My cat is non stop begging for food. He is on diet food.Two weeks ago , he went to vet for a balding spot?

My cat is non stop begging for food. He is on diet food.Two weeks ago , he went to vet for a balding spot? Topic: My cat is non stop begging for food. He is on diet food.Two weeks ago , he went to vet for a balding spot?
October 20, 2019 / By Corey
Question: He had bloodwork at end of may. He weighs17 lbs and has a half cup of wet food and about 2/3 dry food split up. Its what I always give him. He goes after my otther cats food and licks his bowl. What do I do? He is not losing weight but he is just acting wild. I dont want to get more bloodwork and pay another 200 bucks.
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Best Answers: My cat is non stop begging for food. He is on diet food.Two weeks ago , he went to vet for a balding spot?

Arthur Arthur | 1 day ago
I have a cat that will eat until the dish is empty, so I can't just fill the dish once a day. I do scheduled feedings for both of them at certain times of the day, and small portions. Usually once in the morning, wet food around supper time, and 2 more times after that. Best food for a dieting cat is canned food because it is lower in carbs. I also feed mine grain free dry food.
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Uriella Uriella
Unless he is a very large breed like a Maine Coon, he sounds obese. I assume your vet agrees? We have two female Ocicats, ages 2 1/2 and 4. Ocis are naturally a large breed (some say the largest shorthair domestic breed), our girls are 9 1/2 and 11 1/2 pounds and neither is obese. We feed them mainly grain free canned food, on a schedule, and never free feed dry food. They each get half of a three ounce can, three times a day. Because of their different eating styles (the big girl is actually a bit of a grazer, while the little girl is a real food hog and takes a measured 80 seconds to finish a meal), we separate them during meals. They also get a small late night snack of grain free dry food at bedtime. They never complain or give any indication at all of being underfed or hungry. I am not sure what more blood work would show you, were I you I would do something like that we do with our girls. Find out from your vet what a healthy weight would be for him, and what appropriate feeding would be. If he recommends expensive prescription food (usually dry), ignore it. Some notes on the general subject of feeding felines, extracted from a lot of online study I have done on the subject: As far as feeding him, wet food, either canned or fresh, is WAY better for them than dry food, and the supermarket dry foods like Meow Mix are pure kitty junk food. They are grain based, usually corn, and cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they MUST eat meat to be healthy. In addition, cats in nature get most of their water from their prey, and have a low thirst drive. Most cats fed mainly dry food will be partially dehydrated, not good for them, leads to things like kidney problems. We feed our girls mainly grain free canned food (read the labels!), with a little late night snack of grain free dry food. Here are some links to information on feeding your feline.
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Scarlet Scarlet
Play with him. get a toy that he will chase and get him to work off the pounds. Something that he really enjoys, like a fishing toy, feathers on a rod. laser pointer.
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