would it be possible to transplant your brain into a healthy body?

would it be possible to transplant your brain into a healthy body? Topic: would it be possible to transplant your brain into a healthy body?
October 20, 2019 / By Cori
Question: This sounds like some Frankenstein bull -**** but really could we live forever by downloading or thoughts memories into a new healthy body?
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Best Answers: would it be possible to transplant your brain into a healthy body?

Artie Artie | 2 days ago
First of all, like any transplant there is the problem of rejection. Many organ recipients have problems with this in spite of and sometimes because of anti-rejection drugs. Suppose you could grow a clone of yourself. That might solve the rejection problem but then there would be the task of connecting all the nerves from the new body to the old brain. If we could do that, which we can't, we could restore function to people who have suffered severe spinal chord injuries. If we could transplant a brain to a new body we would still have an old brain. Most people show some decline in brain function as they age. After one or two extra bodies the original brain may just deteriorate. The new bodies won't do it much good. Besides there would be the ethical dilemma that you would be essentially killing the clone by removing its brain to make room for yours. In your details section you use the word download instead of transplant. If by this you mean, could thoughts and memories be somehow transferred from one brain to another like backing up a hard drive, then technically, no. Scientists are still a long way from having any idea how the brain stores memories and forms thoughts. Except they are pretty sure that is is something completely different from the way a computer works. Again there is the ethical problem of what to do with the person whose body you are using. Finally there is the question, would your consciousness survive a download or would the new body, brain, memories be a completely new person. In other words is our self more than the sum of our memories?
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Artie Originally Answered: A follow up question about supplements for memory/cognition/brain function.?
listen.. I don't know what you've read or been told about supplements but be wary.. they are not magic bullets... you can end up with unwanted side effects... high or very low blood pressure.. blood thinning... constipation.. diahorea.. there is no such thing as a supplement working in isolation to benefit just one part of your body. Changing your diet a little IS beneficial scientific studies show that oily fish is good for the brain.. so eat more herring, salmon, mackerel, pilchards etc (eat fish every other day) & within a month you'll notice a difference. Especially if you do brain exercise in conjunction. By that I mean reading more, doing crosswords, or learn a new skill such as a foreign language or music lessons.. ie ..playing a musical instrument better still learn how to read music..

Ursella Ursella
Biologically, I don't know. Possibly. You'd need an answer from a expert on that. Even if you could, I doubt your brain would last "forever," might last a few more decades, but even your brain would decay in time. Ethically speaking, the complications are just too large anyway. Science might make it possible, but our current culture would never permit it. The moral implications of sacrificing a healthy young person for the mind of an older human...no. Unless the younger body was brain dead, I suppose. In that case, the more controversial members of our community might just go and do it.
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Scarlett Scarlett
No, because each brain has a unique structure that dictates what the individual is like, not the other way around. One cannot copy memories and/or thoughts without physically recreating the brain they reside in and then sampling the state of each neuron. It's not frankenstein, but it is bullshit given current technology.
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Nova Nova
Your brain: is it possible to someday do the transplant? Probably in the future, seeing as they can do just about every other organ. However, the body deteriorates from simply being old (very obvious signs are hair loss and wrinkles), so eventually your mind would just stop functioning as it is simply unnaturally old.
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