How can I make walking with a limp funny?

How can I make walking with a limp funny? Topic: How can I make walking with a limp funny?
October 19, 2019 / By Cole
Question: Sometimes, I have a limp from lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. I get asked (alot) "Why are you limping?". I want to be able to answer with something funny and sarcastic lol. Starting off with "I'm not limping, I'm ______". Any thoughts? For more info, I'm a 34 year old female in the south ;). Please have fun with this!! I would love to reply with something great the next time I'm asked.
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Archibald Archibald | 9 days ago
I'm not limping, I'm practicing alternative walking. I'm not limping, I'm choreographing a routine for the next Grammy Awards Show. Would you like to audition? Because I have lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. What's your excuse? Am I limping? Oh, thank goodness! I thought I was falling really, really slowly / . . . I thought we were having an earthquake. To you it's a limp - to me it's an Aerosmith song and I get a royalty every time somebody asks me that dumb question. (Then start singing "Walk This Way.") This one's tough to do, but effective. Look that schmuck square in the eye, and say haughtily, "Why do you ask?" Very effective when combined with a calm, icy stare, which takes practice but is worth the effort. No one should be asking you this question. You have a right to be annoyed.
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Tricia Tricia
Next time people ask why you are limping, tell them you are getting practice to act like you have a rubber leg. Or you could act like you have a crutch, and act like it is a rubber crutch and REALLY stress the limp and swoop - this should be rather entertaining. You could also suggest there was an invisible pothole, and they need to be careful not to fall in the ruts. How about a leprechaun is upset with you cause you have his gold, and he is whacking your legs incessantly. lol. Have fun with it. Good luck, Hope this helps
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Salli Salli
"Be-BOPPIN", thats the way kids in the Ghetto's in NY walk, they are immitating some "THUG" Rapper ! They think they're "Rappers"...was it accompanied by "YO, PEEP DIS YO" ? you have to walk like that to keep your pants from falling down, "Aren't you HIP YO ", Every phrase must begin, and end in "YO". It is very common for white kids from good professional family's in suburbia to portray, and act like a hostile inner city youth, who is impoverished, "It's COOL" !
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