plz i need help! constipated. never taken laxatives?

plz i need help! constipated. never taken laxatives? Topic: plz i need help! constipated. never taken laxatives?
November 22, 2019 / By Mitchell
Question: i'm constipated but have never taken laxatives. well, i did once i think when a friend suggested it but it never did anything. i'm going to try it again or maybe see a doctor. i bought a lax but if it doesn't help i guess i'll go to the dr. i have dulocolax laxative. t says to take 1 to 3 tablets daily. when will i. . . you know? . . .go to the bathroom. . . i mean, this wont give me diarrhea (sp?) will it? please help!
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Best Answers: plz i need help! constipated. never taken laxatives?

Kameron Kameron | 10 days ago
Laxatives can give you terrible cramps, too. I personally avoid them. To counteract constipation, you need plenty of fiber and lots of water in your diet. If you can't eat enough fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, then you can supplement your diet with fiber through other means. There are products you can buy at the drugstore, like FiberCon, or you can go to the health food store and get natural products. Either way, it will take time. Having said all that, if you haven't seen a doctor, you might want to schedule a checkup if this problem continues. You could have an intestinal blockage rather than just simple constipation.
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Kameron Originally Answered: Im extremely constipated, is taking multiple laxatives bad?
correct the cause of the nerve interference making your colon muscles weak. see an hio method chiropractor.

Haven Haven
My child suffers from constipation alot. What I do for her is add fiber to her drinks. Benefiber (green bottle)or fibersure (has a blue bottle) is what I use. It has no taste, grittiness, thickness or odor to it. It should start to work for you in a few hours. Basically how it works is it brings water to your stool so you can naturally use the bathroom, easily. If you take too much you'll get the runs for a short while. I would take two servings at once to get things moving along. Just make sure to take with plenty of water. Usually with a laxative it takes 12 to 24 hours to work. I don't personally care for laxatives cause they sometimes can cause cramping so I found alternatives with the fiber or suppositories. Another thing you can try is a suppository (should be in the same area you bought the laxative).. Suppositories can get you pooping in about 15 minutes or less sometimes. Do you feel like you have to poop or are you just concerned that you didn't poop in a day or two and think that your constipated? If you feel like you have to poop then try the suppositories, it will bring it down. If your just concerned that you haven't moved your bowels in a day or two and you don't have any discomfort that doesn't mean your constipated, you just don't have to go right now, that's all.
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Eliab Eliab
I agree with the answerer who suggested Renew Life CleanseMore because it is gentle and effective in many cases. BUT that product is definitely a laxative. Anything that makes you go to the bathroom is a laxative on some level, including prunes, dried fruits, etc. Because you have been going thru this for so long, and have not had refief from the doctor's Rx, you need to call the doctor's office and let them know it has not worked so they can determine if there's something else you need to do. Good luck. You can also call a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist..
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Chad Chad
Yes! Dulcolax does cause diarrhea! Anything you take, in the form of a laxative will give you diarrhea. Stool softeners won't, but they may take longer to work. Just get yourself a small package of dried prunes and munch down on a couple of them. Do this in the evening, like just before bedtime. Guaranteed to "move" you in the morning!
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Alonzo Alonzo
The laxitive might make you get the diarrhea...try getting more or less a "stool softener" that way it is easier to push it out.... Milk of magnesia is good for constipation...this kind of thing gives you the urge to push so that stuff can come out....the laxitive will probably have you going all day lol.... So it doesn't happen again, and it becomes a concern, start drinking metamucil everyday for the rest of your life, it will give you plenty of fiber and help you stay regular...good luck!
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Tess Tess
Try getting some acidopholis and eat lots of fiber. Laxatives can bunch in your system and you may need a stool softner instead but i would try more natural like broccoli and apples. They have those new yogurts out to help although they take time. Lots of water as well will help.
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Rosalind Rosalind
Prunes are a natural laxative that actually works. You can either go to the produce dept of your groger and get the actual prunes... usually they come in a bag, or you can drink the juice. I like the prunes much better. They are also a good snack food. Eat a lot of them if you're backed up.
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Morgana Morgana
A warm water enema is the best bet. It's fast and effective and over with shortly. If you're going to take a Dulcolax, take 1 tablet with a glass of water at bedtime. If it doesn't make you go by the next morning, you need the enema.
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Livvy Livvy
Both of my little boys have problems with that and our doctor put them on Miralax, which used to be a prescription. Now you can buy it over the counter at any pharmacy. Within 24 hours you have a bowl movement and it does not make you sick or cramp.
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Livvy Originally Answered: Question about laxatives for my constipated kitty with a broken pelvis?
One thing you didn't mention trying.....and might work to loosen his stool up, so that it's not so hard....is MILK. Since milk can sometimes give cat diarrhea, it makes a good "natural laxative", when one is needed. When your vet calls you back, ask him if he thinks this is a good idea. At least it's not a chemical.......... I had a cat a long time ago, with a broken pelvis. We didn't feed him anything different, and he was fine. After he was healed, he limped a little when he walked, but was able to jump into high bathroom windows, with no problem! Sorry to hear about your cat.....I hope you keep him indoors from now on, so he, and you, don't have to go through something like this again! Hope this helps. Good luck.

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