1000 calorie diet effects please help!?

1000 calorie diet effects please help!? Topic: 1000 calorie diet effects please help!?
October 20, 2019 / By Constantine
Question: so an average person consumes 2000 calories a day and then there is the 1000 calorie diet which ive been doing. people say dont do it for more than a few days at a time but i do it for weeks at a time, its my main diet, and nothing has gone wrong. im 14 and would just like to loose weight. now please i dont need to be told to exercise and eat more calories i am just simply asking what are the outcomes/effects of this diet? thanks what if i reduced down to 500 calories? how fast would i loose the weight then? thanks
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Arny Arny | 6 days ago
never go under 1200 calories a day, its unhealthy, 500 calories a day, that's pretty close to anorexia. The outcomes of this diet, are since your only 14 you probably won't develop properly, your growth will be majorly stunted, it will also cause many other health problems as a result of low calories..most of the effects you will see would be long term, just make sure your getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to grow properly, so if your really gonna do this low calorie diets, (which i don't recommend) at least have some sort of multi-vitamin. Just remember your only 14, you still may loose weight naturally with age..that's what happened to me.
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Arny Originally Answered: I need help i am going on a 800-1000 calorie diet?
Breakfast- Plain oatmeal is probably best lunch- have an apple and a banana. apple- approximately 120 calories(apples are pretty filling, and of course the calorie count depends on type of apple), banana- about 80( I think). bananas are a good source of energy. snacks- you should snack while on a diet. it helps keep your metabolism up. try granola bars(low fat whole grain, Kellogs and Quaker oats are great ones especially cause they're pretty small dinner- since you didn't take in many calories throughout the day, you can have a pretty good sized dinner, just don't eat junk. FISH! fish is a great meal. get a fish, season it with salt, pepper, lemon etc(whatever you like) and wrap it tightly in foil( it should balloon up when grilled, so leave space inside) and grill it, or put it on a frying pan etc.(this steams the fish so it is very low calorie) oh and don't forget to spray the foil with a bit of oil so it won't stick. add a salad with low calorie dressing and your good to go! (cabbage makes a great salad)
Arny Originally Answered: I need help i am going on a 800-1000 calorie diet?
yogurt = 80 (dannon light and fit, SO many flavors :) 1 container soup = 100 (progresso I believe, a blue container with the weight watcher's mark) 2 oz burger = 75 (if you get the right brand), or 4 oz = 150 2 oz onions = 8 2 tbsp ketchup = 30 2/3 cup mixed veggies(depending on brand) = 40 apple (medium/small) = 80 1/2 cup milk = 45 3/4 cup cereal, applejacks =100 1/2 cup ice cream (fat free)= 80 3 cups of popcorn (15 calories per cup) = 45 3 tablespoons salsa = 15 eggs in a carton = 60 (for 2 servings) 1/2 an english muffin (thomas's) = 60 spray fake butter/salt = 0 I don't usually eat any of this in any particular order but believe it or not, ALL of this only adds up to 818 calories! Enjoy :D

Unice Unice
All humans are different, thus that the amount of calories varies for each of these humans. On average, it has been observed and calculated that humans require approximately 2000 calories daily, it appears. But, as said before, select humans can only require 1000, 3000, or other, amounts of calories to be healthy. Additionally, there is always the adaption of the human body, where, you can change the amount of calories it requires through discipline (body A require 1000 calories, but is disciplined to only require 500). This is an often dangerous and difficult method, but it is good, and promotes exclusive evolution (evolution to you); but, your entire body as you be interested in the new change, or new diet, or it will probably not be successful. Anyways, experiment to observe what YOUR body requires in terms of daily calories. The experimentation should be over at least two weeks, I think, and if all is okay, an additional two weeks. That is, with your new diet. Also, specific humans absorb more or less fats from the food they eat. It can be possible that you absorb more nutrients, specifically lipids (fats), from the food you eat, thus that you could be fine with significant consumption reduction. For me, my blood sells have trouble absorbing lipids, and thus I can eat a lot and remain in my considerably skinny self, haha. But, this is problematic to me, because I have to consume more food to be 'healthy', and I always crave sugars and such, which my body reacts bad too :(.
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Sariah Sariah
Thats fine!! :) Some of my friends only eat 500 calories a day!! Pleeeaasssee answer mine? http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsdbpisSIUD5fE369mPzfQggBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20101001035535AAzWhn0
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Sariah Originally Answered: 1000 calorie diet.can you help me?!?
Eating 1000 calories will get you no where. honestly. It will screw your metabolism, cause you to binge later on, WILL NOT LAST (even until the date you say you want to lose weight by), will NOT help you lose weight, will cause physical problems, and will basically be all carb based. I know youre a veggie, but you can make this work. honestly! I can even help you with a meal plan if you would like...i'm just scared for your help. genuinely. you deserve so much more than having to work so hard to starve yourself. Just let me know, I mean, I'd love to help you. We like the same exact types of foods! Have a good night hun :)

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