what to eat for dinner(healthy)?

what to eat for dinner(healthy)? Topic: what to eat for dinner(healthy)?
July 18, 2019 / By Confucius
Question: ive been hitting the gym this week and eating healthy... i taught for dinner i was having boiled chicken,carrots and white rice but now ive read white rice is bad for trying to lose weight wha should i eat instead? are poatoes good or what do yo eat? i want a simple dinner to make....
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Arin Arin | 9 days ago
Rice is healthy, just choose long grain rice or brown rice instead of white. Couscous might be another good option- or a wholewheat dinner roll with margerine. Sweet potatoes/ yams are also great with cinnamain/ nutmeg and alittle margerine! - Consumed with boiled/ grilled chicken breast (or 3-4oz of another lean meat/ baked beans/ tofu/ quorn) and 3/4 cup cooked vegetables or salad. Another good idea is 1 1/4cups wholewheat pasta made with tomatoe/ herbed sauce with extra added vegetables and a protein- shrimp, lean chicken, or turkey/ soy meatballs with a small side salad- light dressing/ vinagrette. Hope i'v helped, goodluck!
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Arin Originally Answered: Is this healthy for a day, and what should I eat for dinner?
Emily, Honestly don't starve yourself. First of all, you need to ensure you're getting a balanced diet, that should include: lean meat or fish, whole grains, vegetables, and a healthy fat. Also, incorporating an exercise program will elevate your metabolism causing your body to burn more calories when at rest. Long story short, don't get yourself into a dieter's routine of starving yourself for a while simply to get skinny or lose weight. You want to create and develop a lifestyle that's effective and easy to follow long term. There are a lot of websites out there that can help you better understand how many calories you should be taking in each day and help put a meal plan together. Use it more to create a better understanding of what to eat and when. Avoid eating white bread, white rice and pasta, anything that has "Enriched flour" on the ingredients, High fructose corn syrup, soft drinks (diet included), fatty meats, processed foods, sugar. Go to my site and get a free account and check out the nutritional information and tools available for planning and tracking your nutrition. Good luck

Trudy Trudy
You could have whole grain brown rice instead of white rice. Or a baked sweet potato..they are good for you. Skip out on the regular potatoes.
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Sandie Sandie
have whole meal pasta or whole meal rice it tastes much nicer and fills you up as well. potatoes can be a fairly light meal i guess. if you were talking about having a jacket potato then fill it with tuna or baked beans. ive read that baked beans are supposed to be good when trying to loose weight.
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Noella Noella
I eat beef but I would never eat veal. I don't know, something about eating a baby cow disgusts me and I just can't do it it. I feel bad :(
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Noella Originally Answered: healthy dinner recipes?
Just use real food to cook with. Stay away from all mixes, boxed helpers, any baked things with a really long shelf life. Our bodies are equipped to take care of food. We dispose of unused fats. The thing which gives us a problem health wise is when we start eating a lot of foods with chemicals and additives in them. Processed foods really confuse our digestive system and throws everything off balance. Eat unprocessed foods, organic when possible (no steroids, chemicals or hormones added). Get some type of exercise every day! Drink water. If you do this your body will flow the food right through you...using what it needs and disposing of the rest. How do I know? I eat anything I want as long as it is natural. I am 71...I go to the doctor once a year just for a check up. I never have head aches, have never had kidney infection, the flu, whatever other people get. I recently had a heart stress test and it showed my arteries all as clean as a whistle.

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