What are some healthy hot meals?

What are some healthy hot meals? Topic: What are some healthy hot meals?
October 23, 2019 / By Colt
Question: So i have looked for an answer to this question and all i see are vegetarian/vegan meals which it great but i'm a meat and potatoes eater and was wondering if anyone had some healthy recipes for fish or chicken or any other healthy recipes/advise would be great! :) Thank You!
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Aric Aric | 5 days ago
Chicken Vegetable Stew Cook the chicken and take the meat off the bones Put the cooked chicken in a pot with, carrots, onions. broccoli, and diced potatoes. Add a small can of tomato paste, some ketchup and let cook until all is done. You could also adda can of chicken broth but canned broth is a little salty for some people. If you are in a hurry you can use canned chicken.
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Aric Originally Answered: Diet based on healthy choice and lean cuisine meals healthy?
Have oatmeal every morning. It takes less than 5 minutes to cook. No time isn't an excuse, if you really want to take care of yourself waking 5 minutes earlier shouldn't be hard. Or take 1/2 an hour to an hour out on sundays to cook dinner for a whole week, and freeze it, then microwave it when you want it edit: well maybe you couldn't find an hour on a sunday, but 5 minutes in the morning on a weekday? if you wake up at 6:30, what difference is it to your energy level if you wake up at 6:25? edit again: and oatmeal is really, really good for heart and bowel health. you can eat it when you lose weight because its really filling, low GI and low calorie. but you can also eat it on a normal day if you're not on a diet.
Aric Originally Answered: Diet based on healthy choice and lean cuisine meals healthy?
You could eat a salad(the bagged kind is easy). Purdue makes pre cooked chicken cut up which is pretty good. You can add the chicken to the salad to help fill you up and get some protein. Sandwiches with turkey and whole wheat bread, or wraps. They also make veggies that you can microwave in the bag, i think they make single servings. You can eat the chicken with that also. Microwave a baked potato, stab with a fork first put some broccoli and ff cheese on it, once in a while for a change

Trix Trix
Stirfry. I prefer minute rice, works great. Insructions for servings are on the side of the box. I substitute chicken broth for the water though, gives a better flavour! anyways, i prefer these veggies: red + green peppers baby carrots onions portabello mushrooms broccolli i also add in stewing beef. WONDERFUL flavour there. But of course, if your not looking for a meat dish, leave the stewing beef out. they all define eachother in flavour, and comes out great. Use a non stick pot/pan, and put some butter on the bottom. not much, don't add water, alot of water will cook out of the veggies, and give you a nice sauce afterwards for your rice and veggies together.. cover, and simmer. stir occasionally. Goodluck!
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Samantha Samantha
Potatoes are fine... just don't load them down with too much butter and stuff. I like to make this for a fast & easy meal-- I just made it last night come to think of it. I have a family of 4 though and this gives me leftovers: 6 potatoes cut into big chunks (skin on), a bag of frozen mixed veggies (any kind-- I like asparagus stir fry or snap bean mixtures), a couple of peeled carrots chopped into big chunks, an onion cut into big chunks, and a few whole cloves of garlic. Drizzle with about 2 tbsp olive oil, sprinkle w/salt, pepper, add a few other seasonings if you like (rosemary, basil, lemon pepper, oregano, etc-- or try a goya mixed seasoning packet, they're so good). Put them in a pan, uncovered, in a 350 oven for about 45 minutes, till they veggies are fork tender. Yummy... easy... and great leftovers. Baked fish is easy-- get fillets, put them on a pan, brush with olive oil, sprinkle on your favorite flavors, salt & pepper and bake about 10 or 15 minutes in a 350 oven. Chicken breasts or thighs can be prepared the same way, just bake them longer till the chicken is cooked through (use a meat thermometer). So easy really, and you can experiment with so many different flavors-- one night have lemon pepper, another night have garlic & parmasean, another night have something spicy like curry. The key is to just up the other veggies, keep potato and meat portions reasonable (1 potato, 2-3 oz meat), take it real easy on the fats and flavor it with all kinds of different spices so you never get bored. Try switching to brown rice occasionally, too, instead of potatoes.
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Samantha Originally Answered: healthy meals?
See how you like a vegetarian diet--fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains. Watch your sugar, salt, butter and cheese intake.

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