amber April Avril (April in french) Blossom Summer Dahlia Ivy Ash Storm Meodow Ocean Olive Lane Qartz Snow Autum Wolf Willow
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Asaf Originally Answered: What would you name 4 kids from these nature names?
○ Violet Rose ○ ○ Calla Wren ○ ○ Hawthorne Kale ○ ○ Forrest Reed ○ ○ Vi ○ Calla ○ Thorne ○ Forrest ○

Valarie Valarie
River Sky Storm Star Rose Violet Autumn April Winter Summer January June Hyacinth Aspen (love) Ruby Peri (as in peridot) Magnolia Linden (love) Lily Poppy October Raven Falcon Lake Ocean Rain
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Schuyler Schuyler
Rayne - Raina - Rain - Rane Autumn Winter Summer June Sky Olivia Olive Storm Aspen Amethyst Azalea Lily Rose - Rosa - Rosalina - Rosetta - Rosalie Scarlet Reef Zephyr Oliver Storm Blaze Blue Sky Hope this helped :D
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Nyree Nyree
Boys : Cliff, Clover, River, Hunter, Aspen, Storm, Stone, Phoenix, Forrest, Fox, Asher, Oakley, Oak, Bay, Ash, North, Brook, Cade, Blaise, Dale, Linden, Lane, Lake, Reid, Sage, Sky, West, Clay, Cove, Blue, Canyon, Jett, Ocean Girls : Aspen, Lily, Rose, Daisy, Summer, Autumn, winter, River, Wren, Blaise, Hazel, Ivy, Holly, Ember, Ruby, Phoenix, Brooke, Sky, Storm, Clover, Lane, Fern, Genesis, Indigo, Jasmine, Jade, Luna, Ocean, Poppy, Rain, Pearl (:
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Nyree Originally Answered: Celebrity Baby Names.?
Vivienne (g) -- Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's daughter. Alexia (g) -- Matt & Luciana Damon's daughter. Pax (b) -- Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's son. Romeo (b) -- Victoria & David Beckham's son. Zahara (g) -- Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's son. Cruz (b) -- Victoria & David Beckham's son. Knox (b) -- Angelina & Brad Pitt's son. Brooklyn (b) -- Victoria & David Beckhams son. Hank (b) -- Kendra & Hank Baskett's son. Nahla (g) -- Hallie Berry's daughter. Ella (g) -- Ben Stiller's daughter or John Travolta's daughter or Mark Wahlberg's daughter. Mason (b) -- Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick's son. Quinlin (b) -- Ben Stiller's son. Violet (g) -- Jennifer & Ben Affleck's daughter. Egypt (b) -- Alicia Keys & Swizz “Kaseem Dean” Beatz son. Seraphina (g) -- Jennifer & Ben Affleck's daughter. Harper (g) -- Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka's daughter. Emery (g) -- Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn's daughter. Satyana (g) -- Alyson Hannigan & Alexis Denisof's daughter. Avery (g) -- Jay Phillip Mcgraw & Erica Dahm's daughter. Finley (g) -- Lisa Marie Presley's daughter or Daniel Baldwin's daughter . Sam (g) -- ?? don't know this one. Jayden (b) -- Britney Spears' son. Lola (g) -- Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen's daughter or Carnie Wilson's daughter. Stella (g) -- Ellen Pompeo's daughter Stella Luna or it could be Matt & Luciana Damon's daughter or Bree Turners daughter Stella Jean. Isabella (g) -- Matt & Luciana Damon's Daughter. Sasha (b) -- Naomi Watts & Liev Screiber's son. Gia (g) -- Matt & Luciana Damon's daughter. Rene (b) -- Celine Dion's son.??? I think. Rocko (b) -- Johnny Knoxville's son. Willow (g) -- Will & Jada's Smith's daughter. Kai (b) -- Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber's son. Harlow (g) -- Nicole Richie & Joel Madden's daughter. Well I got most of them :) I would use Kai, Harlow, Seraphina, Violet, Mason, Vivienne, & Willow but just because I like them not because celebrity's used these names. ♥

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