my newborn is constipated?

my newborn is constipated? Topic: my newborn is constipated?
June 19, 2019 / By Clive
Question: my baby is a week old. in the hospital he was on enfamil lipil so we kept him on that ever since. he was pooing fine with regular bm's. i decided to give himk some breastmilk to try the breasfeeding thing out with him a few days ago and was pooing normally. i stopped breasfeeding suddenly after about 2 days and went back to the enfamil. ever since then he has very hard balls of poo and cries when trying to go. im just wondering if me switching from the breast back to bottle like this made him constipated and when will his poo go back to normal? is it the formula maybe even though he was pooing ok with it before breasfeeding? any ideas,suggestions? thanks
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Anson Anson | 3 days ago
It IS the formula. It's not switching back and forth from the breast to the bottle, it's that he'd taking in formula at all. If you want to stop your baby from ever being constipated, go back to nursing him. Breast milk has a natural laxative, formula doesn't--it's harder on their little systems.
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Anson Originally Answered: help me =/ constipated newborn?
What makes you think she is constipated? Nothing you have said in your post indicates constipation. When she does go is it soft or is it hard like little pebbles? If it is soft then she is not constipated. Gas and what appears to be straining and hard pushing are totally normal. She is learning a new skill and using muscles that she has never had to use before. Constipation is about consistency, not frequency.

Tracie Tracie
well breastmilk does make a baby pass a stool a lot easier. With breast milk they say a baby will pass a stool every day and it will be pasty and a formula feed baby will pass a stool every 1-3 days and it will be even more pasty. If at all ur baby is passing stools that are shaped call your doctor there is some meds that ur baby can take. Aswell maybe the formula is not right for him and is not helping him pass a stool. I would first try a nice warmer bath, if thats not working just call ur doctor she/he will let you know what to do..
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Saffron Saffron
Formula usually constipates babys at first. If you are planning to feed him formula mix 1 ounce of prune juice into the regular formula bottle. The baby will not be able to taste the diffrence and it will help with loosing the stool. (Also my ped told me to do this for my 5 month old when he was constipated) I've heard breastfeeding makes them poop non-stop, I wouldn't know my son is a formula baby and he normally goes once a day.
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Nevaeh Nevaeh
Call your pediatrician. It's possible the switch back has been rough but you need to get him going again. My daughter was 9 days old when she stopped going and the dr had me give her a little prune juice mixed with alot of water but being so little I'd just call your pediatrician and ask him what to do. I ended up having to use suppositories with my daughter but it was on the doctors advice. Call your pediatrician.
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Lyda Lyda
I'd say call your pediatrician. A lot of times formula will constipate babies because of the high amount of iron in them.
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Lyda Originally Answered: What can I give my newborn who is very constipated?
I had that same problem about a week or 2 after bringing my son home. The doctor also said karo syrup just like the other poster said. put a table spoon in his bottle twice a day until he goes. karo does work but it takes a while but when we used gerber apple prune juice it worked very quick so take your pick or even gerber apple juice either one is fine 1 oz juice 2 oz water. Also my son was on similac neosure when he was born and when he got constipated doc switched to similac advanced and about 3 days later he was good and back on track so check with the pediatrician.

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