What are some healthy breakfast foods?

What are some healthy breakfast foods? Topic: What are some healthy breakfast foods?
October 15, 2019 / By Conan
Question: I was about 189 pounds when I started my diet. Along with my diet, I'm taking diet pills and joined a local gym to help me. I have lost 26 pounds, but I have another 20 pounds to lose. I know I could do it, but I find myself hungry in the morning. I usually skip breakfast because I like to workout in the morning then eat after. It was easy to do when school hasn't started, but now I can't go workout in the morning so I usually wait till my classes are over to go workout and by then I am starving because I have not ate anything all day. So, please what are some healthy breakfast foods I could eat in the morning to not have that guilt that I'm taking in a lot of calories? I don't want to starve myself all day because starving and skipping meals is really bad I know? Thanks.
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Arik Arik | 8 days ago
A hard boiled egg and slice of 100% whole wheat bread, with or without 2-3 strips of lean turkey bacon. Healthy, a good mix of protein and healthy carbohydrates. And the fiber from the bread (personally I do fiber one/7 grams of fiber per slice) will keep you full longer. **congratulations on your weight loss and keep up the good work! ;-)
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Arik Originally Answered: Did I have a healthy breakfast?
its very healthy already. Try adding some more berries that are antioxidant rich to your smoothie such as blueberries, acai. Put some flax seed oil in your smoothie also. If you really want, get rid of the butter and substitute it for organic, sugar free jam or peanut butter. It sounds yummy and your making me hungry!
Arik Originally Answered: Did I have a healthy breakfast?
I would substitute the eggs with egg beaters and minus the butter on the toast. You could use pam cooking spray to grease your pan when scrambling the eggs. Sounds good!

Trudie Trudie
Oatmeal- seriously the stuff is amazing lol have a bowl made with water or skimmed milk with some chopped up apple and a spoonful of Cinnamon on top and you will be full until lunch on about 150 calories
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Sammy Sammy
Bagels are incredibly incredibly undesirable for you. a million bagels is like 5 slices of bread. additionally, cream cheese is amazingly fatty. i comprehend you like something speedy, yet, such as you reported, breakfeast is important so gve your self a least slightly time. an proper breakfeast has a culmination/vegetables, protien and a few carbs, listed right here are some innovations that take 5 min or which you will make, if no longer much less. a million. Cereal consisting of cornflakes or cheerios (or something that has none or very litle sugar and extreme in fibre) with a million/2 of a banana and a million cup of milk. 2. Oatmeal with a shredded apple in it and a tablespoon of peanut butter. 3. Eggs (scrambled, omlet or maybe hardboiled) . a million egg and a pair of egg whites is powerful, or maybe purely a million egg with a fruit and slightly toast with a million tsp of sugar-unfastened jam. 4. An omlet ( i comprehend that's an egg lower back) with vegetables, a million ounce of cheese (cheddar or swiss) and a pair of oz. of extra lean floor pork. 5. French toast made with 2 slices of total whead bread and a million egg, and a million tablespoon of tangible maple syrup. impressive it with a million cup of berries of your selection. 6. Grapefruits are additionally very solid in the morning on your metabolism. purely remember that food market meals like nutri grain bars etc are incredibly no longer solid for you. The sugar content cloth is amazingly extreme, in spite of in the event that they are marketed as wholesome, which isn't a solid thank you to start the day. optimistically a number of those suggestions help. one element I do is make my breakfeast the night before as quickly as I make my lunch so I incredibly have extra time in the morning.
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Sammy Originally Answered: healthy breakfast ideas?
its best to have a somewhat large breakfast because thats when you need it for energy.. so i dont suggest a tiny breakfast like that one you want.. but if youre going to eat 200 calories or less in the mornings, make it fruit. its really good to have fruit in the mornings because it helps get your glucose levels up after theyve gone down when you sleep. i usually dont have protein in the morning, you could have some apple with peanut or almond butter on it and that could work for protein.. but i usually have some whole wheat pancakes with fruit and ricemilk or soy milk.. a smoothie and oat meal... or cereal with rice milk or soy milk and cut up banana in it.

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