Gassy/Constipated How To Help?

Gassy/Constipated How To Help? Topic: Gassy/Constipated How To Help?
June 27, 2019 / By Colten
Question: How do I help my baby? She keeps trying to poop and is acting like she has gas and needs to burp. I've patted her back, rubbed her belly, and moved her legs around to try to work out the gas or help her poop. Anybody have any suggestions?
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Arieh Arieh | 6 days ago
if you own a vibrating bouncy chair put her in there and turn it on high...the vibration usually helps let the gas out If you don't...it'll be a good thing to invest in lol Or if there's anything open around you like a walmart or something buy some gripe water The only other thing I can suggest is scrunching her legs into your stomach and rub clockwise in a downward motion or the bicycle with her legs...but you said you already tried that so I guess just wait it out It does get better when they're older because then they have their "bowels" figured out and won't have to go through the fussing of night gas
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Arieh Originally Answered: gassy while dieting and eating healthy?
Tehya, You have increased the fiber in your diet. That is what causes the extra gas. Keep both soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet on a daily basis and the gassy period will pass. Our bodies break down fibrous material in the large intestine using beneficial bacteria. This fermentation process is what causes the gas. Try a high fiber breakfast cereal (20% of RDA or more) or oatmeal for breakfast. A good breakfast helps boost metabolism. Try to eat 1/2 cup of beans in some form everyday and the gas will subside. As for bowel movements you will probably settle on two to three a day. Hopefully you are not using some crazy supplement that causes loose stool. Good luck.

Trixie Trixie
Are you using formula or breast-feeding? Because my water was broken too long, I ran a fever during labor and was on a number of antibiotics after giving birth and did not breastfeed. I started my son out on Good Start formula and just recently switched him to Similac Advance. Since the switch I have noticed that he is much less gassy and burps/has bowel movements much easier. Continue all your tactics and check with your pediatrician before giving water or any OTC meds.
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Sammi Sammi
Gripe water is what we've always used in our family - I know there are different types of colic originating in different parts of the bowel but...it always seemed to work for three generations of us! Ditto the suppositories - so long as you're using the baby-size ones (1 gram dose in UK) which you don't have to cut up, you can give them at any age. The least addictive and most dependable laxative - guaranteed to make her do a smelly in 20 minutes or less
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Noah Noah
Gripe water worked for me in the beginning. But when my son got older a couple times he wouldn't go for 2-3 days so my doc suggested glycerin suppositories they work instantly just use as needed but don't over use because you want them to be able to do it naturally on their own as best as possible. Try a warm bath, rub the belly bring the knees to their chest gently...Sometimes there isn't much you can do but hold them and soothe them. Hold old is your baby? Consult with your doc about the suppositories because I'm not sure how young your child is. Mine was 5months when I 1st used them.
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Lynsey Lynsey
Try the trusted Mylecon drops for the gas. My son's doctor recommended sugar water (just a couple of ounces of water mixed with a little sugar) for my son when he was a few weeks old and constipated. If your still unsure what to do just call and leave a message with the pediatrician.
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Lynsey Originally Answered: Feeling "gassy" when I sleep over someone else's home?
Spastic colon is a condition also referred to as irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS. The condition is characterized by a number of symptoms, including diarrhea or constipation which may even be experienced on an alternating basis. Other symptoms include bloating, abdominal pain, cramping, and excessive gas. Often, these symptoms disappear temporarily after having a bowel movement. Check out this link, there is good information here: http://www.colon-cleanse-constipation.com/spastic-colon.html good luck to you!

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